Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.



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fire. ice. water. air. earth. claws. fangs. wings. gold. diamonds. grass. leaves. trees. roses. metal. iron. rust. rain. snow. lace. silk. cotton. sun. moon. stars. blood. dirt. mud. silver. steel. sugar. salt. lavender. pomegranate. foxglove. glass. wood. paper. wool. fur. smoke. ash. ocean. bruises. scars. wind. spices. light. dark. paint. charcoal. wine. hard liquor. sweat. dust. bare feet. canine. feline. coffee. tea. candles. sword. dagger. staff. arrow. hammer. shield. gun. spikes. sand. rocks. roots. feathers. pearls. rubies. sapphires. emeralds. herbs. waves. lightning. sunlight. moonlight. clay. stone. brick. lions. wolves. foxes. ravens. crows. mountains. chains. quicksand. poppy fields.


“ YOU RISE, I FALL, I STAND, YOU CRAWL, YOU TWIST, I TURN. ” / the softest palms that never want to touch you until after a bottle of wine. / “ just braid your hair if you won’t brush it, at least, you useless girl. ” / pulling on your skirt with one hand as you shuffle away. / “ YOU’LL GET IT DONE BEFORE THE DAY IS UP. ” / GUILT THAT ISN’T YOURS TO HAVE. / it’s a crooked game, but it’s the only one in town. / “ how could you do this to me? ” / THE SHARP STING OF GUILT. / YOU FEEL SOMETHING EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE PAID TO DO THE OPPOSITE / THE FAMILY YOU NEVER HAD. / falling backwards through time. / DROWNING, BUT YOU DON’T SAVE YOURSELF. / “ you’re getting better. ” / “ they smile like a snake. ” / you’re the stars and the sky. / THERE’S A PART OF YOU THAT COULDN’T STAY AWAY EVEN IF YOU WERE FORCED TO. / they are your wings, there’s no doubt there. / “ lets take off somewhere. lets fly. ” / YOU EDGE A BIT TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN. / another ghost to take your place after every stumble. / deep roots in the ground slashed open in the sun. / rock candy melting in water. / waves rise and leave the foam behind. / THE PRECIPICE YOU CALL HOME HAS A TIP YOU’LL REACH EVENTUALLY. / happiness is the best front a man can make. / “ i’ve never seen someone as beautiful as you before. ” / YOU DISAGREE; THEY’RE MORE BEAUTIFUL. / discomfort at the tiniest of touches. / the sky opens up when you see them. / rain comes down.  / your sanity hanging by a thread. / “ WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? ” / roommates weren’t supposed to be the smartest ones of all. / your mother had the most beautiful gardens, but you can’t grow anything worth a damn. / THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN DEEP SPACE AND DEEP WATER. / they’ve got a devil on their shoulder and an angel in their mind. / YOU TRIED TO HELP, BUT IT ONLY GOT WORSE. / NOW THEY’RE DEAD, IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. / adam & eve in the garden. / a temptress in crisp button-downs. / “ you’ve gone off the deep end, haven’t you? ” / THEY LIE SO PERFECTLY YOU ALMOST FORGET YOURSELF. / the spark that lit the kindling on your funeral pyre. / sugar and spice and a taste for the dark side. / you smell like the mountains in the winter. / crisp red apples piled up on the table. / your shoes are sharp, but your wit is even sharper. / what a pretty one, they say. / directionless laughter. / “ love, I think I’m dying. ” / A SOFT, HOLLOW SPOT SITS IN YOUR CHEST. / there’s a place you’ll never leave no matter who tries to stop you. / the seat of power fits like a glove. / heavy is the head that wears the crown. / there will always be someone ready to break your neck and relieve you of the weight. / you share a space, but not a mind. / they think of you as weak. you are, maybe. / “ what are you going to do with all of these pills? ” / an empty bird’s nest. / broken pencil tips. / there’s an empty paper in front of you that you’ll never fill. / “ we want you to succeed. i hope you can grasp that. ” / “ they weren’t there when it happened. ” / quick to anger. / corruption. / there’s a red string tying you together. / the scent of whiskey on the horizon. / “ you’re the best friend i’ve ever had. ” / “ jump. I dare you. ” / 99 red balloons drifting through a hazy sky. / you try to lift your head up, but it’s so much effort. / always walking on sunshine. / marble under the sun. / “ I was hoping that you’d understand. ” / there’s a million reasons to come down from the clouds, but you can’t be bothered. / loon is the word of the day. / hair twisted up with glitter butterfly clips like a haphazard mobile. / you drift, but you know where you’re going. / no one has any dirt on you because you’re infinitely spotless. / the empty side of your bed they crawled into when they were nine. / court hearings. / “ I MISS YOU. ” / siblings are a funny thing. / they point out every family-shaped hole in every picture on the mantelpiece. / a lone wolf separated from its pack. / “ they say your name is death. ” / all-consuming passion. / THINK ABOUT THE THINGS YOU DID. / feed off the daylight. / no signs of life. / “ what are you waiting for? ” / pure wilderness. / if you’re hungry enough, anyone can stop caring about something long enough to eat it. / spine like a ladder, and his weary feet can’t find purchase. / THE BURN WAS SO SLOW, NO ONE EVER SAW IT COMING. / LEARN THROUGH TEACHING. / “ have you ever thought about why trees bleed? ” / sleeping nude as a means to declare you want to stay. / “ go down with me, fall with me. ” / black on black on black on black on bl — / the long game. / restless hands. / YOU WILL DO ANYTHING TO KEEP THEM / a cemetery by the moon, unblessed. / even when you walked one would think you waltzed. / “ mad men know nothing, but you should have seen me ” / “ my blood ran cold. ” / power corrupts. / wood grain and nail tracks. / no scales are strong enough to judge you. / “ your eyes make me want to do terrible things. “ / gaping as the river swallows her whole / rose brambles claiming your home / power is power / i am the night. / lust and loss call used feet that rhythmically hit the pavement. / dark hair and a glance thrown over a shoulder / THEY CALL YOU ANGEL AND DEVIL IN THE SAME BREATH / YOU HAVE CEASED TO BE YOURSELF; ONLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BE REMAINS / flowers bloom until they rot and fall apart / brother; what’s my name? / whatcha gonna do when the chips are down? / wouldn’t you have done the same? / you can have your principles as long as you’ve a belly full / lover’s desire / what remains? / when you were mine the world seemed to burn / apocryphal vows delivered upon hands and knees / BEWARE THE MUSIC OF THE DEAD, FOR IT SHALL LEAD YOU LIKEWISE UNTO DEATH.


