Some pictures from my birthday trip to Portsmouth with @swan-road! Top! HMS Warrior. Bottom: HMS Victory. Victory did not have her masts/rigging, which is a bit sad, and no flash photography was allowed inside, so all my pictures of her gun decks/interiors are on my phone. (We also saw the Mary Rose keel in the museum with her recovered artifacts.) So yes, my Royal Navy/historical/Age of Sail/TDH-writing heart was very, very happy. :D :D

The planet is not just changing, it is changed.
—  Tom Wagner, program manager for NASA’s cryosphere research. Sea ice is vanishing faster than anybody thought possible. Learn more.
The Great Arctic Cyclone of 2016: After Four Years, a Summer Sequel | Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog
As of Tuesday, the deepest cyclone in the Northern Hemisphere wasn’t anywhere near the tropics--it was spinning in the central Arctic Ocean. A surface low located near 83°N, about 500 miles from the North Pole and about 1000 miles north of Barrow, Alaska, deepened to a central pressure of 968 mb at 2 am EDT Tuesday morning, August 16. This is on par with the central pressure you might find in a moderately-sized Category 2 hurricane. The low harks back to the Great Arctic Cyclone of 2012, which played out as the Arctic hurtled toward its lowest ice extent on record.

Underneath The Standard, High Line, Kathryn Andrews’s work Sunbathers II looms large. Inspired by the extreme weather experience on the High Line—even just 30 feet off the ground—the sculpture features an image of a melting ice cream cone and a fan. 

On view through March 2017. Photo: Timothy Schenck

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Don’t waste fruit in this hot weather! If it is looking too ripe, chop into handful size portions & freeze, ready for your next super shake to refresh you in the sunshine!

Ahhhhh strawberry, raspberry, banana & ginger is my favourite!

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bokuwayoruchandesu  asked:

Oka-san~ would you mind if i ask you for a lil Atsushi-kun and Chuuya-chan? >\\< its cold and his s/o want to cuddle him and steal a lil warmth from him and its end with a lil making out >\\< Thank you so much i love ya<3 you are the best mother Q^Q *gives you some chocolate *

Atsushi Nakajima

Damn, this coldness was unbearable! Why got is that cold all of the sudden? Where is the summer gone? You shuddered at the thought of the ice cold weather outside and sulked, seeking for something warm.

Your gaze fell on your boyfriend, who was sitting on the couch and read a manga. Smiling and like a almost to death froze lil girl, you jumped on him, burying your nose deep in his warmth. “Eeeeeh? What’s wrong [Y/n]-chan?” Atsushi asked and dropped the manga because he was startled at first. “Cold.” you mumbled in his shirt. “It’s so cold.. hold me warm please?” you pleaded and looked up, making the biggest puppy eyes he ever seen.

Atsushi shot you a warm smile and put his arms around you, kissing your forehead. “Of course I’ll warm you. I don’t let my cute girlfriend freeze to death.” he said a bit shyly and buried his nose in your hair. “Aww, you’re too cute.” you giggled and snaked your arms around his torso.

There was a short comfortable silence where you laid in each others arms, giving warmth to each other. You looked up because you felt a gentle gaze on you. Atsushi blinked, feeling caught and cleared his throat before he turned his head. You chuckled and raised your hand, putting on his cheek to turn his head back.

When Atsushi tried to speak, you already sealed his lips with yours, kissing him softly. Atsushi melted into the kiss and held you closer, smacking your lips shyly at first. You ran your hands through his hair and licked his upper lip, beggng for entrance. Atsushi gulped, he wasn’t used to frech kissing yet, but he had no chance to defend his mouth when your tongue slipped in.

You dominated the poor boy the whole time, drawing low moans from the cute tiger. Atsushi gripped onto your shirt and his cheeks were burning. A burning sensation in your lungs pulled you apart, panting slightly. “Atsushi-kun, sorry. I didn’t knew what came over-” he cut you off by kissing your lips again. With gained courage he began to rub circles around your hips, swallowing your moans happily.

After he pulled away, his ears were as red as his cheeks. He smiled and rubbed his nose against yours in a sweet eskimo kiss. “It’s okay. Now you’re warm and that’s most important.”

Chuuya Nakahara

“THIS FUCKING COLD WEATHER IS KILLING ME DAMNIT!” you yelled at noone to particular when you rubbed your arms to seek for some warmth. You heard a faint chuckle behind you and turned around to see your boyfriend standing at the door frame with crossed arms. “That’s your fault for being in so underdressed. You are dressed like in summer.” he said and pointed at your outfit. “I like my outfit! You’re wearing your damn suit the whole year too!” you pouted.

Chuuya shook his head and smirked. “Yeah, but I never freeze in my ‘damn suit’“ he responded. You rolled your eyes and raised your arm, pointing at him. “But you’re my boyfriend! You’re supposed to keep me warm!” you said. Chuuya chuckled more and took his long coat when he stepped closer. He put it around your shoulders and grinned at you. “Is my lady happy now?” he cooed, his tone low and so close to your lips that his breath almost hit it. “No.” you simply said and grinned back. “I need more of you~” you mumbled and tackled him down.

He stumbled back until you both landed on the luxury sofa. Chuuya chuckled and put his arms around you, pulling you in his lap. “As you wish.” he breathed against your lips and kissed you with passion. He had you moaning into the kiss in no time with his skilled lips and rubbed circles around your thighs. You gasped at the cold touch and he used this opportunity to slip his wet tongue in your mouth.

Chuuya explored every inch of your mouth, engaging your tongue into a hot battle, which he easily won. Though you let him win because you knew he loved being dominate.. Chuuya purred into the kiss, nibbling at your bottom lip and groped your butt, squeezing it lightly. “Are you warmer now~? Or.. should I make you really hot?” he breathed in your ear and made you shiver in delight.

“Make me hot~ Oh god Chuuya make my body burning for you.” you whispered back and kissed his neck, making Chuuya moan when you sucked at his Adam’s apple. He loved when you did that.

“Alright~ When I’m done with you, you need some cold ice to cool your sore delicate parts~”

One of my few favorite moments in this episode.
I love her smelling the snow, and dragging him out of bed (literally. Like legit). Then his growling is adorable. Then hearing him complain and rant, makes it even better. ❤️❤️❤️👫