fantasy au where hux is fire and kylo is ice, both princes of rival realms that have been enemies since creation

both princes, being a little rebellious of their parents, travel across the realms to explore and find out more about their worlds and hux & kylo inevitably meet

they’re wary of each other at first because of what their parents have told them of the firekind and the icekind–“they’ll burn us down until we’re ash!” said kylo’s family, “they’ll melt us into a pile of skin and bone!” cried hux’s family– but they become curious about each other so begin asking questions

they become friends and meet frequently to being relics and objects from their homeworlds to show to the other for learning, and things get very friendly when kylo accidentally touches hux and it doesn’t hurt…the coolness of his icy hand on hux’s fiery skin feels good, as does the warmth from hux onto kylo

things escalate and they eventually have sex in one of the enchanted forests in one of the neutral realms, exploring every part of each other’s bodies, never feeling any sort of pain or burning or chillblain from being touched by someone of the ‘enemy’ race

but little does kylo know that when he goes out one evening to meet hux, he’s followed to the neutral realm by the royal guards who see hux and immediately think that he’s going to harm the prince so they attack him and restrain him, overpowering him with their icy weapons that hurt him, and kylo can’t do anything as the guards drag hux back to the icekind’s king and queen for his fate to be decided

queen leia has little mercy on the firekind because they destroyed her childhood home and killed her parents so she sentences hux to death but kylo steps in and begs his mother to let hux go because he’s innocent, and he’s in love with him

in front of the whole throne room and council, kylo frees hux from his icy chains and they hold hands, and every firekind in the room gasps as they see the fire prince and the ice prince touching–impossible!

still unconvinced, despite prince kylo’s pleas and king han’s support of his son, queen leia orders the fiery princeling to be locked away until she decides what to do but word has already gotten back to king brendol of the firekind that his eldest son is to be executed in the rival realm and he’s got his army to go and retrieve his son

a blazing army descends upon the icekind’s royal palace with king brendol marching in like he owns it and demands his son be released back to him

the only problem? hux doesn’t want to come home; he wants to go to the neutral realm where he can be with kylo and where there’s no pointless fighting between their kinds

with both sets of parents not wanting to lose their sons, they agree that they shall be married in order to bring unity to their realms and an end to a war that no living person remembers why it began

and their marriage & mating brings unity across their races where icekind and firekind aren’t afraid of each other and they fall in love like their princes, who create a home in the enchanted forest where they were first together in the neutral realm and where they can live in peace whilst still remembering where they’ve come from

I Found - Amber Run

I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind
I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me Talk some sense to me

Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin

I never meant to fall for you but I
Was buried underneath
and all that I could see was white
My salvation

Still - Daughter

Biting words like a wolf howling
Hate is spitting out each others mouths
But we’re still sleeping like we’re lovers

An Act of Kindness - Bastille

An act of kindness Is what you show to me
It caught me by surprise in this town of glass and ice
Kindness, so many people pass me by
But you warm me to my core and you left me wanting more

Don’t Forget About Me - Cloves

If I fall, can you pull me up?
Is it true, your watching out
And when I’m tired
do you lay down with me?