iceland attraction


Skogafoss waterfall is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Iceland. That means during the day it’s always lots of people there and at times it can be very crowded. But in the summer months it doesn’t get dark so you just choose another time if you want to be there mostly by yourself. This is in the early hours, around 5 am and the only other person that was around is standing by the waterfall


~Japan and the Scandinavian products~

 FINLAND…Marimekko and ARABIA, iittala are extreme popularity. Those are considerably expensive. You can watch a lot of young people having a bags of Marimekko when you go to Japan^^

SWEDEN…H&M,Volvo,IKEA,and so on…We are crazy about it \(^o^)/

DENMARK…The General store ,”TIGER”, which the product of the Scandinavian design could buy at a low price, also opened a store in Japan ,and it become a fad!! (It’s called “FLYING TIGER COPENHAGEN” in japan.)

NORWAY…A Disney animated movie, “Frozen,” was a major hit last year. In consequence of that, a Norwegian traditional designs attract attention.

ICELAND…(´□∧□)”What did you expect?”    There is still no familiarity very much^^; I expect it for activity in the future^^

I feel myself full of passion for that Denmark and Sweden make such lovely things(^0^)

I translated the comics into English which I put on Pixiv .

Sorry , but…my translation may be wrong^^;