iceland eruption


Classic video of Katia Kraft - volcanologist who traveled the world visiting eruptions and eventually was killed in a pyroclastic flow in Japan. This lava flow was at Katla volcano, Iceland. 


Eyjafjallajokull erupting in 2011, Iceland.

Yes, these images are real. Ashy volcanic eruptions can create intense static electricity, allowing lightening to form.

Important to note: Iceland rests on 1) the mid-Atlantic ridge, which is a divergent plate tectonic boundary/active spreading center (magma comes up from the mantle along this crack, as seen in the map above) AND 2) a hotspot (an extra hot location in Earth’s mantle that creates an excess amount of magma).

So basically, Iceland is one massive volcano clusterfuck.



The Holuhraun eruption area of Bardarbunga volcano has you maybe never seen before. An amazing storm of fire and snow: the Icelandic power of nature. This is the story of our photographic expedition with Iceland Review Staff, from Reykjavik to Holuhraun in a 32 hours of no-stop journey. A round-trip to hell that I will never forgot.

The video includes the aerial view of Holuhrau eruption area realized with a DJI Phantom 2 drone in a windy day under a strong snow storm, near the hot volcano lava. The weather condition was really extreme to fly: a cold temperature (about -10 °), strong snow and sometimes some rain with a really impressive hot pollution in the air. Thanks Phantom 2, you was gone very well also in that condition!


Animated photograph of the Holuhraun rift eruption in Iceland, 2014