Name: Auronova


Omnis Pokedex Number: #069

Species: Icy Comet Pokemon

Abilities: Freezer Burn -  All Ice-type moves get a 10% chance to burn along with their normal effects. / Levitate

Hidden Ability: Dry Ice - Moves that make contact have a chance of freezing the opponent.

Evolution: Evolves from Asterice when leveling up while know Star Freeze.

Height: TBD

Weight: TBD

Area: ???

Data: TBD


Artist: ehalcyon

Based on: TCG Move / Star Freeze


Signature Move:

  • Type: Ice
  • Category: Special
  • Power: 80
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • PP: 15
  • Description: Causes the air to crystallize into star-shaped blades that fall down upon the opposing Pokemon.
  • Effect: Damage relies on an average between the opponent’s defense and special defense.  It also hits adjacent Pokemon in multi-battles.
  • Submitted by: onyxtanuki

Day 12: Favorite Ice-type - #144 Articuno

Have always liked the design of Articuno, always thought it was the nicest looking of the original 3 Legendary birds. Thought Zapdos looked kinda weird, and Moltres looked goofy. Just gotta stick with the majestic ice bird. Real pity that it’s, apparently, pretty bad competitively.

Tomorrow: Favorite Normal-type.