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okay so I’ve just binge-watched Yuri on Ice to avoid my responsibilities, so allow me to offer you this Yuri on Ice-ish Enjoltaire AU:

  • Enjolras is a renowned French figure skater, idolised by the fans because he’s both impossibily talented and beautiful. He’s been under the spotlight for as long as he can remember
  • Thing is, if he really did start off loving figure skating, the pressure is getting too much lately. His parents are the ones who really want him on the ice, but all his fire has burnt out. He just wants to take a break and focus on other stuff, like activism and his friends
  • Meanwhile, Grantaire is a famous-but-never-winner Greek figure skater, who idolised and fostered a crush on Enjolras for freaking EVER. He has a very laid-back and nonchalant style, and he’s graceful on the ice, but his self-esteem, depression, and poor life choices are getting in the way of his career
  • One day, Enjolras sees one of Grantaire’s performances and oh boy. Grantaire has an innate grace and his body can tell such vivid stories, but he holds so much back! Enjolras’ decision is taken. He’ll coach Grantaire for the Grand Prix, since he has no desire to skate himself
  • Grantaire is, of course, D-Y-I-N-G because his idol is???? On his doorstep??? What the fuck is happening???
  • Things go less smoothly than anticipated. Enjolras is demanding and sometimes harsh, while Grantaire doesn’t believe in himself as much as he should
  • They have a huge fall out at some point. Out of frustration and exhaustion, Grantaire points out that he can’t be Enjolras, because he doesn’t have the cold iron beauty that it takes, that he can’t be made of icy marble like Enjolras is
  • They make up later, opening up to each other. Enjolras explains that he’s lived under the crushing pressure of perfection all his life, and it messes up his expectations. Grantaire apologises profusely, saying that perhaps Enjolras should coach someone who actually has a chance of winning the Grand Prix
  • But Enjolras has none of that. He believes in Grantaire. That’s what he says every time before Grantaire gets on the ice. “I believe in you.”
  • Bonus point: Spanish figure skater Courfeyrac, Captain of the Enjoltaire ship, constantly nagging them about being like an old married couple and keeping the fans updated about operation “Holi-gays on Ice”

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Nordics reacting to seeing their S/o in a sexy Halloween costume? :0 Only if you've got time. Also I really like that you keep everything gender neutral.

I’ve slipped a few times, but I think it’s for the best in general. I’m very glad you like it c:))

Denmark/Simon Densen- Very onto the play and is more than happy to either go get on that matches…or just play along and see where you’re going with this. If you intent wasn’t to tease him and you’re actually going out in it he may argue…he doesn’t want anyone else seeing you dresses all sexy…

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen- Bless his innocent soul he may just explode the moment he lays eyes on that much of your flesh. 

Iceland/Emil Steilsson- Not a huge fan of sexy costumes, he would prefer that if you don’t both actually dress up that you not wear that…please.

Norway/Lukas Bondevik- He would prefer if you could do serious costumes…but he won’t complain if you keep that on for a little while longer…but not in public.  

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna- Do not. Does not approve. He just doesn’t.


Finished the Nordic 5! Actually, I finished them on Sunday (Denmark and Norway in one day, it was crazy) computer issues forced me to wait till tonight (Tuesday) to scan them. Anyway, I hope to sell these as keychains at Otakon(!!!) alongside my other hetalia traditional costume chibies!

Finland is in a folk costume from Western Finland. (the lack of my computer and bookmarks is making it hard to find specifics, I’m sorry!) Sweden’s is from Småland. Denmark’s is a dancing costume. Iceland’s is the Icelandic national costume. Norway’s is from Nord-Trøndelag. All in cut paper, all about 3.5 inches tall.

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(If this is to similar to your other halloween ask, I understand) Nordic halloween costumes??

Sorry I’m a little late with the halloween one! I wanted to get this one done yesterday :( But I will totally do this omg. I feel like I must have been on crack while writing this.

APH Denmark: Every year he would do something totally crazy and outrageous. In fact, most years you probably couldn’t even tell what he was. He would mix up a few costumes, like an alien and a zombie or something (idk man) and would expect people to know what he was. But the best costume he has ever worn was a giant lego suit.

APH Finland: Lol why would Finland go out and get a costume when he already has one? He would be the cute little santa loser he is and dress in his santa costume. But he might add a little gore to the costume to make it more halloweenish :P I hope his santa suit washes easily…

APH Sweden: I think that he would only dress up if Finland or someone he was close with asked him to. Omg. Imagine Sweden in a darth vader costume. “I am your father, ja?”

APH Iceland: Ha. This little nerd is way too cool to dress up (did you see the pun? God I’m funny). If he had to, though, it would be because the others wanted him to dress up with them. (Imagine Finland forcing him to be his zombie reindeer. Or Denmark making him be another piece of lego so they could connect costumes XD)

APH Norway: Who needs a silly costume when you have magic to make you the real deal? Screw little ghost and witch costumes. He’s gonna be a legit fucking dragon. And he’s gonna burn all of Denmark’s stupid costumes to shit.


At Glaumbær museum, north Iceland, there are two 19th-century timber houses. These are good examples of the first timber houses built in the region. Until then farm houses were mostly built from stone and turf.

The yellow building was built by my great-great grandparents in 1884. My great-great grandmother was a skilled craftswoman, who made the first Icelandic ceremonial costume of the modern design. She founded Iceland’s first Women’s Institute in 1869, and was a director of one of Iceland’s first girls’ schools, which was established in 1877. They were were progressive people who campaigned for the rights of the individual and promoted education of all kinds. They held courses at their home for both boys and girls for several decades and had a great influence on improvement and progress in the agriculture of the region at their time. Im very proud of them