icecream bombe

anonymous asked:

Have any of bom's inventions been successful besides the bombs?

the icecream one worked out fine! 

tho most of her inventions explode often by a design-error, thankfully that one was a dud

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The Full Moon is in Taurus ~~
time is placid…flowing like a melting milk pot. music sounds slower.

it has been raining here, dark, the taurus moon melancholy, literature seems to sing, theres lethargy but theres no need to sleep, there’s something like a night lullaby

a slow process of emotion, a feeling of renewal and deep reflection. the taurus-scorpio axis is one of value, material and physical. it’s also a highly fertile time, the taurean archetype representing the fertility principle, scorpio’s reproductive ruling, and the feminine lunar processes. this is not only in terms of pregnancy, but also giving birth to ideas relayed from the bottom of consciousness, creative melodies, and regenerative purification that give new light to old perspectives and previous experiences that are wearing us down and causing us to carry a dead weight

it’s a time to indulge. midnight icecream. sensual luxuriation. bath bombs. meditation. and sitting under the full moon

dont’ forget to put your crystals out ;)

-Cherry <3