New PopLanguage vid! This video I’m taking a look at Icelandic!

This video came from viewer suggestions! Which language should I look at next?

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| ★ : beginner+
| ★★: beginner/intermediate+
| ★★★: intermediate+
| ★★★★: intermediate/advanced+
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  • news articles, radio, television


  • a lot like buzzfeed


✩/★★ beygingarlýsing íslensks nútímamáls

  • this p.o.s conjugates everything, and is really really just great. i’d recommend this for everyone, but a) the amount of conjugation on there is actually kind of scary, and b) beginners should memorize conjugation patterns, not look them up. i really do love the site though.

✩/★★ skrambi

  • “error checking tool (supposedly contextual)”.

✩/★ vowel shifts from fuckyeahislenska

✩/★ wikipedia

  • “The wiki page for Icelandic grammar is very extensive and possibly daunting so travel there at your own risk O_O.”


icelandic online

  • brought to you by háskóli íslands, this website is great. so great. it’s content rich, and takes you from „how do i say my “a á b’s?” ” to “the quantum physics of i know this skít”.

★★ learn grammar

  • grammar is easier later on, and not the first time you look at it, so check it out when you’re more advanced (also why we rated it two stars haha).

(our) quizlet classroom

  • join our quizlet class to get access to awesome ways for studying!

viltu læra íslensku?

en // pl // es // de

  • Viltu Læra Íslensku is a series of 21 episodes from Tungumálatorg, an Icelandic language school. The episodes follow daily scenarios of Iceland, and are reall really good. even if you’re not a beginner i’d still recommend watching the episodes.

1,000 most common icelandic words (from

  • as a friend put it, “List of the most commonly used words in Icelandic with audio (at least the first ten seem to be correct, albeit pronounced pronounced from different people). There are some other resources on that site but PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM.[I] saw some glaring mistakes in the pronunciation guide and flash-cards.”  

Look at this little munchkin! He’s the cutest, I can’t wait to work with him more. He’s worn a bridle 3 times now and he’s been a star about it. He’s so eager to do stuff (and difficult to photograph because he just follows you around)

(The noseband part of his head collar is too high in the bottom pic - don’t worry I adjusted it)