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anonymous asked:

Bra shopping with the Nordics?

Norway: “Get whatever you need..”
Lukas would be a bit…nervous to go bra shopping with his daughter..he’d know she needs the bras..but it would just embarrass him to be around all the bras and panties..he’d end up sitting on one of the chairs at the front of the store and have them get whatever they needed.

Iceland: “H-huh? Okay..”
Emil would be very flustered if he and his daughter had to go bra shopping..the idea of all the lacy bras, or mesh panties would make him get very flustered…he would have a blush on his cheeks the entire time..he wouldn’t want to rush his daughter, but he would hope she would be quick.

Finland: “Let’s go look for what you need!”
Tino would have a very strong relationship with his daughter, so if she needed to go bra shopping, it wouldn’t phase him. He would even likely know his daughters bra/band size, so if he was ever shopping and saw something he thought she would like in her size, he wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

Sweden: “…What about this one….?”
Berwald wouldn’t be phased to go into a bra store…of course, he wouldn’t love it either. Though, he would occasionally pick up a bra or two and show them to his daughter. Most of the time they wouldn’t be the right size, or probably not their style…but every once and a while, he’d find a good one. He takes pride in those little things. 

Denmark: “Sure we can go! Just don’t get caught in a….booby trap!”
Matthias wouldn’t mind going with his daughter at all. He would try to make it fun and easy for her, but once he saw all the sizes and all prices, he would gulp. He wouldn’t care how much he spent on his daughter as long as she promised to take care of them. But Matthias would always try to make jokes and keep it fun, why should it be awkward?

anonymous asked:

can i please have the nordics and england comforting their best friend after she finds out the guy she likes is now in a relationship with someone else?? sorry if its confusing! you guys are great💕

Norway: “Idiot..”
Lukas wouldn’t know how to comfort his friend a lot…but he’d be honest with them. The guy they were crushing on is missing out on a great person. He’d try to talk them through it, and have them move on from them. Hey, there’s someone out there for everybody.

Iceland: “Let it out..”
Emil would feel bad for them…but he wouldn’t really know how to comfort them at first..he’d try to hold them and pat their back, hoping to help them through it. He’d often try to keep their mind off of it by showing them funny/stupid videos or making stupid jokes so they smile.

Finland: “Aww…talk to me..”
Tino would feel horrible for them…but he would be there for them as much as he could be. He would tell them over and over again that he was missing out on an amazing person, and would try to keep their mind off of the topic and happy. Not to mention, snacks! 

Sweden: “…Sorry..”
Berwald isn’t someone who is very comforting…but he would try his best, especially if they were close friends. He’d pat their back and let them talk it out with him, but if they needed more comfort, he’d ask what he could do to help. He would really try his best, and would even offer to talk to the guy for his friend.

Denmark: “Hey, it’ll be okay, they just missed out on something great. But maybe someone better is out there for you!”
Matthias would comfort them and hug them tightly as he reassures them that everything will be fine. He wouldn’t want them to be upset long and would do anything to make them happy again. Matthias would always tell them that their crush was missing out and that someone better was waiting for them. He would always offer to take them out on friend dates so they didn’t feel so lonely…though maybe it would just become dates after a while…

England: “Oh don’t worry, love…it isn’t the end of the world.”
Arthur would sit with his friend and pat their back gently as he reassures them that it will pass and they will move on. He would offer to help get their mind off of it by doing whatever they wanted. He would try to offer words of reassurance and telling them that they will find someone better, but sometimes he knows words can’t help all wounds. He would try to just get their mind off of it entirely and help them move on as soon as possible.