So, my friends hang out a lot at night, and usually around midnight we run out of things to do and the running joke is that I suggest Luna Park. This is met with annoyance that it is a long drive and too much fuel and would be shut.

But yesterday I suggested it before we went out and we figured out we would all be free today to actually go down. We rode on the train for three hours down to Sydney and spent the day on rides, and then we left. We sat at the harbour for half an hour and decided to go back and get milkshakes.

When we got to the ice cream store my friend (pictured above) was like “hey isn’t that like Ryan and Michael and Lindsay from rooster teeth” and I thought he was absolutely mucking about. But I looked over and he wasn’t. I was torn for a few seconds as to whether I should disturb them but then I thought “when the heck else am I going to casually bump into these incredible people!” so I went up and we had a chat and I was super awkward and they were super lovely and I didn’t want to disrupt them anymore so I let them go on their way.

Then when I was lining up to get a milkshake I realised we didn’t get a photo and when I met Michael and Lindsay when they first came to Australia I didn’t get a photo and I’d just missed another opportunity. But I saw them again and ran up and asked for a photo and Lindsay was like “yeah obviously I was going to suggest it but I wasn’t sure” and then the above photo happened.

I had the excitement shakes for probably half an hour after that, just so happy. Then we saw Geoff and Griffon and Milly wandering around and I was going to go say hi to them but Milly was getting fairy floss, and griffon and Geoff were kissing and I didn’t want to interrupt them as well.

I’m just so ecstatic that after missing the lazer team premiere, missing RTX, and missing the theatrical release, that on the one day my friends and I travel to Sydney is the one day they just so happen to be there in the same place.

Thank you so much @lindsayjones for taking the time to talk to me, and put up with me if I rambled a bit, and getting the photo when we had already shaken hands goodbye.

Me: careful with the lid on that milkshake! They fall off pretty easily.
Customer: oh ok thanks!
*2 mins later*
*customer storms back with half empty cup dripping with milkshake and slams it on the counter*
C: I dropped my milkshake in the car and it opened up and it’s everywhere! You have to make me a new one and I want you to pay for my car to be cleaned!
Me: let me just get you a manager…
Me: ….. *runs away to get manager*
*manager and customer have a heated exchange*
Manager: just make the guy a new milkshake for free I can’t deal with him.
*makes milkshake*
*customer tries to throw it at me and misses*
*wonder to myself how I would’ve reacted*

This happened over 3 years ago and I still think about this often

anonymous asked:

What would you call your ice cream store?


The ice cream is made from scratch, right in front of you. So you can choose the milk that you like, and it also accommodates lactose intolerant people that would like to enjoy ice cream without feeling like they got punched in the stomach. It also voids any preservatives and use organic milk when possible. Ingredients are sourced from local farmers and I’m trying to make it much healthier than traditional ice cream. 

It’s still in its planning phase because I’m trying to gather money to open it. You can keep up with it if you like the page!

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