Hello my fellow knitters! Wondering the long silence? Is she dead? No new projects? Just done with blogging? 

Not at all! My long silence is largely because of my current project, the biggest one I’ve had so far: writing my BA thesis. And guess what my subject is? Icelandic sweater patterns! YES, I am that lucky, that our school lets us choose our subject quite freely, so even though my major is in graphic design, I could venture off course and choose something I’ve had close to my heart ever since moving to Iceland. I’m writing about the development and design process of the Icelandic sweater’s patterns, here are some pictures from my research. I also have a LOT of new and finished projects going on (christmas presents!) and some changes in the blog in the planning, so stay tuned! Just wanted to say hi and show a glimpse of what I’m researching about! :)

If anyone has interest in reading about the development of Icelandic sweaters, I could publish parts of my thesis as short articles in the blog – sounds good?