Nordic 5 on National Parks

Iceland: So, we need to come up with a surprise having to do with America’s National Parks. Consider heavily that this will be his birthday gift from us all. So what have we all picked?
Iceland: *pulls a piece of paper out of a box*
Iceland: From Everyone: …“Hershey National Park”…
Iceland: That’s…that’s an amusement park, not a National Park.
Sweden: Th'n how bout D'sneyl'nd?
Finland: Yeah! That’s nationally known!!
Norway: DIDNEY!!
Iceland: *facepalming* I knew this was a mistake…


Die Farben der Unterwelt  • ~ •  The colors of the underworld

Island / Iceland

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a scenario for how the Nordics would act going through a break up? Thanks!

Sweden: Sve would be a mess. Though unless you knew him and to the untrained eye, he would seem relatively unphased, but in reality, he would be ultimately pondering what he could have done differently. What lead up to it and if he could have seen the warning signs prior. It would be hard for him and he would mope in his own ways like not putting dishes away or not baking or making food as much as he once did or watch any movies with romantic themes. For the other Nordics, it would be hard to watch. Poor Sve…

Finland: Get in losers we’re baking…. Yeah, Fin would be one of those that basically would bake his feelings and eat them. I mean bad to the point you would see him crying into the batter of what he was baking. And you know it would be super bad when he would bake a batch of 24 cookies and only be able to serve 10. Emotional, and of course when he would lay in bed alone, it would only be worse. The guy does not take this kind of thing well.

Iceland: Icey would literally go into the broody teenage thing. He would probably dress in black and live off of black coffee and hipster music. He would ponder the world, write poetry and find himself on his blog a lot. Wondering if there was something wrong with him that made him unlovable and freaking out if maybe he would be single forever. Worried mixed with sad and mad, because it wasn’t all him, yet he would feel responsible. Hard to be Icey at this time….

Norway: Norge would be very quiet and not seem to be able to focus. He would seem distracted and unable to keep his mind on any one thing. Even forgetting to eat. Norge is sensitive and much like Icey, he tends over think, so he too would be the kind that would try to figure out if it was his cool personality that was the problem, though he seemed to put any coolness away during the relationship. Mostly quiet and to himself, locking himself away and doing much self reflection.

Denmark: One word, Cry… this dude, especially if he really as though they really had something going. He would no doubt drink a lot the fist couple days. Drowning in his own sorrow. Wondering why he messed up so bad and why he even existed, because without them, life seemed meaningless. Then he would go into the ice cream stage and basically mix ice cream, cookies and candy. After that stage he would just cry himself to sleep holding onto his former S/O’s pillow. It would take a good month to get a handle on him. Then he’d start snapping back into reality. The Dane being way more sensitive than anyone thought before