Rare photo.

Loving my hair u guys have no idea!

You said you’ll wait forever but I blinked and the world was gone…
—  “And the world was gone” by Snow Ghosts

The first gospel church of Kool-Aid


I need to lose weight but how can I when things like these exist ?

Waiting the race.

Last Snow, by pensrud

Spring is upon us. The last snow in Switzerland following Easter Weekend. In a nearby forest passed a tree I often do while driving high up on an alpine road and this little tree was covered in ice, surrounded by leaves covered in ice and snow. The light coming through the trees was beautiful. My daughter and I enjoyed a few minutes here before continuing our adventure up the mountain for a nice sunset. And a lovely sunset it was. Will miss the snow. This time next year I will no longer be living in the alps. So…this image is bittersweet.