ice queen and her court

anonymous asked:

so when Gulvi mentions that the Raven Prince didn't choose her for Queen-in-waiting because she didn't "look" the part, does that mean that Gulvi is usually considered "unattractive" to other fae, or is it that when the Raven Prince saw Augus, he completely forgot about Gulvi?

Gulvi’s considered quite attractive to other fae, it’s more that her lifestyle doesn’t automatically make her ‘Queen’ material. She’s an assassin, and she keeps secrets among higher echelons of fae, to say nothing of the fact that most fae don’t trust her, because they don’t know if she’s plotting against them, is contracted to kill them, etc.

Gulvi’s not immediately ‘Queen material’ because she looks like what she is - an assassin for the Council of Lammergeiers, complete with full initiation tattoos. Generally speaking, asssassins aren’t usually favoured as royalty, because they’ve spent a long time pitting royal families against each other and aren’t really ideal for fostering trust in the higher classes (which is where most of a Court’s funding comes from).

The Raven Prince never forgot about Gulvi, and there’s more there than meets the eye re: his thoughts about her. It’s safe to say that the Raven Prince has strong feelings of respect for Gulvi, though he knows it was dangerous to have her on his Inner Court in general. Just having her there meant that he lost the loyalty of certain Court families that had been harmed by her ‘side career.’