icedjem asked:

12? :)

What are your 5 favourite songs right now?
I like song questions. People seem to think my music taste is acceptable.

Right now:

  1. Talk Dirty- Jason Derulo
  2. The Letter- The Boxtops
  3. We Are Young- 3OH!3
  4. She’s Got A Way- Billy Joel
  5. Calling All Hearts- DJ Cassidy

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1. If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?

I would go to Cornwall, simply because it’s my favourite place in the world.

2. Put your ipod on shuffle, give me a song and then tell me your favourite line/lines from that song

Taylor Swift – Last Kiss

My favourite line “I don’t know how to be something you miss”

3. Favourite song at the moment?

I am loving Bo Bruce’s new song – Save me

4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do?

I would pay my mum’s mortgage and buy myself a car, then put the rest in the bank, save for uni.

5. Whats your favourite day of the week?

Friday, cause I like my lessons and I normally go out on Friday nights

6. What is your favourite book?

I really love ‘One Day’ and ‘Me Before You’ although I don’t really have a favourite.

7. Is there anything that you want to change about yourself?

I hate my arms, I’d change them.

8. Favourite take-away food?

Domino’s Pizza!

9. If you were at Hogwarts what house do you think you’d be in?

Pottermore said I was in Hufflepuff …so that I guess… 

10. What was the last country you visited?


11. Who is your favourite cartoon character?

Tom AND Jerry, I can’t chose, don’t make me :P

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1. What’s your favourite Tumblr?

2. What are your chosen baby names?

3. Who’s your best friend?

4. What’s your favourite film/TV show?

5. What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

6. If you had one wish what would it be?

7. Honestly, how are you feeling right now?

8. What’s your favourite album?

9. What is your favourite film?

10. What’s your most important item of clothing/accessory you can’t live without?

11. Who’s your favourite fictional character?













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1. What’s your favourite TV show? (reasons why, if any)

I really liked The Inbetweeners or F.R.I.E.N.D.S. even though they have finished now i think they’re still my favourite and i am bad at giving reasons so just because.

2. Favourite film? (reasons)

This is so hard to choose. I am going to say probably either the perks of being a wallflower or pitch perfect or madagascar or finding nemo or just all of the harry potters or the hunger games i don’t even know, too many films to choose from.

3. Favourite book(s)? (reasons)

Again so many to choose from but i think maybe the fault in our stars because it was so happy and sad and good. (This is excluding Harry Potter)

4. What is/was your best subject at school?

PE Diploma, obviously.

5. Are you a procrastinator? If so, what do you do to procrastinate?


6. Favourite musical artist?

Maybe Of Monsters and Men.

7. Favourite song(s)?

ugh again with the choosing, i will say at the moment tightrope by walk the moon.

8. Favourite album(s)? If any.


9. Do you have any new years resolutions? If so, what are they.

No, because i knew i wouldn’t stick to them.

10. Any things you are ashamed to like? If so, what are they.

Sometimes i enjoy weird hipster blogs, does that count?

11. Are you good at giving advice?

No, absolutely not.

My questions (reasons please):

1. The person you would most like to meet? 

2. Greatest achievement?

3. Something you would like to achieve in the future?

4. Favourite thing to do in your spare time?

5. Favourite youtuber?

6. If you could be any animal, what would it be?

7. Favourite Disney character?

8. Can you play any instruments?

9. Which is your favourite season?

10. Do you do any sports?

11. Any super cool secret talents?  

I was tagged by the lovely whom has an amazing blog.
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The questions:
What was the last film (or tv show) that you watched?
Last film I watched was The Notebook - I loved it! Even though I shed a couple of tears :D
Is there a date that you’d rather have your birthday on?
Not really: I like my birthday as it’s the end bit of July so it’s in the summer holiday :D
Would you hide me from Voldemort if I turned up at your house suddenly?
Of course!!! I have a spare duvet and plenty of books :D
Which time period would you like to live in the most? (1920’s… 1800’s..)
Hmmm either 1800s or the 1950s :)
Which book character would you say that you are most like?
I have no idea! Maybe like Hermoine as I love books :)
Can you describe yourself using only one word?
What is the worst joke that you can remember?
What’s brown and sticky? A stick.
Favourite fandom to belong to?
Hmm I have two favourites: Sherlock and Doctor Who! :D
If you could sound like one person/character who would it be?
I have no clue as I don’t know what I sound like :D
What form would your patronus take?
A hedgehog :D
What is your opinion on tumblr friends? (I have totally no motive behind this question…)
I love my Tumblr friends - it’s great :D
My Questions:
What was the last book you read?
What film would you love to be an actor/actress in?
What’s your favourite song?
Are you part of any fandoms that you’ve never seen the programmes/films?
If you could shapeshift what would you want to shapeshift into?
What would be your dream job?
If your life was based on a book/film/tv series what would you want it to be based on?
Do you have any pets?
What food would best describe you?
What was your favourite kids tv programme?
Have you ever broken a bone?
I’m tagging:
So that’s all folks! Follow all these guys above ‘cause I think that they’re really cool and even though I don’t talk to all of them and have probably weirded some of them out by tagging them in this I enjoy their blogs immensely.

