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#3 - Gray Fullbuster: Fairy Tail

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DAY SEVEN (Feb 26):
(fairytale, hero/fairy, soulmates, destiny, royalty)

In which instead of Otabek being the hero and Yuri the fairy, it’s the other way around.

Headcanons for this AU under the cut

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❄ VG! Rin appears by her big brother, Lin’s side.

• Name: Rin

• Nicknames: Demon Princess

• Gender: Obviously female

• Age: 6 [She is pretty intelligent for her age]

• Species: Kitsune

• Class: Ice Mage

• Occupation: She is also considered an antagonist “mini” boss but a neutral one, since it depends on her mood. In other words, she can be assisting her brother in defeating his opponents on her own terms or she could be siding with them, giving them advice about her brother’s weak points to his plan and capabilities. Just like VG! Lin, Rin can automatically make the temperature drop when approached, except it wouldn’t be a overwhelming blizzard but more of an icy breeze that can still make you freeze all over.

• Personality: Rin is very energetic, bubbly, clumsy, playful, mischevious, abit of a crybaby and a curious little kitsune. Who enjoys quality time practicing ice based magic and spending time with her big brother. She would do anything to get his attention but he can be quite arrogant and rude when focusing on creating schemes to stop the protagonists in their tracks which leads Rin into believing that Lin is annoyed of her but truth is, when she isn’t exactly aware of it. He actually truly loves her but barely shows it. Yep, he is a closet tsundere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Example from @linkitsukun:

I would imagine him complaining about her clumsiness while taking care of her injuries. And when she says “thank you nii-san” he’d reply with something like “I swear, if you weren’t so clumsy I wouldn’t have to waste my precious time on you!”

• Abilities:
Rin is a specialist in distance attacks better then close combat. Matter a fact, her ice can form into anything such as animal-based monsters to cover up for her weakness but this ultimate defense can only last up to 20-40 minutes then from there, she is vulnerable to the enemy for awhile before recovering her concentration.

• Hobbies: She enjoys pulling off pranks/tricks on others but sometimes it can backfire on her.

• Appearance in the game: Her first appearance would be closeby but outside of the castle, setting traps and playing around in the isolated kingdom. She most-likely will discover the protagonist before her big brother does but the choice in letting Lin know about their whereabouts or keeping it to her amusement, depends on her attitude and how her brother treated her beforehand.

☆ Author’s note: I swear, whenever @blogthegreatrouge ’s makes another idea, I just drop everything just to make a character that she can hopefully add or at least notice pftt… (´・ω・`) Welp this time, I couldn’t exactly think of anything up top my head like everyone else, who was just making all these nice looking OCs but when I spotted @linkitsukun ’s character, Lin, it stood out to me the most. Besides the fact that I just love foxes, her character’s name reminded me of the vocaloid, Len but the “e” being replaced with an “i”. So while exchanging ideas with this awesome artist, I thought, “Hey, why not give this handsome foxy, a baby sister annnddd….BADDA BING BADDA BOOM! RIN was born! 😂

Yep, there is your Len and Rin for this videogame au

Art done by @linkitsukun
Design & Character by me

[Just in case the submission doesn’t go through]

  • Mavis: But let’s do a head count here:
  • Mavis: Your brother the dragon slayer and demon
  • Mavis: A celestial mage
  • Mavis: An ice mage
  • Mavis: A mage with requip magic
  • Mavis: A couple of dragon slayers
  • Mavis: And you, you’ve managed to piss off every single one of them.
  • Zeref: That was the plan.
  • Mavis: Not a great plan.

“Snow Flowers”, featuring my beloved Eisuna, sister of Kistra, disgraced highborne ice mage and later, devout priestess of Elune. Despite her gentleness, Eisuna’s magic was eerily potent. The only known daughter of Adoramaria, many were confused when she renounced the arcane and chose to become a priestess. 

“My greatest joy has always been the preservation of life. I never did mind to look at it sealed in solid ice, as long as it lived on. At some point, I realized that wasn’t really living at all. It was only…suspended; made into some pretty ornament meant to be seen, but not to act on its own, or even be aware of how it lay trapped in an eternal prison. This is not how anything should have to live…nor anyone.”

