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older wizard yurio would be like the opposite of howl but just as glamorous and w more sass  

I was pretty happy how this came out hehe. I’ll probs sell it as a print next month maybe or edit it again some other time. 💕

thank you @ngc5139 for giving me the inspiration to finish this. im really happy i was able to. <33 

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Would call most of those sun halos, sun dogs, and a circumzenithal arc, but my word what a collection of optical phenomena this traveler caught. 

Christmas/Winter prompts!!

Yes I know it’s November but I am super excited so I couldn’t resist!! (Plus I wanted to make my own prompt list for a while!)

These are all based on wintery/Christmassy things, there are a couple of situations, Christmas song titles and just winter goodness in here!! 

Feel free to reblog or prompt me! 

1. Ice Skating
2. Christmas Carolling
3. Under the Mistletoe
4. Ugly Matching Christmas Sweater
5. Egg Nog
6. Snowed in
7. Putting up the Christmas lights
8. Hot Chocolate
9. White Christmas
10. Believing in Santa
11. Cutting down the tree
12. Christmas shopping
13. Snow Angels
14. Keeping warm by the fire
15. Snowball fights
16. Scarves
17. Making Christmas Cookies
18. Catching a cold
19. Traditional Christmas Dinner
20. Writing a letter to Santa
21. Sleigh ride
22. Wrapping presents
23. Making a snowman
24. Getting into the Christmas spirit
25. Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer
26. ‘Bah humbug’
27. Frostbite
28. Gloves
29. ‘It’s too cold’
30. Snow storm
31. ‘This is way too much food’
32. I’ll be home for Christmas
33. Finding hidden Christmas presents
34. Snowflakes
35. Decorating the tree
36. Slipping on ice
37. ‘It’s too warm for snow’
38. The night before Christmas
39. Secret Santa
40. Singing Christmas songs loudly
41. Finding the perfect present
42. Christmas morning
43. Silent night
44. The Holiday season
45. Christmas elves
46. Family traditions
47. Meeting Santa Claus
48. ‘My car broke down in the snow’
49. Putting the Angel on top of the tree
50. Christmas movies


It’s literally been snowing nonstop for twenty-four hours in Iowa.  Kinda of hard to get out on the road to get back to work on Forgotten Iowa when half of the highways are experiencing closings and major accidents.  Not to mention, it’s just so cold.  We’re well into the negatives this evening.

So we’re spending another weekend indoors.  I walked around a little last night and shot some photos, then again this afternoon, though.

Stay safe!