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If ATLA had another series, what would you want it to be about?

Omg, there are sooooo many.

A series about:

  • Avatar Kyoshi’s life
  • An origin story on the ATLA world and how they were broken up into four nations and how they lived until… the fire nation ATTACKED. It can have sort of a Game of Thrones feel where they take us all throughout the nations and their governing bodies.
  • The Life and Times of a young General Iroh
  • The Hundred Year War up until Aang broke out of the iceberg
  • This may or may not be interesting to some of you but a series on the fucking Dai Li and how they rose to power, including their corruption.
  • But my number #1 would have to be a series on THE FIRE NATION ROYAL FAMILY. This whole family is just 50 shades of complicated. I’d want them to span this series over generations and end it perhaps with Zuko being born??? Or maybe end it with Ozai being crowned Fire Lord after the poisoning of his father????? I’d want them to start from when the Fire Nation was ruled by the Fire Sages and the Fire Lord eventually broke off and did his own thing. We could also see the dynamic between Iroh and Ozai and how Ozai grew to resent him overtime. We could see more of Ursa!!! The Royal Family is just so interesting. I have ALL THE FIRE NATION FEELS.

I’m sure there are more series concepts I can think up, but those are just the ones I have off the top of my head.


The first time they had ever crossed the topic of being something else had no preamble or introduction, they had just been sitting in her kitchen having dinner as usual for a couple of months by then and enjoying each other’s silence.

It took them long months of silence, peaceful and light company to notice the strong bond that was building between them.

It took Sasuke a few to realize the name one called that feeling; a light tingle bubbling inside of him.

When he glanced at her puff her cheeks when she engulfed a good amount of rice in her mouth, his lips slipped.

“Do you want us to go out?”

He watched her choke before he moved closer his glass of water; she immediately took it and gulped.

Long gone had been the pair who would think twice before accepting something from the other, there were no more lines to cross between them. Sharing a drink was just the top of the iceberg.


Her immediate answer would have been a ‘Sure’, but the mood had been so natural maybe she was misunderstanding him.

The soft gleam in his eyes told her otherwise.

“Should we give it a try? You and me?” he didn’t hesitate, telling her how serious he was about it.

And she just kept so caught in the way he was the one asking her out, her emerald orbs locked with his vivid stare.

Borges, in his story “On Exactitude in Science”, describes a map that is so precise that it is a one-to-one replica of the land which it represents.  This can be applied to more than just map making, of course (look at Hemingway and his Iceberg Theory) – in fact, I brought it up because I wanted to use it to discuss autobiography a bit. I often wonder if Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (one of my favorite novels!), for example, was an attempt to create something closer to a 1:1 autobiography. What we think of as ‘language’ is already something shared – it has a lowest common denominator – but to communicate with the 'self’, I know that I can only do so by creating new language with which to do so – so, perhaps lines like  "…with other words verbigratiagrading from murmurulentous till stridulocelerious in a hunghoranghoangoly tsinglontseng while his comprehendurient, with diminishing claractinism…“ were the closest words Joyce could use to describe, to himself, some shape or experience unknowable in any other words? (I know that they would be for me, so admittedly I am projecting a bit in this regard).

I mentioned a "signal-to-noise” ratio; does this mean that some of our experiences are just noise? Though I find the term useful, I would argue that fundamentally, signal and noise become the same thing once you get to that 1:1 level. With Strangers (and less so with my novel work), this 'noise’ is precisely what inspires the content. One moment I think back to is the tsinidrinzi’s moment of origin. I was taking a walk in my neighborhood at the time, when I heard the sound of a large truck releasing steam. In that moment, I saw in my mind’s eye the tsinidrinzi for the first time, in full, perceiving its shape, its behaviour, its colors, the sort of mood I wanted to convey with its inclusion in a creative work. This one moment may have had quite a bit of significance and impact for me…how would Strangers be different if I had not gone on a walk that day, or even if I had left the house even five minutes later? (Forcing me to ask, what contracting experience was left unexperienced, in turn?)

Strangers, of course, is not even yet a 1:1 replica of itself, when I think of how it exists in my mind vs. how it has manifested thus far outwardly. This is one reason why I find it very difficult to talk about my work in abstract terms. Back to Borges’ map, a friend described cartography as the “art of omission”; the written work I create is already a “miniaturized” version of what exists inside myself, made as small as possible as a way to communicate itself, and speaking about the work is a second layer of abstraction. (Paradoxically, this also means to me that Strangers contains both no “message” and, simultaneously, is the entirety of the message in itself.)