My Angry Gruvia Fic after Ch. 522 & 523 Spoilers

A/N: I just had to write this because I’m beyond upset right now about where Mashima is going with Gray’s “Trump Card”. I still have hope, and I trust sensei. But I need to channel my frustrations somewhere before the official chapters are out lol. 

(I was gonna write a Valentine’s Day special for my OTP, but after these recent chapters I’ve been in a bit of a slump)

Everything was finally over. And as he sloppily got up from the ground, he saw her. She was making her way slowly over across what was left of the battlefield, with Wendy supporting half her body weight.

His eyes lit up. “Juvia!” 

Her sky blue hair was stained purple at some parts from blood, but her face, although twisted in pain and some other emotion he couldn’t read, still looked as pretty as ever. Juvia stumbled towards him while clutching the wound on her stomach with one hand. 

Gray rushed over to her as quickly as his broken legs could muster. 

“Juvia! You’re ok-”

A sharp, deafening sound echoed across the ruins as her hand collided with his left cheek. The impact made him stumble back, and he instinctively brought his fingers to the side of his face, which was now bright red in colour. Gray’s eyes widened in shock, and his breath caught in his throat. But the harsh, stinging pain from the slap couldn’t compare to the look of utter betrayal written on her face.

By now, the water mage had broken free from Wendy’s hold. The sky dragon slayer’s nervous attempt to calm her down seemed to go unnoticed.

“Gray-sama… how could you?” The water mage bit out, tears threatening to fall. 

He still couldn’t move. What was happening? Did Juvia just… slap him? Were the fire and anger in her eyes directed at him?

“Lost Iced Shell?” She said menacingly. “How could you use something so despicable?!”

Her voice pierced through his ears and made his stomach clench uncomfortably. It was the first time she’s yelled at him. 

“How could you try to erase yourself from existence after Juvia tried everything to bring you back!”

Gray felt his blood boil at that, the words reminding him of that dreadful moment when he thought he had lost her forever. His hands shot out and grasped her shoulders roughly. “Who told you to save me? Who gave you permission to sacrifice your life for my sake Juvia?!” 

She threw his hands off and pushed him away. “Yes, Juvia saved you because she would rather have Gray-sama live on happily than for both of us to meet a meaningless end. However, Gray-sama had a choice. And despite knowing that all your friends would be against it, you still chose to die!”

“Gray-sama is ungrateful and selfish,” she continued tearfully. “Who does Gray-sama think he is… to erase such an important person from everyone’s memories!”

“Juvia-san…” Wendy eased her grip on the water mage’s arm and tried to hold back from crying.

Gray swallowed hard in response to Juvia’s scolding. As much as he hated to admit it, she was right. He didn’t realize that by casting Lost Iced Shell, he was robbing everyone’s memories of him without their permission. And he had no right to make that decision for them. 

“Gray-sama…” she sniffled, “probably never intended to share a future with Juvia, that’s why he was willing to perish without giving her an answer.” 

“What?!” The ice mage whipped his head up and took a step forward. “Juvia, you know that’s not-”

“But even so!” she interrupted. “Juvia is not the only one who loves Gray-sama. So please, don’t try to solve everything by yourself all the time. Rely on someone, even if it’s not Juvia….” 

“Wait!” A strong hand found her wrist and formed a death grip. “Juvia, let me talk.” Her words suddenly spiraled him into panic. He wanted to tell her that she’s got it all wrong, that his answer had been ‘yes’ long before he’d realized his feelings for her. But his fingers only trembled against her unmoving hand, and his breath became quick. Why couldn’t he shake the feeling that he was going to lose her a second time? 

The water mage gently pulled her hand out of his grasp and turned away, eyes hidden by her bangs. “Juvia will give up now, Gray-sama.”

His heart stopped.

“Juvia is… so tired.” 

A/N: Hmph, that’s what you get Gray.  >:(  That’s what you get for being a noble idiot!!! Now go to your room and reflect on what you’ve done!