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  • 1. Who is your favourite cartoon character?
  • Oh god um, let me think back to my childhood! Okay definately Winnie the Pooh, I mean he's cute and sweet and would give great hugs and always has a supply of hunny! What more do you need in a friend, and also I just think he's a genuinely good person, so yeah Winnie the Pooh!
  • 2. What is your favourite subject?
  • Hmm, um I think History or French yeah, I'm better at history but I think I prefer French tbh, just not Maths, why, why, why did I pck that for A level? NEVER DO IT, OKAY??!
  • 3. Anything you want to do when you're older?
  • There's lots I want to do, but what I'ds love the most is to have a little house/flat where I can invite all my closest friends over and we can do whatever we want! Also like go to uni and that and actually do something with my life, and it's so sad that I know some people will just stay in the same town they grew up in and never leave and marry their first boyfriend, and I don't want that to be me!
  • 4. Which countries have you visited?
  • Canada, France, Spain, Italy and IRELAND!!
  • 5. Which countries do you want to visit?
  • Ooh, well I'd love to go to somewhere completely different like Morocco or somehwere, or a safari round South Africa, how cool would that be?
  • 6. Favourite place in the world?
  • An actual place it would have to be London or Dublin, I love both of them, but tbh my room is pretty good too right now!
  • 7. Who is your favourite actor?
  • I have too many!! Johnny Depp ofc, love him, Eddie Redmayne is also amazing and is in one of my favourite films, 'My Week with Marilyn', um and Colin Farrell because, how can you not love a bit of Colin?? Oooh, and, and my Irish man Allen Leech, he's pretty awesome too! And vintage wise, Alain Delon, have you seen him? He is a god!
  • 8. Which house do you think you would be in at Hogwarts?
  • Well, i always wanted to be in Slytherin because I used to think Malfoy was da bomb, but tbh realistically I think it would be Hufflepuff!
  • 9. What is your favourite book?
  • Anything by Jane Austin, I love her writing - it makes me laugh so much! Um, or 'The Great Gatsby', you have to read it if you haven’t already, old sport! Or, there is a book called 'Bright Young Things' by Anna Godbersen ansd it's the first in a trilogy, and I could literally read it for the rest of my life and not be bored, it is that amazing!
  • 10. Do you have any hobbies?
  • No, I am a lazy git. Although, does knitting count? Yes, you read that right, knitting :)
  • 11. What is your favourite type of chocolate?
  • Milk, definatley milk, it's so versatile and just mmmmmm, you're making me hungry now!
  • Now it's time for my questions, and please don't forget to explain your answers you gorgeous people!
  • 1. What is your natural hair colour?
  • 2. Who is your favourite band?
  • 3. Who is your favourite artist/singer? (and yes it's different to band!)
  • 4. Which languages can you speak?
  • 5. How would you describe your style?
  • 6. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
  • 7. Do you like school/college etc?
  • 8. If you had to choose a past decade to live in which one would it be, and why?
  • 9. What are you looking forward to this year?
  • 10. If you could only listen to one song ever again, it would be...?
  • 11. Describe yourself in 3 words...

I’ve only just started to make cupcakes again. The lovely Jemma of Iced Jems gave me a crash course in her pretty 1950s kitchen and I haven’t looked back. I’m not generally one for too sickly sweet desserts so when I saw this lavender cupcakes recipe in the “hummingbird bakery” Cook book I knew I HAD to try it. I love using lavender and rose in my baking, rose macarons are probably my all time favourite flavour and in all honesty these are the best flavoured cupcakes I’ve ever tried. The dried lavender flowers are infused with the milk for both the cake and icing mixtures thus creating a real delicate flavour. I used the baking cups I got from the Iced Jems shop as I love the way you can un pleat the cases to create a little plate almost. This recipe is most certainly a keeper!

For my 28th birthday I decided I wanted a little family bbq and garden party using all homemade food. James made his famous burgers for the bbq made using local beef and handmade sesame seed wholemeal cobs. He also created some lovely spicy chicken skewers filled to the brim with vegetables and served with a fresh tzatziki. One of our favourite salad recipes is the date and pitta salad recipe from our “Persiana” cookbook so a huge bowl of that was prepared for the table. A plate of cured meats and seasoned olives sat beside a bowl of Greek salad and everyone had a glass of prosecco and strawberries. For dessert I raided the Iced Jems store and came away with this gorgeous afternoon tea stand, silicone teacup cupcakes cases, pretty decorative windmills and the strawberry milkshake flavoured icing 💕 I piled the stand high with cupcakes, macarons, cherries, strawberries and scones with clotted cream. Nothing beats a table full of homemade food and watching our nephew took into healthier bbq alternatives made by our fair hands from scratch.