A 1:1 scale autobiography is impossible; this could only be a life itself, after all. But, all of my written work (Strangers certainly included) is nonetheless autobiographical; I can think of no better genre to describe it. But I suppose, by these standards, quite a lot of other people’s work could be similarly described. This post has no more definitive closing paragraph, or point that I had wished to end on. But I wanted to get these ideas out, so thank you to read it.

Japan is an island by the sea, filled with volcanoes and its ♪BEAUTIFUL♪! In the year -1,000,000,000, Japan might not have been here. In the year -40,000 it was here, and you could walk to it. And some people walked to it. Then it got warmer and icebergs melted so it became an island and now theres lots of ♪TREES♪ (because its warmer)! So now theres people on the island and now they’re basically hanging out in between the mountains eating nuts off trees and using the latest technology. Like STONES. And BOWLS. Ding dong! It’s the outside world! And they have technology from the future. Like really good metal, and CRAZY rice farms. Now you can make a lot of rice really really quickly. That means if you own the farm, you own a lot of FOOD, which is something everybody needs to ♪SURVIVE♪. So that makes you king! Rice farming and rice kingdoms spread across the land, all the way to here. The most important kingdoms were here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. But THIS ONE was the most MOST important. Ruled by a “heavenly superperson”, or “emperor” for short. Knock knock, get the door, it’s RELIGION! The new prince wants everybody to try this hot new religion from baekje.
“please try this religion” he said.
“no” said everybody else.
“try itttt” he said.
“no” said everybody again, quieter this time.
And so the religion was put into place, and all the rules had came with it. Then the government was taken over by another clique, and they made some reforms, like making the government govern more and making the government more like China’s government, which is a government that governs more.
“hi china” they said
“hi, dipshit” said china
“can you call us something else other than dipshit?” said japan
“like what?” said china
“how about ♪SUNRISE LAND♪?” said japan.
And they stole China’s alphabet and wrote a book about themselves. And then they made a lot of poetry and art, and another book about themselves. Then they stopped moving the capital every time the emperor died and kept it in one place for a while. Right here. And they conquered the north, finally. Get that squared away. A rich hipster named Kukai is bored with modern Buddhism, visits China, and learns a better version which is more ♪♪SPIRITUAL♪♪, comes back, reinvents the alphabet, and causes art and literature to be ♪GREAT♪ for a long time. Then the royal palace turned into such a dream world of art, that they didn’t give a shit about running the country. So if you live outside the palace, how are you supposed to protect your shit from CRIMINALS? ♪♪HIRE A SAMURAI ♪♪. Everyone started hiring samurais. (Correction: rich and important people hired samurais. Poor people who could not afford samurais did not hire samurais.) The samurais became organized and powerful, more powerful than the government. So they made their own military government (here). They let the emperor still be “emperor”, but the SHOGUN is actually in control.
BREAKING NEWS: the Mongols have invaded China.
“okay” said japan.
So the mongols came over, ready for war, and died in a tornado. But they tried again. And they had a nice time fighting with the Japanese, but then died in a tornado. Then the emperor overthrows the shogunate. Then the shogunate overthrows him back and moves to Kyoto and makes a new shogunate. And the emperor can still dress like an emperor if he wants, that’s fine. ♪ ♪NOW THERES MORE ART! ♪ ♪ like painting with less colors, collaborative poetry, plays, monkey fun, tea parties, gardening, architecture, flowers. ITS TIME FOR “WHOS GONNA BE THE NEXT SHOGUN?”. Usually it’s the shogun’s kid. But the shogun doesn’t have a kid. So he tries to get his brother to quit being a monk and be the next shogun, and he says ok. But then the shogun has a kid. So who’s gonna be the next shogun? VOTE NOW ON YOUR PHONES! And everyone voted so hard, the palace caught on fire and burned down. The shogun actually didn’t care, he off somewhere doing poetry. Now the whole country broke into pieces. Everyone is fighting with each other for local power, and it’s anybody’s game. Knock knock, it’s Europe. No, they don’t want to take over (yet). They want to sell some shit. Like clocks. And guns. And ♪JESUS!♪.
So that’s cool. But everyone’s still fighting with each other for control, now with guns. And wouldn’t it be nice to control the capital? Which, right now, is puppets, with no one controlling them. This clan is ready to make a run for it, but first they have to trample this smaller clan which is in the way. Surprise, the smaller clan wins. And the leader of that clan steals the idea of stealing the capital. So he invades the capital, and it goes very well. He’s about halfway through with conquering Japan, but then someone who works for him kills him. And then somebody who works for HIM kills HIM. And that guy finishes conquering Japan. And then he confiscated everybody’s swords. And made some rules.
“and now im gonna invade korea, and then hopefully china” he said, and failed, and also died. But before he died, he told these 5 guys to take care of his 5 year old son until he’s old enough to become ruler of japan. And then the five guys say “yeah right, its not gonna be this kid. Its gonna be one of us since were grownups.” And its probably gonna be this guy, who happens to be way more rich and powerful than the others. A lot of people support him. But a lot of people support not supporting him. So they have a fight and he wins. And starts a new government here, in ♪EDO♪! And he still lets the emperor dress like an emperor and have very nice things. But don’t get confused, this is the real government, and it’s very strict. So strict that it closed the country. No one can leave, and no one can come in. Except for the Dutch, if they wanna buy and sell shit. But they have to do it right here. Now that the entire country was not at war with itself, the population increased a lot. Business increased, schools were built, roads were built, everyone learned how to read, books were published. There’s poetry, plays, sexy time, puppet shows, and dutch studies.
