So here is my thought about this. This guy Ryan is the bravest guy. Why? Because even thought he is a shy man, hr had the courage to give this girl this cute letter to let her know that he thinks she is stunning. I don’t care if you are a boy or a girl, I recommend you what Ryan just did. DON’T BE AFRAID.

Ice Cream Taco

[INGREDIENTS and STEPS (for those who care)]

  • Corn Tortilla
  • Vegetable Oil (to fry the tortilla in to a taco shell)
  • A pan (for the oil)
  • A stove (for the pan)

Okay so fry that sucker up! Let the oil get all hot and junk and use tongs or something to fold your tortilla while it’s frying. You’ll figure it out.

After your taco has been fried to perfection and cool enough to handle you’ll need:

  • Ice cream (pick your poison when it comes to flavors, we don’t discriminate.)
  • Chocolate Syrup (optional)
  • Sprinkles (optional)
  • Whipped cream (okay it’s optional but you should reeeeeallllly do it, okay? Okay. Cool.)
  • Fruit (Health is optional.)
  • Nuts (optional. very optional.)
  • Other shit you can put on ice cream

So oBVIOUSLY you put the ice cream in first. Then the rest is up to you, just dress that taco up however you darn well please. Have fun. It’s messy. Yup.