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Londrangar by Mark

Reykjanes peninsula is a UNESCO Global Geopark. It is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above the sea level and it has a dramatic coastline. But Im not sure if it is a good idea to take a photo of your girlfriend this close to the North Atlantic ocean smashing against the cliffs like this guy here is doing


Dyrhólaey, South Coast, Iceland

Much of the weather over these past ten days has been awful. Rain, low cloud, mist, everything apart from Sun. It’s unfortunate but really it makes my experience of Iceland a little more personal and in my opinion more true to the my vision of a brutal, isolated and harsh land. 

Reykjanes Peninsula is a UNESCO Global Geopark and part of the European and Global Geopark network. The peninsula, with its diversity of volcanic and geothermal activity, is well suited to be a Geopark as it is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level.

Since it´s only a short drive from Reykjavik going there makes a great day trip. The coastline is rugged and rocky and don´t forget to climb up to the cliffs next to the Reykjanes lighthouse to get this view

A very interesting old path follows the coastline between Arnarstapi and Hellnar on the southern side of the Snaefellsnes peninsula W-Iceland, where you can see old lending places of fishermen, lots of birds, like the kittiwake, the Arctic tern and the fulmar and pass through a lava field. Along the coast there are some unique rock formations to be seen like this one where it forms almost a full circle with water in the middle. It is fascinating to see how the different forces of nature have shaped this area through the ages

My favorite, dramatic coastline :) Since living on a small island in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean you don´t have to go far to find one

This is from the Reykjanes  peninsula situated at the southwestern end of Iceland, near the capital of Reykjavík where you can amongst other things find The Keflavik International Airport and the Blue Lagoon. 

The peninsula is marked by active volcanism under its surface, and large lava fields, allowing little vegetation. There are numerous hot springs and sulphur springs in the southern half of the peninsula and beautiful and dramatic coastlines like this can be found there

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A deep fjord near Akureyri, remote area on the north coastline of Iceland.

During a tour of Reykjavik, the guide took us by Bjork’s house: 

“We have a special surprise for you. The house of Iceland’s only star is coming up. It’s Bjork. She’s our only star. You’ve heard of Bjork, yes? Raise your hand if not. [No one did.] We’re going to see her house. It’s like a Hollywood Homes tour. We can’t stop because she gets angry. She attacked a Chinese or Japanese reporter once for taking pictures of her. See - very angry. Her house is coming up. It used to be black. It stood out [in all the snow no doubt]. Now it’s white. Here it is. On the left! On the left is Bjork’s house! Oh, that was nice. And on your right is the coastline.”

The village of ARNARSTAPI sits at the foot of Mt.Stapafell (526m). It comprises little more than a few holiday cottages and a harbour, The strand between Arnarstapi and Hellnar is of dramatic rugged cliffs and it is fascinating to see how the different forces of nature have shaped this area through the ages

Behind Mt.Stapafell you can see Snæfellsjökull glacier which Verne used as his starting point in his story, Journey to the center of the earth. People from all over the world, believers in the energy radiation of Snaefellsjokull, gather in the area every summer to recharge their “batteries” and rock crystals and some even believe aliens visit from time to time