iceland's interior

Have you ever been to the middle of nowhere? Iceland’s Interior Highlands are where man has never made his home and you can travel long distances without seeing another person

Here, nature is still at its rawest, with glaciers, deserts of black sand, barren glacial moraine, steaming hot springs, active and spent volcanoes and strange oases of vegetation, rivers and waterfalls

Photo @ladzinski / Last June I had the fortunate experience to spend the day flying and shooting aerials over the interior Iceland highlands with my good friend @chrisburkard during commercial shoot. The colors and formations of the landscape are other worldly and ever changing. The Iceland Highlands are primarily a volcanic desert, covering the bulk of the interior of the island. The majority of water here is quickly soaked into the ground making it difficult for plant growth, resulting in a vast grey and brown landscape. There are pockets however, vast miles of white snow fields, green moss, vegetation and streams of lahar. The #lahar sediment flows from glacier run off braid the landscape and can only truly be appreciated from high above. by natgeo