icecream custom

I’m sorry for the lengthy backstory, but I feel like my job needs to be given some context bc it makes so little sense. So my work place is self-proclaimed to be an ice-cream parlor despite the ‘parlor’ being inside of a gas station. This more or less means that there are two separate jobs that need to be done, but mostly no more than two people are there at a time.

The catch is that every single bit of maintenance you’d expect a gas station/convenience store or ice-cream needs to be completed by these two people. So when something needs to be stocked/retrieved from the back/fixed, that leaves one person to ring register as well as take and make orders for ice-cream. 

So obviously corporate’s got policies on what to do if customers want to be helped at both places at once, right? The answer is to help the icecream customers and barely acknowledge the ones at the register. The logic behind this is the sheer hope that the other person working can be called back up to the front or will hear the door ring enough to get worried so the register customer can be helped, too.

This is honestly so backwards, though! At the very least, people who come in for milkshakes only have the option to leave if they get frustrated. People who come in for anything else though are an entirely different thing entirely.

Even when people don’t feel like they’re entitled to take whatever they want in exchange for their wasted time, it’s still such a broken system that makes me just as weary as the customers. Every single day I deal with people who seem to forget the basic functioning of stores. “If I leave this $20 here on the counter to pay for the gas can I go pump it?” and ((I look up from the ice-cream cabinet briefly in desperation trying to find my coworker))((the customer, from 30 feet away at the register)) “ Hey Can I have a pack of Kentucky’s Best???” and the like are things I’ve heard so so many times.

Like I understand the frustration of going into a convenience store for one thing only to find that two school’s entire soccer teams wanted milkshakes but please read the situation and know that there is as much help for you as there is for me at that point friend. Also there’s another gas station across the street I can never figure out why they don’t see that every single parking space (and also not-parking space) is full and just go get their cigarettes and beer over there.

This is only a thing in 3 states, by the way. I’d like to know where else it makes sense to walk into a malt shop and ask for $5 on pump 3? Walk up to your local ice-cream shop employee and ask how much a pack of L&M’s are