little horizon zero dawn things:

– Aloy leans forward when riding her horse (sorry, strider) up a hill and back when riding down, like youre supposed to, despite never having ridden or even seen a real horse in her life

– the mount machines all have properly animated gaits, two-beat trot three-beat canter four-beat gallop etc

– the little smile she makes when it’s snowing or raining and she puts her hands out you complain about the rain but i know the truth

– the pine saplings near pitchcliff

– studious pallas

– the poetry inside the metal flowers

– aloy’s little comments to herself when she’s picking herbs/climbing ice/the weather changes/she slides down a hillside/etc

– if you ride right up to the cutscene trigger while tracking dervahl the game animates her dismounting and patting the strider’s side as part of the cutscene

– tallnecks, esp. how they’re totally oblivious to you scrambling all over them

– the fact that you don’t need the focus to track because the environmental clues (footprints, blood smears, cart tracks, etc) are actually there

– sylens sends you a bunch of information and then there’s about a second’s worth of pause and he just sends you the definition of corporation as if that’s the only thing that might be confusing

– those two mysterious named rabbits up above devil’s thirst seriously what’s the deal with them

– the really gorgeous sunsets

– the crouch idle where she rocks back so it looks like she’s sitting

– going back to visit Rost and you actually can tell him about your journeys (i cried SO hard)

– npcs comment on what you’re wearing

– the little surprised hop-jump-look animation the watchers make when you throw a rock near them

– overridden ravagers rumbling and following you around

– the fact that overridden machines have unique animations for fighting other machines as opposed to you


– the sound the metal flowers make

– Aloy’s little shrug when she drops the safe through the floor

– aloy shutting down all the dudes who try to flirt with her

– seriously she’s so blunt i love it the world needs more blunt pragmatic heroines

– “it’s a door”

– the hair physics and the way the sun catches in the edges of her hair

– big machines knock over trees when they go into forested areas and it’s terrifying

– the way the fog moves over the ground in waves

– aloy’s crooked teeth and bushy eyebrows and slightly chubby face and she’s stocky but also ripped from years of hunting like she looks like a person shes perfect

– the fact that the mount machines have the same base body but slightly different sounds and idle animations

– did i mention studious pallas? i love him he is Trying his Best


Summer and winter, day and night at Brailes Lake, Italian Alps - check out the complexity in the limestones in the background.

I want an au with Iwaizumi being the leader of a husky sled and Oikawa as a scientist who has to do some research in this icy and snowy land and needs a scout to help him out. This is how he and Iwaizumi meet.

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hey!! i was looking for some fanfics that are kind of a slow burn, lots of chapters and then end happily. can either be an AU or stay in the regular setting, doesn't matter. plus i was wonder what u think is the best site for fan fics? i wanna read the best ones!!

personally i’d recommend AO3 (that’s where nearly all our recs come from, because of the tagging system); the other popular one is FFN :)



+ slow burn tag!

The Burren, located in Co.Clare, Ireland, is a limestone region of around 250 square km and is quite unique.

The rough, intriguing and attractive landscape was formed 320 million years ago under a tropical sea. Later it was shaped by ice, hard weather and, of course, human processes. The result is a wonderfully rich, undulating series of swirls, tiers, cliffs, caves, hollows and bare pavements, classical features of what is described as a ‘karst’ landscape.

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WATER VOCABULARY – English – italianoespañol

water – (l’)acqua [f.](el) agua [f.]

lake – (il) lago(el) lago

pond – (lo) stagno, (l’)acquitrino [m.](el) estanque

river – (il) fiume(el) río

stream – (il) ruscello(el) riachuelo, (el) arroyo

waterfall – (la) cascata(la) catarata, (la) cascada, (el) salto de agua

sea – (il) mare(el) mar

wave – (l’)onda [f.](la) ola

tide – (la) marea(la) marea

high tide – (l’)alta marea(la) marea alta, (la) pleamar

low tide – (la) bassa marea(la) marea baja, (la) bajamar

ocean – (l’)oceano [m.](el) océano

cloud – (la) nuvola, (la) nube(la) nube

rain – (la) pioggia (la) lluvia

precipitation – (la) precipitazione (la) precipitación

storm – (il) temporale(la) tormenta

ice – (il) ghiaccio(el) hielo

ice crystal – (il) cristallo di ghiaccio(el) cristal de hielo

glacier – (il) ghiacciaio(el) glaciar

snow – (la) neve(la) nieve

snowflake – (il) fiocco di neve(el) copo de nieve

hail – (la) grandine(el) granizo

frost – (la) brina(la) escarcha

water vapor, water vapour, aqueous vapor – (il) vapore acqueo (el) vapor de agua

dew – (la) rugiada(el) rocío

mist – (la) foschia [«i» is the stressed vowel](la) neblina

fog – (la) nebbia(la) niebla

humidity – (l’)umidi[f.](la) humedad

flood – (l’)inondazione [f.] (la) inundación

seaquake – (il) maremoto (el) maremoto

aridity – (l’)aridità [f.] (la) aridez

drought – (la) siccità(la) sequía

irrigation – (l’)irrigazione [f.] (la) irrigación

water well – (il) pozzo(el) pozo

aqueduct – (l’)acquedotto [m.] (el) acueducto

dam – (la) diga(la) presa, (la) represa, (el) dique

pool – (la) piscina(la) piscina

sources: en.wikipedia, it.wikipedia, es.wikipedia,

[Please, feel free to correct my mistakes and/or add other words. Thank you!]