Stan had looked away for two seconds, only two seconds, but that was enough for Acacia to slip away from him and her siblings.

“Willow, where the fu- where did your sister go?”

Willow looked up at Stan with eyes that always seemed to him too old for her small face. Then she pointed across the street from where Stan had been getting the kids ice cream, to the pet store one of Mabel’s friends owned. Already he could see a tiny figure crowned with red hair plastered to the window display.

He handed his grand-nephew and niece their ice creams. “Hank, Willow, watch each other while I go get your sister,” Stan said, and then crossed the street to where Acacia was. With a little effort, he knelt down next to his grand-niece. She noticed him and beamed at him, her tounge sticking through the two front teeth that had recently fallen out.

“Grunkle Stan! There’s gerbils at Aunt Grenda’s now!”

He looked and sure enough there was a massive case full of gerbils in the window. How his niece saw them from across the street he had no idea. Damn young eyes. 

He laid a hand on her small shoulder and clucked. “Kiddo, I don’t know if you want to be so close to those things.”

A bit of doubt entered into Acacia’s voice for the first time. “Why…why not Grunkle Stan?”

Stan snorted. “Because they eat human flesh Acacia.”

Her blue eyes bugged out for a second, and then an indignant look crossed her face.

“Nuh uh! Grunkle Stan you’re lying.”

He shook his head at her foolishness. “Why do you think they’re so fat? And look at all that fur on those suckers; they can only get really long fur when they eat human meat.”

“Why would Aunt Grenda keep something so mean in her shop huh?” Acacia puffed up, proud of pointing out the fallacy in her grunkle’s logic. 

“Sweetie, your aunt also keeps manticore pups in there too. Gerbils aren’t much of a stretch.”

“But…but-” Horror dawned on Acacia’s face. “Does this mean Aunt Grenda kills people and then chops them up and then takes their skin off and pokes out their eyes and get their blood to feed the gerbils?”

Stan reminded himself to maybe watch a few less horror movies and murder mysteries with the kids late at night and went, “Oh no. Your Aunt Grenda keeps them in their to eat any robbers that come in, that’s all! They just live on steak until they can sate their craving for human flesh.”

He gently ushered her away from the window. “See, that’s why it’s important to stick with me and your brother and sister when we’re out. So I can keep an eye on you. Now lets go before Hank eats your ice cream-”

“Hank wouldn’t do that Grunkle Stan!”

“Okay he wouldn’t but I would now get moving.”

(Three nights later, Stan had to explain to his nephew the demon why Acacia was dreaming about fire breathing man eating gerbils)

  • Reyna’s ambrosia tastes like chocolate. It was something she loved as a small child and her Dad used to get some for her and Hylla when he was in a good mood. Circe’s island also had huge stocks because she too had a fondness for chocs. When Hylla joined the Amazons she sent Reyna a box full every month. Two boxes after she became queen.
  • Piper’s tastes like the ice cream sundaes at the stores at the beach where she and her father go surfing. They remind her of better times when her Dad always had enough time to play with her and she never had to pull stunts to get his attention.

  • Jason’s ambrosia tasted odd. maybe because he never felt like he had a “real” home and CJ was all he’d ever known. It tasted like a pasta he had the vague idea he’d once had but never knew when or who made it. Like a distant memory.

  • Nico’s tastes like his mothers special lasagna which he and Bianca adored. It had just the right amount of spices and sauce and warm from the oven it tasted heavenly. After he and Persephone made truce, once when he had been upset she had made him some. It hadn’t been as good as his mothers but Nico appreciated the gesture.

  • Hazel’s tastes like the special gumbo her mother made for her when they first became rich and Queen Marie was proud of her. It also tasted like the cupcake her best friend Sammy had given for her birthday.

  • Frank’s tastes like his mothers brownies. Fresh from the oven with warm chocolate ganache (frosting) dribbled on.

  • Leo’s ambrosia tastes like his mothers favorite dish (which ultimately became his) a spicy Mexican dish whose name he could never pronounce. When his mom had time she and Leo would make it together and Leo would pour in certain things.

  • Percy’s tastes like his mom’s cookies (as we know) because she had a way of transferring her love and goodness to the cookies and it made him feel like he was worth it to her. She even used to post them to him at boarding school.

  • Annabeth’s tastes like lemon squares which her dad and her made sometimes (alongside the popcorn) when her and her father watched movies. Once Luke and Thalia had gotten her some at a local bakery which tasted almost as good as her Dad’s.

  • The Seven + Nico and Reyna sometimes love tasting ambrosia because it reminds them of home especially during the quest to defeat Gaea. 

Have some feels my friends. I’me evil I know.

Me: careful with the lid on that milkshake! They fall off pretty easily.
Customer: oh ok thanks!
*2 mins later*
*customer storms back with half empty cup dripping with milkshake and slams it on the counter*
C: I dropped my milkshake in the car and it opened up and it’s everywhere! You have to make me a new one and I want you to pay for my car to be cleaned!
Me: let me just get you a manager…
Me: ….. *runs away to get manager*
*manager and customer have a heated exchange*
Manager: just make the guy a new milkshake for free I can’t deal with him.
*makes milkshake*
*customer tries to throw it at me and misses*
*wonder to myself how I would’ve reacted*

This happened over 3 years ago and I still think about this often


I was tagged to do the  6 selfies challenge by these gorgeous and adorable ladies that I love : clarainthelibrary , mertes4cker and  boreussin . Thank you very much! . I know not all of these are selfies but yesterday I traveled to the Capital city and this is what i did :) and there is a bonus of two pics XD sorry I really wanted you to meet my mini Jon :D (finally I found him!!) 

I tag: onceuponalany , thebvbfans , ramseyxaaron , reusbooty , ramsey-ruined-me , coquelinstackle , arsenalmadrid , goonerkiki , gunningmad , aaronramze , zeldatimapaulobdybala and klosenough.  If you want to do it :) , you don’t have to if you don’t want, it’s ok.