But how will Gajeel react??? When he sees??? Juvia has died????

Yknow I bet initially he’ll be pissed at Gray for not saving her life and letting her die and he’ll try to go at Gray and attack him but when he sees the incredible emptiness and sorrow in Gray’s eyes, he’ll freeze in place and realize Gray did try to save her and prevent her from dying and that Juvia chose to give up her life.

He’ll probably feel short of breath and slowly lower his knees to the ground, face turned towards the floor. He’s in shock. He can’t believe the little water mage he’d known since his Phantom Lord days was fuckin gone. Dead. Not coming back. 

He won’t get to eat her baked goods again. He won’t hear her voice ringing out across the guild as she follows after “Gray-samaa~” He won’t be able to tease her about her feelings for the ice make mage or comfort her about her feelings when she was down.

This is the first time some members of the guild see him cry. Because his oldest friend is dead, and she ain’t comin back.

(Hello my fellow humans. This is the fifth part of my story, so if you haven’t read the previous ones, you should know that they exist in my blog. The story is not complete unless you read all of them. Enjoy!) A year after their first date, Gajeel and Levy were together, happier than ever. They had their difficulties, just like any couple, when Gajeel was stubborn or Levy a perfectionist, but everything was going smoothly. They had a natural attraction towards each other, so their bond had grown even stronger.
One day, they went at the guild to hang out with everyone. Lucy was complaining about her rent, Natsu was eating everything Mira gave him, Gray was naked as usual and Juvia wanted to give him a massage, which he wanted to save for when they got home. They had started dating as well, and they were taking things slowly, no matter how badly Juvia wanted to try every position of kama sutra with the ice mage.
At that point, everyone was happy, despite the minor difficulties that they may have been facing. But, they didn’t know what was expecting them, not far from that moment. It would be a day that they would never forget…
‘Gajeel! Bring me a dring too!’, Levy told the grumpy dragon slayer when he went to the bar where Mira was serving.
'Why do you drink when you can’t stay sober even with one beer?’, he replied to her and smiled as she frowned.
'Just bring me the beer and stop making fun of me! I’m not little!’, she put on her angry face and continued playing cards with Lucy.
'But you sure seem like it.’, Gajeel didn’t even manage to finish his sentence before he had to face his furious girlfriend.
'Why would you say that? You know I don’t like my height but there’s nothing I can do about it. I know I seem weak so you don’t have to remind it to me!’, her face was now red and she had left the table.
'Don’t be mad I was…’, he wasn’t given any chance to speak and she had already gone downstairs, at the archives. She always went there when she was upset, because she looked at the old photos of her and the other Fairy Tail members and she calmed down.
The rest of the guild was gossiping about what had just happened, as Gajeel stormed outside to find a way to make it up to her. After thinking for a while (it was actually three minutes but it seemed like twenty for him), he found the best idea that his stubborn little brain could make up at such a short amount of time, which was to find her a good book. It was a pretty good idea actually, but he needed help with it, as he didn’t know anything about books, so he made Lucy come with him. She only gave in because she wanted to see Levy smile again. And so they left the guild, as everyone was sitting peacefully after the fight.
While everyone was relaxing, the guild started shaking. Everyone panicked and got out of the building, as Natsu started throwing fireballs everywhere and Gray freezing anything that moved. Erza took out the big guns as well, so the guild was practically destroyed. The initial cause of the shaking was a minor earthquake, but the overreacting guild members turned it into shambles. As everyone walked outside, they started counting who was there that day and found no one to be absent, besides Gajeel, Lucy and… Levy? The first two had left a few minutes ago but where was the blue haired mage? They tried to think where she was before the earthquake started, but all they could remember was the fight, and that they had not seen her since.
At the other side of town, Gajeel was irritating Lucy, who was trying to pick a good book for Levy. When she actually found one that she hadn’t read, and Gajeel liked the cover, they bought it and headed to the guild. That’s when the earthquake happened. They got away from the tall buildings and started running to the guild to see if everyone was okay. What they found was Gajeel’s worst nightmare. No one knew where Levy was…
'What the hell are you doing you idiots! We’ve got to dig! She’s at the archives! She’s at the archives…’, he said in despair and started lifting random pieces of the ruined guild. He was being irrational, so Juvia went to hold him back and let the others dig carefully. Everyone started moving pieces of wood and bricks to make a path that would lead into the archives.
Meanwhile, Gajeel was losing his sense of self. He was mumbling words that no one could hear and he had even started crying for his shrimp. Even the thought of her being unable to breathe was terrifying. He wanted to have a future with her, a family. She couldn’t die on him now…
'Please, let me help!’, Gajeel begged his friends and, after he got their permission, he rushed into the pile of bricks. He thought it would be a good idea to scream her name, as he loved her. The power of love wouldn’t let him down, would it?
'LEVY! IF YOU CAN HEAR THIS SCREAM MY NAME!’, he shouted. The guild was too big and it took them some time to clean it up. Throughout the entire time Gajeel was fading in despair more and more, until he reached his breaking point and shouted for one last time.
'LEVY ! YOU’RE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! DON’T DIE ON ME NOW! I WANT A FAMILY WITH YOU! I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU! I WANT YOU TO MARRY ME! I don’t want you to go…’, this was his last breath, when a weak voice seemed to appear.
'Ga-gajeel…’, no one really payed attention at first, but Natsu’s nose caught a familiar scent under some woods, and when he followed it, he heard it.
'She’s here! Everyone!’, he said and started removing pieces. The entire guild rushed there and, after some digging, they found Levy to be safe and sound, but… She had a huge pile over her legs. When Natsu saw that, he told Gajeel to stay by her side while they would be removing it. He knew how much she would suffer, so he thought it was for the best. Right after that, everyone from the guild used every strength they had and lifted the pile. Levy was screaming and crying from the pain, and Gajeel was next to her, telling her that everything would be okay. Deep down, he knew that it wouldn’t be so simple, as she was deeply hurt. Her injuries were severe and the pain was insufferable.
Wendy was there and did everything she could with her healing magic, though Levy would need much more than that. The ambulance arrived and she was taken to the hospital, where she was submitted into various procedures. Gajeel was next to her the entire time, and everyone was trying to calm him down and make him sleep for a while. Nothing would change if he was awake.
'Ga-Gajeel…’, she said as she finally woke up. Gajeel, who was sleeping right next to her bed jumped up and ran by her side.
'She’s awake!’, he said and called the doctor, 'don’t you dare leave my side again’, he told her.
'You look like a mess.’, she teased him.
'Shaddup. It ain’t my fault I was not sleeping well.’, he smiled and stroke her hair. She smiled back and shed a tear. She remembered their fight, and how he stayed by her side after that.
'You know, that day, when we fought, I went to buy you a present.’, he said and gave her the book.
'I haven’t read that one before. Thank you so much, and I’m sorry that I yelled at you. I didn’t mean it.’, she said and took his hand.
'No, I’m sorry for treating you like that.’, he said and kissed her forehead.
The doctor said that her movement wouldn’t be affected. She would heal completely, but the scars would remain. Levy was happy about the fact that she would walk again, but she wanted to give her dresses away. She was not feeling confident enough to show her legs now that they were full of scars. She felt like she was disgusting, and tried to hide them even from Gajeel. But, when her worries about them appeared, he would start to kiss her knees in order to make her feel better. And it worked. After a while she got used to them and started wearing the colorful dresses that Gajeel liked so much. The most surprising thing was that, the iron dragon slayer had actually proposed to his blue haired girlfriend to get married and start a family, the day of that disaster. But, he needed to make preparations to ask this question properly.
—  littlekilljoygajevy
Gajevy love fest, prompt 5: Scream my name
To be continued!

