So I can nearly Box Jump my height 😱 😳I’m 5'9 by the way my super hero training routine has been paying off tremendously!!! Even if I can’t train upper body I’ll make the best of this! Shout out to @ice1cube for being a great inspiration gonna keep PUSHIN 💪😚💦 #fitness #fit #boxjumps #exercise #training #goku #jump #me #health #workout #bodybuilding #booyah 😎#gym #gainz

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People try making themselves look so good in their fb pics.

Which is a big problem because that just leads to disappointing people when they finally meet. They’re like “That pic doesn’t look like you! What happened to the hot girl/guy I saw?!”

Solution: Make yourself look as ugly as possible in every pic you take. This way, you’ll start people’s expectations low and when you meet, there’s only improvement to be found! These are the wise words I have taken to heart.


To all those bitches who just started raving in the past like 3 years, yeah.
THOSE PANTS were the raver gear BACK IN THE DAY. Bahahahaha, I remember I stepped on someone’s because his were so hugee.