i need to drink more water tbh

i’m slacking bc I’ve had like 5 peace tea’s in the past few days lol.

Friendly reminder to: drink water, if you haven’t today. Drink more, if you have. Water is good for you, it can you feel better. a nice tip; drink ice water. It’ll burn more calories than drinking room temp water.

heck, throw in some cucumbers, or even some lemon, or some lime, or any sort of fruit you want, to make f l a v o r e d water. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at sometimes.


it’s good and healthy.

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Today, I was only going to drink an iced green tea latte and settle for mixed coffee.
But, I just found out that I’m going to be recorded for 100 minutes in one of my classes today.
Surprise surprise.
I needed another coffee after hearing that news.
Plus I have a hweshik at 11pm today ahahaha

anonymous asked:

Hiii, so, I don't know why is so hard for me to lose weight, like, I do everything right but my results are too slow, can you help me? p.s your body is amazing

Here some tips:

- drink iced water with lemon juice
- eat less in the evening
- eat proteins/carbs in the morning
- eat vegetables and fruits during the day
- use body lotion after a cold shower
- do jumping jacks/go for long walks
- drink coffee and green tea when you wake up

I don’t know if these tips help..
Maybe you don’t lose weight because of hormones or because of some meds that you take..

Try to stay healthy for long times otherwise you won’t see results..