Varlen!!! On Ice

DORIANMANCE WEEK -::- DAY 2 -::-  Yuri!!! On Ice AU

Pavellan. Dorian Pavus x Varlen Lavellan (approx 2.8k words, most under the cut) <3

Varlen gritted his teeth, hands gripping the wall of the rink, his long hair falling in tousled disarray to either side of his head. He breathed hard, exhausted. Frustrated. Not for the first time, he found himself wishing that he had more to offer than, according to the judges, a few toe-loops and a ‘winning smile’.

A winning smile.

He snorted derisively, reaching up to rub his eyes with cold fingers. Actually winning for once would be pretty nice, too. Hell, at this point, he’d just settle for beating his personal best. But he knew the truth; it shared the same sinking feeling as sitting in the kiss-and-cry at the last Grand Prix Final. That utter disaster. He was in a slump. No, not even just a slump. A complete stall. He wasn’t necessarily getting any worse, but he had stopped improving. And he needed to improve. He needed to push past that chest-clenching anxiety that flared up every time he stepped out in front of a sea of cameras and unfamiliar faces.

He was running out of time.

But just wanting something? Well, that wasn’t enough. He just… couldn’t. It was too hard to force himself out of his own head. Sure, he could berate and curse his shortcomings until he reduced himself to tears, but it never made any real difference. Never helped. On the few times where he’d found the courage to go to his friends with his problems, they just tried to console him. Lied with kind smiles and said that he was good. That it would pass. That everyone had slumps and he just had to believe in himself. But it had been over two years and nothing had passed. Nothing had changed. He was hopeless. Useless.


“Again, Varlen!”

Blinking back a frustrated haze, Varlen nodded tightly, straightening and releasing the wall. He kept his head down as he skated back out to the centre of the rink, each sweeping movement weighed down by a kind of numb acceptance. He was a failure. Before, his issues had only really surfaced in competition, not in training. But now, even in a place that was more a home to him than his own house, he found his mind absent. His concentration muddled. His body uncooperative. His skates weren’t an extension of himself anymore. They were just two bits of metal strapped to his feet, awkward and unwieldy.

All of a sudden, standing alone at the heart of the ice, Varlen wanted nothing more than to rip them off.

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Is it just me, or does anybody else notice the large amounts of similarities between the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World and Rudy from the 3rd Ice Age movie?

Especially if you directly compare it to this image from the trailers:

The more I think about it, the more parts of it from some other angles look like the Vastatosaurus Rex from the 2005 King Kong remake, too…