Ladybug Cupcakes

My friend who is an event/party planner - asked me to make cupcakes for a 5th birthday party she was organising :)  24 cupcakes all together, 12 Vanilla, 12 Chocolate.  The theme was ladybug & everything looked so cool all set up :)
Love the striking bright colours :) these were super fun to make! 
kez* x


“It is fun to have fun, But you have to know how!”

This is my most FAVOURITE cake to date!! I have wanted to do a Cat in the Hat themed cake for a long time :) NZ Cake Decorator’s page on facebook had a mini cake competition going on - I wasn’t going to enter, then I read my son the cat in the hat before bed one night, saw the pic of the cat balancing the cake on his hat & holding all the other things & knew I HAD to create that in cake form! 
  SO the bottom (black cake) is 3" round, the hat itself is just made from fondant mixed with tylose powder & the pink cake is also 3" round.
  My next goal is to make this into a bigger scale cake! can’t wait to find some time to do that! :)


Pastel Rainbow Ruffle Cake

This cake was not only Pastel Rainbow Ruffle stripes on the outside but it was also the same rainbow colours on the inside.  I don’t have a photo to show it cut yet, but will share when I do :)
This cake was originally done by Bubble and Sweet.  She has done a tutorial on how to make it (which I found after I had made it!) haha!   Her one is pink fondant on top - mine differs with the white & polka dots as that is what the birthday girl asked for! :)  I wasn’t sure originally if the polka dots would suit! but I actually really like it :)  The cake is a 6 inch Vanilla Cake, with Buttercream between layers & covered in White Chocolate ganache under the fondant.  It was nearly 7 inches tall! 5 layers of Rainbow coloured cake inside :)  
I can now say I have made a ‘Rainbow Cake’ and I’m not in a hurry to do it again! that’s a lot of work right there ;)
but the outcome is beautiful, kez* x


Pink Ombre Hearts Wedding Cake

Love this cake that I made for Cayce & Tye’s wedding :)  there are 686 hearts in total :) it took 6-7 hours to colour each shade of fondant & cut the hearts out, smooth them & put them on the cake.
  Cakes were 4" Caramel Mud Cake, 6" White Chocolate Mud Cake, 8" Dark Chocolate Mud Cake all filled & covered in White Chocolate Ganache :)
kez* x


Little Star’s 1st birthday

I am in love with this cake!!! I love the ruffles, that bunny is super cute! and completely inspired by one that Brenda from Sugar High Inc. made - she is a legend with her sugar work!
Esther - loves her bunny, books & lives by the sea, so as you can see - the cake sums up her perfectly for her 1st b'day!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! kez* x


So my husband & I made a Tardis Cake!  It was for my Cousin’s 30th he is a Dr. Who fan & his sister asked me to make him a cake for him.  I’m loving the support from my cousin - she has a facebook page for her home-based business, she makes cute kids clothes under the label Running Pukeko.  Check her page out here…

  So back to the cake.  It was super stress full in the end - I lost a day & a half of working hours due to different family commitments that popped up and had another cake (pics to follow) due the same day to work on as well.  The end of the week came far too quickly & I really thought that it would be the first cake that I didn’t complete.  A few tears later & phone calls to hubby, he assured me I could do it and that he would help.  Friday morning I focussed on cutting out the four panels out of gum paste so they could dry out at night I focused on finishing the fairy cake - stayed up till 1am getting it mostly finished.   

Saturday morning came & after sorting the kids out with breakfast we cleaned up & got to work, I finished the fairy cake while glenn worked on the details to go on the panels - he made a template  for the windows etc & started cutting those all out.  After I took pics of the fairy cake we worked together to finish the Tardis details & I also had to make cupcakes that were going along with the Tardis for my cousin’s kids :)  

I was over the moon with the end result and really it was all glenn!  I’m so thankful for his help. kez* x


Graduation/Birthday Cake

This turned out to be a pretty cool cake! Although it may look simple it was the complete opposite.  The design that went around the middle of the cake took hours to do. I used the wax paper transfer method to get it all on the cake and sighed a huge sigh of relief when it worked!!  The frangipani’s add a beautiful splash of colour and the light blue tassels on the graduation cap are there to represent her new law degree! 
One of my favourite parts are the black pearls!! I loved how the light made them shine :) kez*


