iced water

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for your mini prompt thing.. can i have 17 and/or 22, please? :3 <3

17. things you said that i wish you hadn’t

A/N: Well, this went someplace I didn’t mean it to go, oops? 

There’s no way he can take it back. Stiles doesn’t even know how the words came out of his mouth, doesn’t know why he said them. They were in the middle of an argument – nothing new, they were having those on a regular basis, Derek being stubborn, Stiles even more so – and the words flew out of his mouth. He didn’t mean them, of course, and in any other situation, he’d never have even considered throwing that in Derek’s face.

Maybe you’ll lose this pack just like your family and it will be on you.

Derek’s face crumpled into an expression filled with more pain than Stiles ever saw it before, and it was like a bucketful of ice-cold water. Stiles, shocked by the fact that he said what he did, just stared as Derek’s expression circled through hurt, embarrassment, anger, then pain again. 

The next sound in the house was the slam of the front door, and then Stiles was alone. Regret was coursing through his whole body, and he slid down to the floor, hands shaking. 

If there was one thing he believed, it was that the fire was never Derek’s fault, that none of what happened to the Hale family was the fault of anyone but Kate. Yet here he was, having thrown that into Derek’s face. 

And he knew Derek. He knew that there would be no convincing the man that Stiles didn’t mean it, that he didn’t believe it. Even after everything they’ve been through, after so much work from Derek on letting himself off the hook for that, working on letting go of his guilt, Stiles knew that his words struck the one vulnerable spot that he swore to himself never to touch. 

“Fuck,” he mumbled, his body still frozen where he was kneeling on the floor. 

The house only answered back with heart-shattering silence.

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I'm curious, what's the difference between bubble hash (?) Crumble, and the other kinds of wax - mine usually has the consistency of butter and comes in a little jar, I've seen the kind that comes in wax paper (shatter?)

Well besides being different consistencies they way they’re extracted can be different.
•Bubble hash is extracted with ice and water.
•Shatter/sap/budder/crumble can be extracted using c02,butane or propane. • Rosin is simply made with a heat press (ex. Hair straightener, usually shatter-sap)
•Never use wax paper for concentrates,always use parchment paper. The wax from the wax paper can get into your product.
Also, I don’t consider any consistency superior. Whatever works for you is fine. All that does matter is that it has been made properly.

"You're not my friend"

This silent pain is making me insane,
It’s a battle to be fought alone, my hand vs my brain

All I think of is death and destruction,
Have thoughts about inappropriate seduction

I’m a murderer it’ll all my fault,
Though I know it isn’t yet my stubborn mind blames none other than I, so I hide it all in that vault

I see houses turn to hell and smoke,
People I care about lying on the ground with a stroke

My heart beat’s fast like a bouncing basket ball,
I know I shouldn’t, yet I fall

I dive deep into the Arctic Ocean,
Ice and water freezing my heart and vein,
Where only momentary relief is my cocaine

It’s a concentration camp,
I’m a prisoner, they deny me of sleep but turn off the lamp

Turn on the lights, turn off the lights,
Do it now to end the sleepless nights

Count backwards, count forward,
Miss one and you’ll drown shoreward

No one notices because I hide,
And run away from my issues, trust me I’ve tried

When will this obsession go away?
Now? Never? Defiantly not today.

A delirious state of mind,
I thought I left behind

It’s coming back, now worse than ever, and I don’t think that I
Will I ever be in control? No never.

Blink three times, six brings bad luck,
Watch the road for that blue truck

It’s not as simple as it seems,
Every task takes time, they scare away my dreams

It’s not always about washing my hands till I bleed,
Or arranging books on the shelf that I’ll never read

It’s not complicated either, I’m not crazy
If I told you my day to end you’d probably go hazy

We all have our personal enemy
OCD and I we go long back, my oldest frenemy