so, my name Is sophie and I’m 15 years young but can act like an idiotic child. I’m from the UK so if your down to talking you need to be able to keep you with my constant sarcasm and my complaining of the weather although the past week the it’s been really ice weather but that’ s gone. I really couldn’t careless about race or sexuality or anything of that kind. Who cares we’re all young. I do make lots of stupid comments about myself so don’t be afraid to do the same. Don’t care about age as long as you’re not a creepy old guy or a little girl who shouldn’t be online. 

I just need to talk to someone who is as lost as me and doesn’t mind talking about random stuff in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day. My main interest if food and I listen to every genre of music other than jazz and country sorry. I do love a good sport to watch or play. I speak English obviously and some French and Arabic and very minimal German. so if you want to talk then let’s talk.


little horizon zero dawn things:

– Aloy leans forward when riding her horse (sorry, strider) up a hill and back when riding down, like youre supposed to, despite never having ridden or even seen a real horse in her life

– the mount machines all have properly animated gaits, two-beat trot three-beat canter four-beat gallop etc

– the little smile she makes when it’s snowing or raining and she puts her hands out you complain about the rain but i know the truth

– the pine saplings near pitchcliff

– studious pallas

– the poetry inside the metal flowers

– aloy’s little comments to herself when she’s picking herbs/climbing ice/the weather changes/she slides down a hillside/etc

– if you ride right up to the cutscene trigger while tracking dervahl the game animates her dismounting and patting the strider’s side as part of the cutscene

– tallnecks, esp. how they’re totally oblivious to you scrambling all over them

– the fact that you don’t need the focus to track because the environmental clues (footprints, blood smears, cart tracks, etc) are actually there

– sylens sends you a bunch of information and then there’s about a second’s worth of pause and he just sends you the definition of corporation as if that’s the only thing that might be confusing

– those two mysterious named rabbits up above devil’s thirst seriously what’s the deal with them

– the really gorgeous sunsets

– the crouch idle where she rocks back so it looks like she’s sitting

– going back to visit Rost and you actually can tell him about your journeys (i cried SO hard)

– npcs comment on what you’re wearing

– the little surprised hop-jump-look animation the watchers make when you throw a rock near them

– overridden ravagers rumbling and following you around

– the fact that overridden machines have unique animations for fighting other machines as opposed to you


– the sound the metal flowers make

– Aloy’s little shrug when she drops the safe through the floor

– aloy shutting down all the dudes who try to flirt with her

– seriously she’s so blunt i love it the world needs more blunt pragmatic heroines

– “it’s a door”

– the hair physics and the way the sun catches in the edges of her hair

– big machines knock over trees when they go into forested areas and it’s terrifying

– the way the fog moves over the ground in waves

– aloy’s crooked teeth and bushy eyebrows and slightly chubby face and she’s stocky but also ripped from years of hunting like she looks like a person shes perfect

– the fact that the mount machines have the same base body but slightly different sounds and idle animations

– did i mention studious pallas? i love him he is Trying his Best

I want an au with Iwaizumi being the leader of a husky sled and Oikawa as a scientist who has to do some research in this icy and snowy land and needs a scout to help him out. This is how he and Iwaizumi meet.

The Burren, located in Co.Clare, Ireland, is a limestone region of around 250 square km and is quite unique.

The rough, intriguing and attractive landscape was formed 320 million years ago under a tropical sea. Later it was shaped by ice, hard weather and, of course, human processes. The result is a wonderfully rich, undulating series of swirls, tiers, cliffs, caves, hollows and bare pavements, classical features of what is described as a ‘karst’ landscape.

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madisonsmith12-blog-blog-blog  asked:

hey!! i was looking for some fanfics that are kind of a slow burn, lots of chapters and then end happily. can either be an AU or stay in the regular setting, doesn't matter. plus i was wonder what u think is the best site for fan fics? i wanna read the best ones!!

personally i’d recommend AO3 (that’s where nearly all our recs come from, because of the tagging system); the other popular one is FFN :)



+ slow burn tag!

WATER VOCABULARY – English – italianoespañol

water – (l’)acqua [f.](el) agua [f.]

