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Part Two: The Watch

I LIVE. Welcome back to mediocre attempts at semi-longform fic, please don’t kill me. This is way too bad to have taken three and a half months wow.

2068 – ZÜRICH

“And you can’t work on it here?”

You rolled your eyes, but chuckled fondly, as Gabriel watched you pace back and forth across the room, packing. You threw a shirt at his head which he caught and threw back at you. Eventually, he pushed off from the doorway and walked over to you as you folded the aforementioned shirt. His arms wrapped around your midsection and he leaned in to press his face against yours, causing you to shy away from his kisses so you could focus on organizing your belongings.

“Our labs here are good, but the one in Iceland is more specially designed for this particular work.” You turned in his arms, tapping your finger to his nose. “And I’ll be able to avoid being underfoot that way.”

“You’re sure you couldn’t have picked one closer?”

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A Basic Guide for Pronouncing Icelandic.

This is a subject that I frequently post about, and yet its basics have yet to be properly discussed. This post will help you to achieve familiarity with the Icelandic language, both in terms of written characters and their respective sounds. This guide may also be used as a method for pronouncing Old Norse. It is a lengthy guide, but that is because Icelandic, in all its beauty, is a bit difficult for most people to pronounce. In the end, this quite is only “basic” because it does not delve deeply into the linguistics behind certain sounds involved. Nonetheless, this guide should provide to be very helpful!

When working through this guide, try to avoid becoming overwhelmed. I strongly recommend working through only one section at a time.

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Reykjavík Gothic
  • There is a queue of cars that stretches for one kilometer. It is unmoving. There are people in the cars, they look past you with searching eyes. You don’t know where they are going but you walk past them every day.
  • The rain hits you from below, the waves crash on you from above. You haven’t seen dry land in months.
  • A woman is wearing a bright coloured coat. She’s not one of us.
  • You walk for an hour and get on a bus. You ride it for five minutes before you get off and walk for an hour.
  • A customer comes in and tells you there’s a naked man on the mountain. You both watch the mountain in silence and nod.
  • Every time you look out at the horizon there is one more crane. They are coming closer.
  • You leave Reykjavík. You drive in one direction for three days. You’re back in Reykjavík. You can never leave.

Since it’s 31st August at where I am right now, I’ll say that this is the end of the Icekit Revolution.

I’m glad that many have come to recognize the cuteness of this kitten and there have been people participating in drawing him!
Yall should be making nekotalia blogs too pfft

So after this, I’ll go back to my weekly updates in the weekend.

Íslenska! Traditional Greetings and Farewells.

Komiði sæl og blessuð, vinir,

Note: [If unfamiliar with Icelandic pronunciation and special characters, such as ‘ð’ or ‘þ’, please refer to the pronunciation guide.]

Among the best of places to begin with a language, besides pronunciation, is learning how to properly greet people. This post will teach you how to appropriately greet people in Icelandic, as well as how to bid them farewell.

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