iceland's highlands


Steaming stream in the Iceland Highlands


The world’s largest man-made ice cave is now open in Iceland where tourists can travel over 2,500 feet into the heart of one of the world’s largest glaciers, Langjökull  in the midwest highlands of Iceland.

Because of the heavy rainfall, Icelandic has plenty of rivers and they are relatively large, glacial rivers and fresh water rivers and streams

The water in the glacial rivers is usually a milky grey and they can smell of sulfur. The flow volume can be enormous, they are ice cold and you need to be very careful around them. You won´t survive falling into one like this

Markarfljótsgljúfur Canyon is a kind of hidden gem in the Icelandic landscape. 

This impressive canyon is not visited by many. Access to Markarfljótsgljúfur is either by a hiking trail or by a challenging and rough mountain road so it requires a well-equipped 4WD vehicle. But it´s very much worth the effort


Landmannalaugar - nature reserve on the edge of lava fields in the Icelandic Highlands

The mystical palagonite landscape of Hvanngil valley, in the Icelandic highlands north of Mýrdalsjökull glacier

JRR Tolkien was very inspired by Iceland. the landscape of Tolkien’s Middle-earth (except for the very-English Shire) is Icelandic. Tolkien’s trolls are Icelandic trolls. His hobbit holes are like Icelandic turf houses. Bilbo’s ride to Rivendell matches, more or less, a ride through the Icelandic landscape and Gandalf’s character comes from Icelandic tales of Odin. 

Stakkholtsgjá is a well known gorge in the Thórsmörk area in the Icelandic highlands. But just next to it and most of the time overlooked by visitors is a beautiful ravine that´s much worth the visit. Surrounded by steep cliffs with a small freshwater stream at the bottom


Let’s start 2017 where I spend a lot of video time, in Iceland. Hard to find better place for that, and this clip comes from one of my favorite studios too.

Ethereal is an experimental film shot in the remote, breathtaking Icelandic Highlands that combines aerial cinematography with timelapse and hyperlapse. Experience unique parts of Iceland few get to explore from a entirely new perspective: aerial motion timelapse.
Locations include: Askja, Eyjafjallajökull, Kerlingarfjöll, Landmannalaugar, Thórsmörk, Vatnajökull, and Stokksnes.
Each frame is a raw photo shot with the DJI Inspire 1. The individual photos were processed using LRTimelapse, Lightroom and After Effects. The film was then edited in 4K60 in Premiere Pro.

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Twitter: @evosia