iceking au

Long live the King!

IceKing and some of his magic. Kimi will be sort of badass ruler >:3 He will rule the forgotten winter kingdom, where always cold and sad. The neighbour king (Lewis maybe) will send Seb to kick Kimi’s ass, but the IceKing will put a spell on the Red Bull Knight and keep him by his side forever ^^

Freezing Sun|| theonlyfrozenheart

It’d been a normal summer so far,warm and bright. Everybody in Corona seemed happy enough,despite the  news that one of their allied countries,the Southern Isles,had been taken under new ruling.

Still,Rapunzel’s birthday had come,and the kingdom was far more preoccupied with that for the moment. Something happy and bright was just what they needed. The brunette had been admiring the yearly lanterns from a castle balcony, watching as the various lanterns bobbed around her. They swayed in the breeze, and her attention was glued on them,unwavering until the slightest white speck had fallen into her line of vision; And then another, and another, and soon enough there seemed to be a flurry.

“What-?” Rapunzel caught some of it in her hand,though some of it melted from the heat of her hands. “…Snow?” She glanced,or tried to anyway- the wind seemed rather strong,at the direction it came from,eyes narrowing.

On Better Terms || IceKing!AU

Hans took a breath before gently tapping on Rapunzel’s door. It had been two weeks since the night when he broke the lock on her door, and of course he had had it replaced since then. 

The ice king of the Southern Isles–and now Corona–folded his hands behind his back, waiting as patiently as he could for the former princess to answer. In the past two weeks the pair had come to something of a truce with each other, and often spent time together… yet every time Hans knocked on her door he feared she wouldn’t answer.

He especially hoped she would today, though. He had something to ask her.