INFORMATION for British people who need spelling help and/or for non-Brits trying to convincingly write UK English (e.g. in fanfic):

it’s “practise” with an S when it’s a verb

like “I am going to practise my spelling”


it’s “practice” with a C when it’s a noun

to help you remember, think of a piece of ice

ice is a noun, so when you’re using “practice” as a noun, such as in “I have practice tomorrow” or “it’s a private practice”, the word should contain “-ice”

important things in life
  • ice skaters
  • russian ice skaters
  • young, talented, and hard working russian ice skaters
  • ice skaters who are all beauty and grace on the ice but will not hesitate to fight you off the ice
  • ice skaters who are simultaneously known as the ‘russian fairy’ and ‘the russian punk’
  • ice skaters who are 15 and act exactly like a typical teenager should
  • ice skaters who has a love and adoration for all kinds of cats
  • ice skaters who go from “there’s no room for two yuris on ice” to “it’s almost your birthday, here’s some pirozhki my grandfather painstakingly googled and made’
  • ice skaters that have a burning annoyance regarding a certain canadian skater
  • ice skaters who love their grandfather so much
  • it’s yuri plisetsky
  • yuri plisetsky is important