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I’m hopin’ y’all have watched the latest Steven Universe (Mindful Education) and if you haven’t, I would suggest attempting to skip this post.

Any-who… I want to talk about something that I haven’t seen anyone else talk about, and that is the song “Here Comes a Thought”. Well, everyone has, but I want to talk about the importants of the scene.

We are set inside what seems like Garnet and Stevonnie’s minds (like how Steven was in Malachite’s) which I’m guessing was through the use of Steven’s dream power. The song starts with Garnet showing us Ruby and Sapphire with what is a white butterfly

Now, through out this analysis, I am going to refer to the butterfly’s as ‘thoughts’ because I believe they are memories/thoughts and the feeling that corresponds to them, like the orbs in ‘Inside Out’ right.

We see here is that Ruby gets frustrated by what I think is one of Garnet’s thoughts. because in a few frames the thought 

Boops Ruby

And rapidly zooms around Sapphire. This shows what effect of what I’m guessing is most of Garnet’s thoughts. They effect the two parties, but differently.

Then we see the butterfly split (kind of) into a thought that Ruby runs after to confront

While Sapphire is left with two of her thoughts

Now, she looks confused and already overwhelmed and it just gets worse for her.

She becomes overwhelmed as more thoughts adds to her distress. This explains how Ruby and Sapphire handle things. Ruby gets hung up over one little thing. That same little thing just gets added to the pile for Sapphire, until she sees more because of her future vision (Ruby leaves Sapphire, making her future vision different to that of Garnets) and all this information and emotions can just cause Sapphire to breakdown. We have seen in the past that this happens. Ruby got so hung over about Pearl betraying her, while Sapphire just added to the pile…until she finally saw what it was doing and she broke down. And we know that Ruby makes Sapphires future vision into Garnet’s possible future vision.

And when Ruby comes back, all the thoughts leave, because she is no longer hung up about that little thing, and Sapphire doesn’t get overwhelmed by her future vision (and the little touch of Sapphire uncovering and recovering her eye really shows this).

What was also good what that the song made us all think that Connie was the one getting overwhelmed, well she does, but in a different way.

See this, this is still just only one thought, Connie’s thought. But what it does is…

Her previously controlled thoughts all come bursting out at once, and merging to create

One huge thought. We have something different now, it isn’t one little thing now, it is a bunch of little things that have created one big overwhelming problem. And this shows how Connie feels. She had everything organised and fine, but it was so perfect that one little thought that couldn’t be organised disrupted everything. And then there is Steven where his overwhelming emotions cause


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