Ok I’m confused. Is it because in Canada you can buy bags of milk? Yes it’s a thing, google it! I hated them cause if they weren’t in a pitcher and cut at an angle, it would spill EVERYWHERE. Milk isn’t supposed to be stressful and milk jugs are way better.


~Teamiplier - Merry Christmas!!!~

HA YES I AM DONE (phew, i know. i am late :‘v) Merry Christmas to y'all out there who’re celebrating!! have this Teamiplier bois Fanart and stuff! …yeah! okay, good night.

also, if you’re wondering… “what the heck is Tyler wearing?” so i made a poll on instagram, wether tyler should be a Christmas tree or a snowman… and the result were 50-50(?) so i just decided to combine the two things. we like to have fun here-