lake – (il) lago(el) lago

pond – (lo) stagno, (l’)acquitrino [m.](el) estanque

river – (il) fiume(el) río

stream – (il) ruscello(el) riachuelo, (el) arroyo

waterfall – (la) cascata(la) catarata, (la) cascada, (el) salto de agua

sea – (il) mare(el) mar

wave – (l’)onda [f.](la) ola

tide – (la) marea(la) marea

high tide – (l’)alta marea(la) marea alta, (la) pleamar

low tide – (la) bassa marea(la) marea baja, (la) bajamar

ocean – (l’)oceano [m.](el) océano

cloud – (la) nuvola, (la) nube(la) nube

rain – (la) pioggia (la) lluvia

precipitation – (la) precipitazione (la) precipitación

storm – (il) temporale(la) tormenta

ice – (il) ghiaccio(el) hielo

ice crystal – (il) cristallo di ghiaccio(el) cristal de hielo

glacier – (il) ghiacciaio(el) glaciar

snow – (la) neve(la) nieve

snowflake – (il) fiocco di neve(el) copo de nieve

hail – (la) grandine(el) granizo

frost – (la) brina(la) escarcha

water vapor, water vapour, aqueous vapor – (il) vapore acqueo (el) vapor de agua

dew – (la) rugiada(el) rocío

mist – (la) foschia [«i» is the stressed vowel](la) neblina

fog – (la) nebbia(la) niebla

humidity – (l’)umidi[f.](la) humedad

flood – (l’)inondazione [f.] (la) inundación

seaquake – (il) maremoto (el) maremoto

aridity – (l’)aridità [f.] (la) aridez

drought – (la) siccità(la) sequía

irrigation – (l’)irrigazione [f.] (la) irrigación

water well – (il) pozzo(el) pozo

aqueduct – (l’)acquedotto [m.] (el) acueducto

dam – (la) diga(la) presa, (la) represa, (el) dique

pool – (la) piscina(la) piscina

sources: en.wikipedia, it.wikipedia, es.wikipedia,

[Please, feel free to correct my mistakes and/or add other words. Thank you!]

phil's live stream 5.28.17

- had ihop pancakes
- perspective of dan’s bahamas story
- phil’s dad is an artist
- nasa kennedy centre haul
- broke nasa mug
- will have to share dan’s mug
- bath & bodyworks haul
- watched the movies “split” and “passengers”
- flew back to england without dan
- enjoyed miami
- cleaned computer with bath & body works bag
- went on airboat
- went back to where the squirrel attacked him
- some asmr
- paper boy laughed at phil in emoji pj pants
- getting “sweat head”
- phil proud of fortune telling banana prank on dan
- new collab video sometime next week (maybe wednesday)
- got intensive tour if launch pads at nasa and saw spaceship atlantis which martin loved
- superman flavoured ice cream
- hot weather in england
- excited for vidcon
- childhood bants with dan
- eurovision party “i forced my family to watch it” and “i didnt force dan to watch it, he loves it”
- riverdale opinions
- next liveshow on next sunday most likely
- “my schedule next month is weird”
- new dnp newsletter coming soon announcing winners for dnp plushie entries
- new vowture codes
- signed more box sets of dapgo and abinof for america dnp shop

Creepypasta #1125: 40 Acres Of Woods

Length: Short

I’ve lived in the woods my whole life. 40 acres of property, my family house far back from the road. The very definition of seclusion. The only visitors we ever get are the ones we plan on. Nobody has any reason to come down here. In fact, most never even see our driveway from the road.

Basically, I’ve lived a peaceful life here. A small town, everybody knows everybody else, no crime. A town of unlocked doors, that kind of small town. Of course, however, being in the woods meant we did a lot of hunting. Rather, my mom’s boyfriend is the one who did (and still does) all of the hunting. Because of this, we have cameras set up all throughout the woods so he can see if there’s deer or other wild animals out and about. For years all we did see was wild animals.

Then, a year or so, we caught a strange shape on the cameras. Ron called us all over to see if we could figure out what it was. The lens must have been dirty or something, because the picture was really blurry. All I could make out was a vague, tall, dark shape. Ron thought it looked like a bear on its hind legs. My mom, always the paranoid one, immediately started freaking out and saying it was a man, that was a man.

Of course, Ron and I laughed her off. This camera had been way back deep in the woods, on OUR property, there was no way anybody could be back there. Plus, it was freezing cold out (winter in Michigan). Who the hell would be outside, in the dark, in WINTER? After a bit more joking, my mom finally sighed and accepted she may be a bit paranoid. We all agreed she was, as the cameras came up with only wild animals. Peaceful again.

But of course, you’re reading this. Something happened. About a month later, a man started knocking on our door. Now, to get to our house, in winter, you have to hike down an ice covered driveway. You have to WANT to get to our house. Nobody ever comes door knocking to us.

And yet. Against my mom’s wishes, and all logical thinking, Ron opened the door to reveal a man. He looked rough. Poor. To add to that, he was asking for money. At 9pm, in the freezing cold weather, this man knocked on our door to ask for money. We didn’t give him any, closed the door, and watched him walk away. We were all a bit put off. It’s 9 o'clock, there’s snow, freezing winds and ice. Not exactly weather to go door to door in.

Which brings me to a week after that. On our 40 acres of property, we have many deer blinds and hunting stands, which are only ever checked during season. Well, Ron and I went out to check them. Deep back in the woods, checking the last deer blind, we saw it. The busted off lock. I looked at Ron, but his gaze was focused on the lock. Time seemed to slow as he reached forward and lifted off the lock, opened the latch, and let the door open. He shined a flashlight inside.

The light revealed a dirty mattress, several blankets (again, winter), and crumpled food wrappers along with empty cans. It smelled atrocious inside, and if I wasn’t so used to the smells that you come across finding dead animals, I feel it would have been worse. He swung the flashlight to look at the walls, which had a few dusty pictures on them. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I grabbed Ron’s arm and told him we needed to go. Now.

We latched the door again, and hiked back to the house. Ron called the police, while I walked around the house on a sudden feeling. We had gotten a fresh layer of snow recently. Nobody in my family had recently walked round back of the house, but the snow had footprints in it. Bootprints to be exact, bigger than anyone of us that live here.

He’d been here. Outside of our house for god knows how long. It’s what they don’t tell you about living on a large property. Sure, you get seclusion and privacy, but you can’t keep an eye on everything. You can’t watch every corner. But when the police came back later saying that it seemed the man had fled, you realize. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you.

Credits to: Vesper_Martini