150919 Super Camp - Members reaction when they hear their own audio recording
By @在牆邊徘徊的蛋蛋蛋兒2

cr: ELF Ngoc 

Kyuhyun to Ryeowook: Ryeowook ah, the day we’ve know each other for nine years has come. When I first become members, you console me a lot during my hard times, because of you I never give up and keep holding on. We are also compatible when talking, many time passes (without talking a lot) is a bit wasted. Let’s do it together now! You kept saying wanna meet me let’s meet and stop avoiding me. Anyway, the noisiest and have many doksa (poisonous mounth) among our team is you, having a friend like you I feel so bless you wouldn’t know. Always thankful and love you Ryeowook ah! 

Ryeowook to Siwon:  Siwon hyung should I say I respect you? You are good in self management, very caring to the people around you too. Actually these 10 years I have been using it to know you better. During these years we fight alot but I will use the next 10 years to understand and cherish you more. Siwon hyung~ I love you~ Ah… I’m so cheesy. 

Siwon to Donghae: Dear Donghae, it’s been 10 years since we got together. you must be the friend whom I have seen the most in the past 10 years. Since we have been really closed so sometimes I misbehaved with you, but thanks to the fact that I have always been by your side since then, as a friend, a colleague, and as a partner, walking side by side so I can be a man of a firm stuff. In the next 10 years, including our fans of course, it’s no matter on which road we will be walking, but we will always stay on each other’s side, supporting each other; together we share the happiness and sadness… one relationship, one friend, it’s really good that we could be like this. Love you!

Donghae to Hyukjae: Eunhyuk-ah, when I saw you when I was in my second year of middle school, I thought of doing a duet with you and I also thought of doing Super Junior with you. As compared to saying that I like you, I think saying I love you is more fitting. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I REALLY LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU… a test message came, I love you now, I wish (the message) is from you. I love you. ELF you’re mine! 

Hyukjae to Kangin: King king king~ hyung, it’s me Eunhyuk! Thank you for being in Super Junior so that we are able to laugh happily, to be happy, to have all the dashing energy everyday. Thank you so much! But be cause we are artists, so please diet and carefully keep your personal life more private. Our fans will love you as the way you get close to them sincerely, right? To our fans: We have been working hard throughout 10 years together. In the future, we also keep growing old with you guys. I really thank you and love all of you guy! 

Kangin to Yesung: Yesung ah~ I’m KangIn~ In our group we are the only members with the same age and we are always there to support each other. During the past 2 years when you are not around, I have miss you too. I will try my best to be your supporting friend. Hope that you will always be the voice in Super Junior, please be healthy! To our ELF thank you so much for protecting us throughout these 10 years, in our group I am the only member that always make you sad, I promise I will no longer be like this anymore. Sincerely ELF Fighting! Super Junior Finghting! Kangin Fighting too! 

Yesung to Heechul: Hyung how are you? I’m your younger brother who have the same blood type as you. In a blink and its has been 10 years already, during these 10 years many things happened and we have always seek hyung for comfort. In the future, let’s walk hand in hand together too. Hyung, you really know that I love you right? 

Heechul to Leeteuk: Jungsu ah~ It’s me ! When is really time for me to talk to you I suddenly don’t know what to say. Let’s be together for a long long time ok~ Really you are my only 83line friend. No matter what, thank you, I love you! Brat! 

Leeteuk to Kyuhyun: Kyuhyun ah, the last connecting point in Super Junior is you! I hope that you will always be healthy and create more miracles! My precious little brother thank you! 

Leeteuk to members: And then members, I know it’s cheesy but please listen, for always staying beside me thank you. If it’s not you guys, it can’t be done you know right? Let’s keep making new and beautiful memory. Sincerely always thankful, sorry, love you and let’s be forever! We are Super Juni~~or! Bye~~! P/S: I don’t translate these messages. I just copy them from many sources and post here so that everyone can understand what they said ^^