First Panel (By me)

Iceling: I WANT THE STAR!!

Head Over Hooves: *Pulling Iceling away with magic*

Second Panel (By Novipop)

HoH: That’s enough star power for you.

Ice: No it’s NOT!!

(Just some doodles on Miiverse a good friend of mine and I made. These drawings are in the setting of Super Mario 3D World.)

icel  asked:

is there any way the videos on the original channel be unprivatized? i was in the middle of a reread on act 4 last night and the videos arent available anymore, and its going to take a long while before you guys reupload them :(

Hey, we’re working on an alternative right now. We still want to maintain the current schedule (all the videos are actually uploaded to the channel, unlisted), but we also don’t want to flood people’s subscriber feeds. We’ve got a couple ideas, and we’ll keep you all updated when we’ve implemented something.