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What would the Nordics do at a water park? (My headcanon is that Norway hates swimming in chlorinated waters, but he'll go anyways if the other Nordics go)

Sure thing anon! Thanks for the ask! 

And omg head canon 130% accepted. I think he would definitely be an ocean guy. In fact I can see him having really sensitive skin, so the chlorine would probably irritate it quite a bit. Anywayy…

APH Denmark would be on the hunt for the fastest and most intense waterslide  in the park. He would love the rush they gave him. If he’s feeling really adventurous that day I think he would sometimes do stupid things like running down the slides for fun, which gets him kicked off. The other Nordics have to monitor him for the rest of the day so he doesn’t try to sneak back on. Sometimes if they don’t want to deal with him, they drop him off at the water jungle gym with the kids and he is occupied for the rest of the day.

Finland would absolutely love the wave pool. He would try to lay on the floaty things and just feel the waves underneath him. He also likes the butterflies he feels when the waves drop. But I think he would only stay interested for a little while, so he would move on to some of the smaller waterslides. He is a little afraid of the really steep ones with the loop-de-loops, so he would stick to the short and fast ones. 

Sweden would look like a total nerd with his goggles on and a tube around his waist. Speaking of tubes, he would spend most of his time on the tube slides. He would look a little uncomfortable with all the kids screaming around him, since he looks awkwardly big, but he enjoys it. When Denmark gets kicked off the slides, however, he takes it upon himself to leave the tubes and go get him. He will pick up the smallest tube he can find and throw it over Den’s body so he can’t move his arms. Den is forced to follow Sve around for the rest of the day.

Iceland doesn’t really like any of the rides at water parks. He would rather just have a relaxing day, so he would spend most of it in the lazy river. Most of the other Nordics find it kind of boring, so he gets a bit of a break from them for a while. Every once in a while Finland will join him in the little sitting hole in the middle of the river, and they will just chat for a bit. 

Norway, like mentioned earlier, doesn’t really swim at the water park. He does have his fun at the beginning though, because he is the little troll that pretends to bump into people and pushes them into the water unexpectedly. He especially likes doing this to Iceland, because he always has the best reaction. If he were to get dragged onto something though, it would be one of the boat rides.