Do you like Rick and Morty? 
Do you like last minute sloppy thrown together gifs made just hours ago? 
Well look no further! Here they are! 
Some stylized GIFS featuring Rock! Meaty! And Sumpter! 

How ‘bout that Rick tho? 
Lol I literally did these last minute despite sketching a WHOLE scene out to draw for this. I just wasn’t inspired, you know? But once I started these I couldn’t stop! I had a lot of fun and these are my first Rick and Morty gifs! 

Let me know if you like them and maybe I’ll make more haha.

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From the shoot of Young!Rick Sanchez and Bonnie Sinclaire! What a blast, taking amazing photos, while yelling at each other in character. Bonnie Sinclaire belongs to the amazing @icecry​ and was portrayed by @raunchywaterwitch​. While my interpretation of young!Rick Sanchez is heavily inspired by @nrgnr’s version of young!Rick. Because we had so much fun with this we are both considering doing another shoot with more potential photo ideas! As well as maybe make some stupid gifs for the hell of it. <3

More photos can be found here:

Sometimes the present is so pressing 
Memories can only come back in small flickers like that of a screen
They’re fleeting
We all want to be happy
Even if only for a little while. 

Wanted to do something special as we get down to the two last episodes of Season 3! 

Thank you to everyone who kept a special place in your heart for Bon Bon.
I told myself I was going to dedicate these 10 weeks of Rick and Morty to SOLEY Rick and Morty, but I couldn’t help myself. She had a helping hand to where I am today. Not where I want to be yet, but getting there :) 

anonymous asked:

hi, who is this bonnie?


Bonnie is a fan-character created by icecry! She’s her concept of who Rick’s wife is, who has been mentioned barely on the show and in interviews, but so far hasn’t actually been seen in-show (that we know of). Bonnie is fairly popular and accepted even if not in canon, likely because icecry’s put a LOT of thought and work into the character.