The charming island of Flatey where time literally stands still. Most of Flatey´s houses are from the 19th century, so strolling around the island gives one the impression of travelling back in time.

No cars are allowed on the island and the atmosphere is very relaxed and everything is very quiet and tranquil, even the sheep are unusually relaxed walking around on the main road and chilling in the backyards. 

Shit Sweden does:

Is bad at hiding his pornographic novels.

Fin stumbles on them.

Sve refuses to come out of the bathroom for several days, Fin is forced to resort to calling the other Nordics, Iceland is designated to slip food to Sve through the bathroom’s window, Norway is recording the whole make-the-swede-come-out operation (he has also launched the hashtag #RescueSweden2k16), Fin is busy apologizing, and Denmark is having the time of his life. (Also he “borrowed” some of Sve’s books.)


Three Hetalia Nordic and two Haikyuu Karasuno charms done! If all goes well I’ll be designing more ;)

(sorry Norway is the only one who doesn’t have anything to do with his country ;v; but he won’t be the only one later)

at this point I haven’t ordered them yet because I need feedback from you all! Tell me which ones you like and which one’s you’d be interested in buying. I know it might seem pretty frustrating with me asking this again but my dad is going to be helping me buy this first batch and he’s pretty picky investing in something he has no idea will succeed or not ;;;; I almost have everything set up to start selling so we’re almost there!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!