I have a body pillow I designed myself XD


Um, if you’re interested in buying one, I can sell, but, they are kinda pricey ^^;;
Like, 60 dollars XD
On the bright side you can mix and match, so you could have a Victor/Yuri one o3o
Send me a message if you’re interested :3

I have zero idea where you buy an official one

team voltron and gossip

shiro: doesn’t get into gossip. he’s the subject of it, occasionally, but he stays out of it. he claims it’s because of morality. in reality he’s just tired.

keith: he’s perceptive enough to get involved a little, and sometimes he’s the subject of gossip (usually with lance in the respects of “what the fuck is going on with keith and lance”), but he tries to stay out of it.

lance: he’s nosy as hell but also really cares about his friends and tries to stay informed and uninvolved. this only works 30% of the time. he’s the subject of gossip a lot (whether in the respects of “what the fuck is going on with keith and lance” or by himself, either one).

pidge: she doesn’t gossip as much as she listens to gossip, without anyone knowing. she tends to hide in air vents to get the scoop. if something interesting is happening, she’ll intervene. 

hunk: the KING of gossip. he never gets involved, but he knows everything about everything. if he has something to talk about, or any dirt on anyone, he won’t hesitate. he’s scarily perceptive, too, so anything you do won’t be missed by him. he has tea with allura and the mice every wednesday to discuss the latest gossip in the castle.

allura: the QUEEN of gossip. she tries to act like she’s morally opposed to it, but everyone knows she’s lying when she says this. she’s always curious about everything, so if someone’s acting even a little different, she’ll take note and tell someone about it. she usually gets involved. she has tea with hunk and the mice every wednesday. 

coran: everyone expects him to not be interesting in gossip. they’re wrong. coran knows everything about everything. nothing can escape him. he just never talks about it.