iceline trail

This summer, while in British Columbia, I ventured on to the Iceline Trail with my partner.

The trail itself is a steady climb and a total of 21.5km. You see a few waterfalls along the way and trek through deep woods until you come across Celeste lake. The body of water there is torquise blue and has an alpine beach feel to it, the shore of the water is glacial clay and feels amazing between your toes.

There is a part that is very steep in the hike that seems to go on forever. I felt like my body was starting to slow down and was not taking me anywhere anymore. There were many switchbacks in this hike, hard curves in the trail so that you could never see around the corner and get a look at what was next and waiting for you.

After many of these curves, I came around one of them and had everything hit me.

This photo doesn’t do it any justice, but I turned this corner in the trail after a long journey to find this part of the universe. I stood there, the sun was as bright as I had ever seen and felt. Alpine creeks were streaming along the mountain meadow and there were stepping stones down along these crystal blue pure streams. Birds flew across the sky and downward into the heather. I stopped in my tracks and gasped….“Where am I?”

In that exact moment, I became overwhelmed by a feeling I had never felt in my life. It was surreal. My life flashed before my eyes and suddenly everything did in fact, make sense. “This is heaven!” I cried.Tears streamed down my face and I could not control it.

The glaciers were not too far from this alpine meadow, and once I was there I felt even more like I was somewhere else. These glaciers have been here for over 40  million years. Being able to touch these natural wonders is more than an honour and a privilege. They have been here long before me and they will be here long after I am gone. I am just a highly evolved mammal, these mountains and nature itself are far more resilient than I.

That day, I believe that I did reach Heaven. Writing this now, it still brings tears to my eyes and I have been a very different person since that day. I have always loved nature but I feel as if my connection is so much deeper. It made me feel like a whole individual.

This is where I belong, this is where I want to be always.