Summertime sadness
I feel India in my bones
I can smell sunlight
I can feel the highline
Bless me
Gods bless me
Goddess Of forbidden love
I am she
I keep one white candle
Purity … Purity

Show me the way to your hiding place
I think I wanna go go there
Hooo hoo
Show me the way to your hiding place
I think I wanna go go go go there
…go to church if you scared

I lay formless
Hands tied in my sheets
Star signs say I’m rare
By who
I wonder who’s watchin
Who’s wing I’m under
Sweep me up and ill go
No questions take me
I’ll go!

Show me the way …

Yea yea yea
Yea yea yea
Yea yea yea


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SZA - Ice.Moon

33. S | SZA

“Ice.Moon” is one of my favorite songs of the year, and SZA is one of 2014’s breakout stars. She’s positioned herself very well with this EP, and that gorgeous voice alone should make her a star. Luckily, she’s backed it up with absolutely pristine production that suits her voice especially well. Her voice is icy and sharp like a crystal, and it sends chills through me. I love this little EP, and I can’t wait to see what happens for her next year.

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Vitamin S(ZA)

video: “Ice.Moon”

[via Noisey]

I’ve realized that my Tumblr hiatus last year made me forget some great artists that I wanted to share. And one of those artists is SZA.

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SZA has a soulful and expressive voice in the realm of Lianne La Havas and she works with some fantastic beat-makers. The combination evokes comparisons to The Weeknd. She put out her See.SZA.Run EP late last year and honestly I originally listened to it because she is a self-proclaimed Wu-Tang fanatic. And let’s be real- any girl that’s down with the Wu instantly has a place in my heart.

Listen to her brand new track ICE.MOON above.

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SZA - Ice.Moon