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Located next to one of the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland this hidden gem is not visited by many. While it´s neighbor is crowded with people you will be more or less alone while visiting this beautiful waterfall

Behind it is a cave so you can stand there and enjoy the spectacular view without getting wet


Sooo… There is this giant Yule cat in Iceland, that eats everybody who hasn’t got new clothes for Christmas. We have lots of Icelandic horses and because everything Icelandic attracts other Icelandic things, I asked our Icelandic team if there is a risk of Jólakötturinn… As I haven’t got any new clothes.

They said yes.

So if I disappear now, I was eaten by giant, Icelandic cat. Just so you know. 

Skogafoss waterfall is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Iceland. That means during the day it’s always lots of people there and at times it can be very crowded. But in the summer months it doesn’t get dark so you just choose another time if you want to be there mostly by yourself. This is in the early hours, around 5 am and the only other person that was around is standing by the waterfall