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I am just so frustrated by the fact that american tv only televises gambling as a sport, american football, baseball, and nascar. I want to watch swimming, gymnastics, soccer(european foodball), figure skating, ice dance, and so many more. I love so many olympic sports but they only televise a small number of sports, quite possibly assuming everyone will just watch the olympics. But why leave people who like those sports deserted on an island? Can someone please exolain to me why i can’t watch my favorite sports but billy and billie down the street can?

The Winter Olympics. Or as I like to call them, the sliding games. Featuring:

-sliding on two sticks

-sliding on one stick

-sliding on blades

-sliding on blades but really fast

-sliding on blades but with a partner and fancy costumes

-sliding downhill

-sliding in a sled alone

-sliding in a sled with a buddy

-sliding face first in a sled

-sliding up ramps

-sliding as far as you can

-sliding with tricks

-sliding with guns

-sliding rocks

Can we just agree

That the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Men’s Figure Skating competition was one hell of an anime season?

Yuzuru- Returning gold medal olympic champion wins again despite having had a bad accident 3 months prior to the competition with people doubting him.

Shoma- An amazing skater striving to rise beyond the shadow of Yuzuru’s greatness and success. And doing so.

Javier- The man aiming to with the first Figure skating medal for his country,Spain. He succeeds.

Nathan- A new-comer olympian under pressure from the media,his country,and competition fails a lot but doesn’t give up and makes a comeback achieving greatness.He didn’t stand on the podium but that doesn’t mean he didn’t win.

Vincent- The lesser known skater from Chen’s country,America. The spotlight wasn’t on him at first but he changed that and became a star on the ice.

Adam- Not seen as good as “the big dogs,” but shines in his own way, pushing the bounderies of potential and showing how he can join the top skaters one day and stand on that podium.

Mikhail- Seen at the same level as Adam.Struggles to contend, undergoing pressure from his country,the media, and competition. Does a lot better than people give him credit for.

Patrick- A rink veteran. His supposed last Olympic Skating competition. Even if he doesn’t win gold, he at least sought to go out with a bang,displaying all of his glory. He succeeded.

Boyang- A skater who is often overlooked by the media despite being one of the best. He can be considered the skater who started the who-can-land-the-most-quads-in-a-skate competition. But despite all that, deep down he’s just a big cute dork who doesn’t hesitate to skate to famous scores from modern films like Star Wars and Spiderman.

Aka- Everyone was amazing,everyone was a winner.There was a lot of drama.Yuri on Ice season 2 looks great.

(P.S. Please understand that I mean this as a joke, I know these are real people with real goals who worked very hard to achieve their accomplishments, I don’t mean to offend anyone or the skaters, I was just trying to make a joke and have a little fun)

Let me just talk about Javi (er) Fernández

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This beautiful man right here has just made history yoi by winning the first Olympic medal in figure skating for Spain. 

But let me just talk some more because we don’t deserve this man.

Spain does not have an ice-skating tradition, and therefore it’s very difficult to train (and for figure skating figures to appear). So, yeah, basically dreamer against all odds

Picture it, a Spanish boy which wants to skate (WhAt?!), family must be like: okay, just a few years and the kid will forget. 

How about NO

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Damn the boy is good, but if he  wants to get better he has to go somewhere else because we don't have ice ranks here.

He goes to freaking Canada and spends most of his life there, which you would imagine, is awfully hard because, hello? family and friends maybe 12h away???

In fact in an interview he said“Es un deporte que desgasta mucho físicamente y en mi caso también el estar fuera de casa y alejado de los míos es un aspecto que con el paso de los años hay que tener en cuenta”

“(Ice-skating) is a sport which wears you away physically, and in my case, being far from home and away from my family is an aspect which -with the years- should be taken into account too” 

(I love him please send him home)

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Also, he’s almost 27, which as many of you know is ‘old’ for figure skating as the damage their bodies suffer is so brutal that someone in their twenties is considered old.

This is one of the reasons as to why he was so eager to win the medal, because, unlike other skaters, it may be his last chance to do so

(look at my boy, aggressively spanish) 

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It’s not his first time at the Olympics, in 2014 he was left at the doors of the podium (4th place) because he failed a triple Salchow, which he has said has been in his conscience ever since.

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And last but not least, you know this boy  angel   my son right?

Double Gold medal, Yuzuru Hanyu 

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Well, Yuzuru and Javi train together in Canada and have become best friends (Javi calls Yuzuru his skating wife)  

Javier has said the following:

“With Yuzu, we are everything, we are friends, we are teammates, at some point we have to be rivals. (…) When we are on the ice we are competing against each other but when the competition is done, we are friends again and we work together again.”

In fact, Yuzuru said this after having won:

“Without Javi I wouldn’t have gone to Canada, I wouldn’t have been able to endure the hardships of training either”


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(If you want to see more about this bromance ))



Yuzu performing his short program at the 2017 Autumn Classic International

Total Score of: 112.72


4S(+3), x3A(+3), x4T/3T(+3)