21st Cake

I am so SO happy with how this cake turned out.  All I was told was that she wanted a black & brown cake for her 21st & that she would be happy with whatever I came up with!! Loved having the free reign… but was struggling with just black & brown - so I asked if I could add another colour & gave Gold as an option (amongst some other colours).  So glad they chose the Gold as it really takes this cake to a whole other level.  
  The Fantasy flower I made using two different tutorials - & I made two differen sizes.
Both cakes were Dairy Free chocolate cake with Dairy Free ganache. 5" & 7".
kez* x


Little Lion’s 1st Birthday :)

I was shown two very different Lion themed cakes, one was bright, colourful & almost circus Lion themed the other was green & more natural jungle themed – Amarin’s mum wanted a mix of the two themes, colourful to match their personalities but with the green jungle feel in there also. So I suggested a bright blue cake, with the jungle around the sides & the lion having a party with colourful balloon’s & bunting :) She wanted Happy 1st Birthday Amarin on there also. I’m so happy with how it turned out :) I love the colours and that Lion!! he was hard to say goodbye too! Super cute guy! ;) I looked at other ‘cake Lions’ for inspiration when making him but I’m stoked that I feel like he’s turned out original & in my style :)

Cake was 10" chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

kez* x


Quilted Wedding Cake

This cake was the biggest single tier cake I have ever worked with.  It’s a 10" cake - nearly 8" tall - white chocolate mud cake with nearly 3kgs of white chocolate ganache.  In total the cake weighed 7.8kgs! super heavy cake! and somehow I managed to flip this cake, twice!
  For those who don’t know, I flip my cakes upside down to ganache them and also once they are covered in fondant I flip them to get those razor sharp edges you’d be getting used to seeing on my cakes! :) 
  I was so nervous I would drop it because it was so freaking heavy! fortunately it went well!! It took me 3 attempts to cover the cake in fondant - one of those I tried panelling but it just wasn’t working for me.  So my 4th attempt I got it done, the standard way.  So pleased with how it turned out.  The photo’s right at the top are from the photographer at the venue with the fresh flowers on top :)  kez* x


Olaf - Frozen themed Cake

I finally got to make a Frozen themed cake!! starring my favourite character Olaf!!! This was a fun cake to make! My husband is a bit of a legend & made me a plaque cutter that included an embossing plate for the name to go on! It was so easy to use and I’m stoked with the outcome!  Olaf was to be the main feature & snow the second main feature! LOL :) 


Ombre Beaded Wedding Cake

This cake is stunning - and although it looks simple, it took a freaking LONG time to create! I completely underestimated the amount of time those beads would take to create, it was around 15 hours on the beads alone!! 
But it was SO worth it! one of my most stunning cakes :) I feel proud that I can say that! :)
12″, 10″, 8″ & 6″ tiers - 2 x Chocolate 2 x White Chocolate Vanilla  :)



80th Sewing Cake

This is not my original design - it is inspired by another that they loved…. it’s not an exact replica but there are a lot of similarities.
The wedding dress on the dress form was a replica of the dress the birthday girl made for her daughter’s wedding.  When the daughter came to pick it up she could see it was her dress :) YAY! I so wanted to get it right, they gave me a few photo’s to go by but I couldn’t see every detail on the dress, so I was super happy to hear that I did well with it!
  Ruth loved her cake :) best news ever.
10" Dark Chocolate Mud Cake with Dark Choc Ganache & 8" faux tier.
kez* x


Present Box Cake

This cake had to travel on a plane & then in a car trip for a few hours!! So it was a little stressful making sure the supports were all good & that it fit in a box & got on the plane ok!  All went well :) 
  Love the cute pink bow - the shades of pink looked nice as well…. the top tier was a very light pink, darker than what it looks photographed.  
Cakes were both Vanilla, 8" & 6" :) 


The Lovely Bones.
This cake was made for ‘Cakes from Middle Earth’ Collaboration.  A bunch of NZ decorators got together & made cakes based of Peter Jackson’s films all in time for the release of the last hobbit movie :) I chose The Lovely Bones for my piece - the Gazebo is made from gumpaste.  The cake has been covered in Satin Ice fondant & is completely hand painted.  Behind the cake is  a laser cut photo of a scene from the movie.
kez* x