People started to study European science from books they bought from the Dutch. We’re talking geography, skeletons, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and maybe even electricity. Overtime, the economic and cultural prosperity began to gradually slow do-KNOCK KNOCK. It’s the United States. With huge boats. With guns. Gunboats.
“open. the country. stop having it be closed.” said the united states.
There’s really nothing they can do, so they sign a contract that lets United States, Britain, and Russia visit Japan any time they want. Choshu and Satsuma hated this.
“that sucks” they said.
“this sucks!!!!” they said.
And with almost very little outside help, they overthrew the shogunate and somehow made the emperor the emperor again, and moved him to Edo, which they renamed “eastern capital”. They made a new government that was “a lot more western”. They made a new constitution (that was pretty western), and a military (that was pretty western). And do you know what else is western? That’s right, it’s conquering stuff. So what can we conquer? Korea.
So they conquered Korea, taking it from it’s previous owner (China) and went a little bit further. And Russia rushes in out of nowhere and said “stop, no, you can’t take that. we were gonna build a railroad through here to try to get some warm water.” And Russia builds their railroad, supervised by a shit-ton of soliders. And then when the railroad was done, they downgraded to a FUCK TON. Did I say downgrade, I meant upgrade.
And Japan says “can you maybe chill?”. And Russia says “how about maybe YOU chill?”
Japan is kinda scared of Russia. You’ll never guess who is ALSO kinda scared of Russia. Great Britain! So Japan and Great Britain make an alliance together so they can be “a little less scared of Russia”. Feeling confident, Japan goes to war against Russia, just for a moment. And then they both get tired and stop.
The world is about to have a war because it’s the 1900s and weapons are getting crazy and all these empires are getting excited to try them out on each other. Meanwhile, Japan has been having fun conquering stuff and wants MORE…. and the next thing on their list is this part of China and lots of tiny islands.
All that stuff belongs to Germany, which just had war declared on by Britain because Britain was friends with Belgium, which was being trespassed by Germany in order to get to France to kick France’s ass because France is friends with Russia, who was getting ready to kick Austria’s ass because Austria was getting ready to kick Serbia’s ass because someone from Serbia shot the leader of Austria’s ass. (Er, actually, he shot him in the head.) And Britain is currently friends with Japan. So you know what that means.
Duh, ♪~JAPAN SHOULD TAKE THE ISLANDS~♪, which they wanted to do anyway. So they called Britain on the tele to sort of let them know. And then they did it. And they also helped Britain a little bit here and there with some errands and stuff.
Now the war is over and CONGRATULATIONS JAPAN, you technically fought in the war which means you get to sit at the negotiating table with the big dudes, where they decided who owns what. And yes, Japan gets to keep all that shit they stole from Germany. You also get to join the post-war mega alliance, the ♪~LEAGUE OF NATIONS!~♪ whose mission statement is to try not take over the world.
The Great Depression is bad, and Japan’s economy is now crappy. But the military is doing just fine, and it invades Manchuria and the League of Nations is like “no, don’t do that, if youre in the league of nations youre not supposed to take over the world!”
and Japan said “♪~how bout I do anyway?~♪”. And Japan invaded more and more and more and more of China, and was planning on invading the entire east.
(you’ve got mail!)
It’s from Germany! The new leader of Germany. He has a cool moustache and is trying to take over the world and needs friends. This also got forwarded to Italy, and they all decided to be friends since they all had so much in common.
Germany is invading the neighbors, and then they invade the neighbor’s neighbors. And then the neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbors happen to be Britain and they’re like “holy shittt” and United States started helping Britain because they are ♪good friends♪, and started not helping Japan because ♪♪their friends and our friends are not friends. plus they’re planning on invading the entire ocean♪♪. The United States is also working on a large, very huge bomb, bigger than any other bomb, ever. Just in case. But they still haven’t joined the war. War looks bad on TV, and the United States is really starting to care about their image.
But then Japan spits on them in Hawaii and challenges them to war. And they say yes! And the Germany, as a symbol of friendship, declares war on the United States also. So the United States goes to war in Europe, and they help the gang chase Germany back into Germany, and they also chase Japan back into Japan. And they haven’t tested the bomb yet and are curious to see if it works. So they drop it on Japan.
They actually dropped two.
United States installed a new government, inspired by the United States government, with just the right ingredients for a ♪♪POST-WAR ECONOMIC MIRACLE♪♪! And Japan starts making TVs, VCRs, automobiles, and camcorders as fast as they can, and also better than everybody else. They get rich, and the economy goes wild, and then the miracle wears off. But everything’s still pretty cool I guess ♪BYE♪!

