Warning: This post contains feelings. If you are in any way affected by feelings, please accept this photo of me and scroll past. Also, you can evidently tell that I am English by how much I say sorry.

Point 1: I am incredibly glad to have 2,530 (possibly more) followers here. What started out as a fun blog idea back in January has turned more popular than I’d ever imagined. This blog is a major confidence boost to me and I’m worried that I’m not thanking you guys enough. Because if you lovely followers didn’t send in such spicy memes, we wouldn’t have nearly as much popularity. So, to you all, I say:

Point 2, electric boogaloo: Also, thank you to the person making the confession simulator videos (here and here), they’re so great

Point 3: Russia x Canada is good and pure

Point 4: The mods are so (insert synonym for good here), I’d like to give them a thumbs up for being such fantastic people.

alright, I’m done. jeg spiser brød og gråter på gulvet

We pulled in to Skogafoss around midnight. It was a rare moment, for we were alone with the falls. After being stuck in the middle of crowds of tour busses earlier in the day, it was refreshing to see no other tourists around.

It was just four teenagers witnessing the power and beauty of the water.

(Iceland, 2016)