Tumblr Tuesday: Snow. Snow Everywhere.

Night in the Woods (snowmanoflc)
As little as a year ago, you had to go outside to build a snowman. “Not anymore,” huffed one company. “This is 2015.” And thus was born Lost Constellation, a game wherein you can build a virtual snowman. Perfect for when you are trapped in a blizzard.

Icelandic Photo (icelandicphoto)
Live somewhere snow-free? Print these pictures and tape them all over your windows. Now you, too, can enjoy the trapped-in-a-blizzard lifestyle. 

Vintage Ski (vintageski)
Pretty spooky that everyone in these old pictures is either dead or a cartoon. Something to think about while you are trapped in a blizzard.

K. G. Threads (kgthreads)
Scarves! If you’ve even been trapped in a blizzard, you’ll know what we mean when we say “scarves.”

Frozen Bootlegs (frozenbootlegs)
Copyright laws never bothered them anyway.

Turnip-eyed snowman by TheGhostofVolta via snowmanoflc 

Because of the heavy rainfall, Icelandic has plenty of rivers and they are relatively large, glacial rivers and fresh water rivers and streams

The water in the glacial rivers is usually a milky grey and they can smell of sulfur. The flow volume can be enormous, they are ice cold and you need to be very careful around them. You won´t survive falling into one like this

Stakkholtsgjá is a well known gorge in the Thórsmörk area in the Icelandic highlands. But just next to it and most of the time overlooked by visitors is a beautiful ravine that´s much worth the visit. Surrounded by steep cliffs with a small freshwater stream at the bottom

The mystical palagonite landscape of Hvanngil valley, in the Icelandic highlands north of Mýrdalsjökull glacier

JRR Tolkien was very inspired by Iceland. the landscape of Tolkien’s Middle-earth (except for the very-English Shire) is Icelandic. Tolkien’s trolls are Icelandic trolls. His hobbit holes are like Icelandic turf houses. Bilbo’s ride to Rivendell matches, more or less, a ride through the Icelandic landscape and Gandalf’s character comes from Icelandic tales of Odin. 

Clouds clearing after a heavy storm taken in January two years ago. 

Winters in Iceland can be unpredictable but every winter we will have few snowstorms so bad that roads have to be closed and you don´t see the house across the street. Well, every winter so far. 

The climate has been changing a lot in the last 10-15 years here up north. Two years ago it was endless storms, sometimes with rain, sometimes with snow and it was snowing in late May and that summer was cold and wet. Then last summer was the sunniest since 2000 and the winter so far has been the mildest in history. I still have some flowers in my garden and this is Iceland not Italy!

Something is happening with mother nature, that´s for sure

Few weeks ago over a lake Hafravatn just a short drive from the capital Reykjavik. 

This northern lights season has started with a bang and has already given us many nights of amazing lights display and the winter has just started. Hopefully this is just the beginning

The charming island of Flatey where time literally stands still. Most of Flatey´s houses are from the 19th century, so strolling around the island gives one the impression of travelling back in time.

No cars are allowed on the island and the atmosphere is very relaxed and everything is very quiet and tranquil, even the sheep are unusually relaxed walking around on the main road and chilling in the backyards. 

Mælifell is a beautifully shaped mountain placed on in the Highland in Iceland. It is in a middle of a large black sand area behind Mýrdalsjökull, the glacier that houses the sleeping and scary volcano Katla. 

The altitude of the sand is approximately 600 meters, and Mælifell is about 200 meters, a bit less than 800 meters above sea-line. But despite the fact that the mountain is in the cold highland it is covered with vegetation that makes it unique when standing in the middle of the black sand

Djúpalónssandur beach is one of the highlights of Snæfellsnes peninsula wonders. The picturesque beach is covered by countless little black stone which were shaped by the non stopping forces of the ocean and the wind.

The unique shapes of the frozen lava is dominating the landscape around it´s like stepping into a lava wonderland.