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Could you do Gratsu + Drunk please? :)

Gratsu + Drunk

    Natsu grinned as he emerged victorious from the brawl, he would be sporting more than a few bruises by the morning but it had been worth it and he was practically bouncing as he headed back to reclaim his seat next to Gray. He was caught by surprise when the Ice mage tackled him the moment he sat down, practically climbing into his lap, and he blinked down at his mate a moment before his lips were claimed in a heated kiss. He could taste alcohol as Gray deepened the kiss and his nose wrinkled, but he didn’t push the Ice mage away, it was rare for Gray to be this demonstrative in public and he wasn’t about to waste the opportunity. However, as Gray’s hands began to stray, plunging under his vest he groaned and gently pushed his mate away, hating the hurt look he received.

“Not here,” he reprimanded softly, kissing Gray chastely on the cheek to stop him from getting the wrong idea…kissing was fine, but he knew the Ice mage would be horrified if he realised they’d done more in public. It seemed to take a moment for his words to penetrate his mate’s drunken state, but then Gray was up and moving with a determined expression and Natsu didn’t put up a fight as his mate pulled him to his feet and practically dragged him towards the door.


 My five Wardens participating in OC Kiss Week!

  • Hethorn Tabris - Cis male asexual ice mage/arcane warrior. Cynical and potentially depressed. Platonic kisses only. Age 22, 5ft3.
  • Harian Tabris - Cis male heterosexual dual-wielding rogue. Energetic and won’t. shut. up. Any kind of kiss is fine. Age 22, 5ft3.
  • Tempest Amell - Trans male bisexual pyromancer/shapeshifter. Arrogant and impulsive. Likes rougher, more dominating kisses from his partner. Age 19, 5ft7.
  • Ri Brosca - Cis female lesbian dwarf two-handed warrior. Happy and optimistic. Fluffy kisses and other acts of affection are appreciated. Age 20something, 4ft6.
  • Theron Mahariel - Cis male gay Dalish archer/shadow. Socially awkward, secretly romantic dork. Any kind of kiss is fine. Age 23, 5ft4.

It’s a little difficult to tell in the screenshots, but all my Wardens have grey eyes due to Joining headcanon.

If anyone needs anything clarified about these five or wants to collaborate, feel free to message me! And if anyone writes/does art of any of them, please @ me to make sure I see it!


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Gratsulu. Pregnant.

Gratsulu + Pregnant

“This is your fault,” Natsu hissed as he and Gray cowered behind the sofa, wincing as Lucy’s whip cracked alarmingly close to the top of their heads and not protesting when the Ice mage yanked him down a little, even as Gray shot him a dark look.

“You’re the one that said she was getting big!” The Ice mage snapped back, and Natsu had the decency to look guilty even though he hadn’t meant it in a bad way…considering how far along she was with the pregnancy, she was still fairly small…unfortunately she hadn’t seen it that way. Still there was no way he was taking all the blame for this and he nudged Gray sharply in the ribs before retorting.

“And you’re the pervert who added that it was in all the right places.” Gray paled at the reminder, sinking back against the sofa…he hadn’t been able to stop himself, and that had been when the Celestial mage had snapped….and he didn’t want to think how much chocolate and how many back massages it was going to take them to get back in her good books, she would probably force them to go baby shopping…again…as well just to finish them off. We’re doomed…


Gruvia mini-manga time!!

So this is pretty much the whole story of Silver explaining to Gray how he came to be.. A reverse twist from chapter 334.

As a part of this.. I asked Deathsembrace137, one of the wonderful ladies in the awesome fanfic trio, if she could write a one-shot about this and she sure wrote one hell of a amazing fanfic for you guys!!! So get over there and give her some love!!

check out the story here