To everyone asking, I am currently building my schedule for my releases, I currently have 3 interviews waiting to be released, ‘My Ticket Home’ (but I can’t release that for special reasons), 'Kuza’ and 'Awoken Shadows’. On Monday I have a phone interview with 'Less Than Jake’ and Thursday I have Warped Tour, so I have a LOT coming out. Now, since you guys have been amazing, I will let you choose what gets released next. On Wednesday, I will release an interview, either 'Kuza’, 'Awoken Shadows’ or 'Less Than Jake’. The two others will be released AFTER all of my interviews on Warped. Vote I’m the comments, or tweet back a vote, or reblog a vote or whatever!!!

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Hey everyone!!!

I’m doing a double release tonight!!!
First is an interview with ‘PVRIS’ and the second is my interview with 'Palisades’.
Please watch them, like them and share them!

PVRIS -–lHYLd01is

Palisades -

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Hey everyone!!!
So, today is my last day as a civilian. Tomorrow I ship to basic training and I’ll be out in two months.
Because of that, I am doing a double release now and I’ll do another once I get out!

Here are my interviews with ‘The Funeral Portrait’ and 'Cabaret Runaway’. Like, share and enjoy them!!!

Cabaret Runaway -

The Funeral Portrait -

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