icelandic houses

Flatey island, located in Breidafjordur bay on the northwestern part of Iceland is a tiny island. 

This remote little island has only one dusty road leading from the ferry dock through the so called old village. The old village consists of several beautifully kept old and restored houses in cheerful colours. The atmosphere in Flatey is very relaxed and everything is very quiet and tranquil


His downtime was spent playing world domination game Risk with his co-stars. “There were a lot  of arguments, mainly because Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) is so competitive. He would just sit there going “ Noooo why?” Why are you all attacking me?.” So who was the best at it? He doesn’t hesitate: “Kit Harington( Jon Snow)”

The Guardian, Richard Dormer (Beric D.) interview…

(I love them!)