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❛ I don’t need any calming tea! ❛

Book 1 – Water || @senshigan || accepting

Ryū perks a brow. “…given your tone of voice, and the way you came storming in here…I think calming tea is the tip of the iceberg I should give you, in all honesty,” she replies. The medic has half a mind to see about using some of her calming chakra to see if she can alleviate the nin’s irritation.

“So…let’s start with tea, and see what that does for you.”

William J. Poindexter
  • hates that stupid hipster “thrift shopping” fad
  • can cook pretty much anything BUT he need to see a recipe and he will follow it to a T
    • gets so mad when bitty just eyeballs shit jfc Eric how do you KNOW that’s a cup of milk u just poured it right in
  • somehow manages to hoard all of the snapbacks that get left behind at kegsters
  • deep down that kid is such a softie omg like 
    • it shows itself as anger but that is just how he knows how to express himself ya boy is sensitive af
  • he loves his freckles
    • not in a poetic nursey-comparing-them-to-the-stars kind of way but like
    • they’re a part of him and his whole family has them so why not just accept it
  • such sensitive skin omg
    • he didn’t know how to rlly take care of it properly for a long time but then he met bitty and ransom and u bet ur ass he picked up a tub of coconut oil within the first month
    • now he practically glows
  • an endless supply of lifehacks
    • like he knows how to make speakers out of solo cups 
    • and a lighter out of a battery and a gum wrapper 
  • has the highest alcohol tolerance out of the entire smh 
    • like that boy has been drinking whiskey since he was a wee one 
    • he can take a shot of it with a straight face 
    • and it terrifies most of the other boys (who stick to light beer and sticky sweet tub juice) 
  • constant dark circles under his eyes 
    • when he does sleep, he is the deepest sleeper ever 
    • (trust me when u grow up in a house full of people you learn to sleep through pretty much everything) 
  • he can whittle 
    • he’s p good at it
  • he remembers the smallest details about people
    • “oh this is your cousin celeste? the one who went to prom with that football player before taking a gap year to backpack through Asia and is now applying to schools for biology?”
    • “how did your quiz in (some random required course) go?”
    • “I convinced the barista to make you a pumpkin spice latte even though they’re out of season bc I know you love them”
  • so. touchy.
    • like when him and nursey finally get their shit together and date
    • u just know dex will constantly have his arm over nurseys shoulders 
    • or slung around his waist when they’re walking 
    • his legs stretched across nurseys lap when they’re sitting on the couch 
    • his head on nurseys chest while they watch movies in bed
  • he’s the little spoon 

I never like the clips that go forward and then backwards but I can’t resist this landscape. Flying over mountains and glacial outlets in greenland - look at the incredibly well developed moraines in those valley glaciers. I think you can even see a glacier splitting in the foreground, plus icebergs!

Top Shot: Once in a Lifetime

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During midsummer in Iceland, a gorgeous sunset stretches out over some icebergs. Your Shot member Hans-Peter Deutsch had this to say about the image. “We didn’t have the best conditions most of the time, but there was this one night when the sunset was just crazy. Not only did we have this amazing sunset, but also there was this fantastic cloud formation, lit up in pink and orange by the low sun, AND those illuminated clouds reflected perfectly in the still water of the lagoon, AND some of the icebergs lit up like burning crystals. That you are so totally at the right place at the right time doesn’t happen very often.” etc. Photograph by Hans-Peter Deutsch



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