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Which nations do you think would best handle an s/o who isn't really affectionate and prefered showing love through spending time/actions?

I think Germany, England, Iceland, and Japan would be be good with a low affectionate s/o. He’s not really keen on being outwardly affectionate as it is. Giving small gifts or just spending time alone together is how he likes to show his affection. Knowing he can spend time with his s/o and know that he loves them just by being in their presence, makes him feel a strong connection with his s/o that couldn’t be replaced by anything else.

-Mod Z

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how do the nordics react when someone does the Italian hand meme to them?

Denmark: Cries because he thinks they’re mad at him

Norway: Assumes it’s sign language of some kind and starts signing in NSL to ask them what’s going on

Sweden: Thinks they want him to give them something so he digs around in his pocket and hands them a piece of gum

Finland: Finds the gesture vaguely threatening and puts up his dukes to fight

Iceland: Stares blankly at them for five minutes

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Hello! What if the nordic's averagely clingy S/O suddenly got REALLY clingy, and wanted a twenty second hug every two minutes?

Norway- he has his clingy moments as well, and at first assume it would be just that. As it continues he’d get a little more skeptical eventually asking if anything was wrong. Whether or not something was or wasn’t he’d be more than willing to shower you with attention as long as no prying eyes were there to watch as he’s very shy with affection.

Denmark- him and fin would be the most to comply with it. He’d be a little oblivious to the fact you were more clingy than usual, but would eventually get the hint something was off after a while. He’d sit you down and ask what was wrong if you were willing to tell him- and if anything was even wrong- but he’d for sure give you all the cuddles and attention you want.

Iceland- this poor baby wouldn’t even know where to begin. He’d find it a little annoying at first as he’s very closed off with the pda and such, and after he got frustrated enough he would as what was wrong. After apologizing about his little blow up, he’d be willing to give you some attention within reason.

Sweden- he’d be a little confused like iceland, but wouldn’t complain. He’s always insecure about people finding him intimidating so your extra clinglyness wouldnt bother him. He would get worried after a while and would wonder if something was wrong.

Finland- like den, would be oblivious to it at first, but after he caught on he’d be asking more questions than the number of hugs you wanted. After clearing things up, he’d be more than happy to cuddle with you.

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How would Lithuania, Iceland, America and Prussia react to their s/o crying because of the stress and their parents being harsh on them? I'm sorry, I need some mood lifting words...

Lithuania: He’d be very understanding and would listen to their problems. He’d try to calm them down and would offer his help to them on any level he can.

Iceland: he’d be rather confused by their parents reaction; in his eyes, they should be encouraging them! He’d offer to help and would tell them that everything will be fine

America: dUDE first of all he’d be pretty upset by their parents behaviour. Then, he’d say that even though school is important, their life doesn’t depend on it. Everything will be fine if they’d give their best

Prussia: “you know, that one grade won’t determine your future… It will be fine, believe me! You don’t have to win ever battle to win the war, darling!”