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fire .   ice .   water .   air .   claws .   fangs .   wings .   gold .   diamonds .   grass .   leaves .   trees .   roses .   metal .   iron .   rust .   rain .   snow .   lace .   silk .   cotton .   sun .   moon .   stars .   blood .   dirt .   mud .   silver .   steel .   sugar .   salt .   lavender .   glass .   wood .   paper .   wool .   fur .   smoke .   ash .   ocean .   bruise .   scar .   laceration .   brand .   burn .   wind .   spices .   light .   dark .   paint .   charcoal .   wine .   hard liquor .   sweat .   dust .   bare feet .   canine .   feline .   coffee .   tea .   books .   scratches .   petals .   thorns .   hay .   glitter .   heat .   cold .   steam .   frost .   candle .   sword .   dagger .   arrow .   hammer .   shield .   spikes .   sand .   rocks .   roots .   feathers .   pearls .   rubies .   sapphires .   emeralds .   herbs .   waves .   lightning .   sunlight .   moonlight .   clay .   stone .   brick .   marble .   fruit .   meat .   poison .   medicine .  snake .   bird .   clock .   shell .   leather .   chain .   ribbon .   tie .   hat .   heart .   spade .   map .   boot .   love .   loss .   healer .   killer .   liar .  

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Aaand making a free for all again.

A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 2 (Unabridged) - George R. R. ...

A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 2 (Unabridged)
George R. R. Martin
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Price: $53.95
Publish Date: February 17, 2004

℗© 2004 Random House Audio

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•the last movie you watched: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Too weird to live, too rare to die!
•the last song you listened to: “Thank God I’m Pretty" by Emilie Autumn.
•the last show you watched: …Dragon Ball Z. Dat spirit bomb tho.
•the last book you read: A Dance With Dragons in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Other than that I spend most of my free time reading slow burn gay fanfiction. Don’t judge me.
•the last thing you ate: a buffalo chicken wrap stuffed with brown rice. Yum yum.
•if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: At the palace of Versailles.
•where would you time travel to: To the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. It would just be super kickass to see a geisha perform in the golden age of the geisha.
•fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Probably the Weasley twins from Harry Potter. They count as one, right? I feel like they would be full of mischievous fun which is my favorite kind of fun.
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Name/Nicknames:  Kristina, Kristy, Lady, Lady E

Gender:  Cis female

Height:  5’ 5”

Hogwarts House:  Slytherin

Favorite Colors:  Green, Silver, Purple

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Last Thing I Googled:  Images of Phedre no Delauney’s marque (main female protagonist from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series)

Fictional Character I’d Like as a Sibling:  Tony Stark.  That man needs a big sister like nobody’s fucking business.

Number of Blankets I Sleep With:  Two

Favorite Band/Artists:  Daughtry, Nickelback, Digital Daggers, Ruelle, Fallout Boy, Florence & the Machine, Lifehouse, Toni Braxton, One Republic, Poets of the Fall, Gorky Park, Survivor, Vertical Horizon

Dream Vacation:  I have so many places I’d like to go, but my idea of a great vacation is a comfortable hotel, interesting places to go, new and excellent food to eat, someplace nearby to go swimming without fear of being stung by jellyfish or otherwise contracting a parasite, and a lover to enjoy it all with.

What I’m Wearing Right Now:  A sheer black top with loose cap sleeves and a deep scoop neckline, soft green cotton Bermuda shorts with a honeycomb pattern and bees on them, and camo slippers with clear sequins and gold leather lacing.

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Do You Get Asks on a Regular Basis:  No, and I really wish I did.  :’(

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what book series' do you enjoy

……… god so many, it would take years to list them, forever obsessions include harry potter, the lynburn legacy, the gemma doyle trilogy, the demon’s lexicon trilogy, a song of ice and fire, his dark materials. um. i also love the percy jackson books, i do love the hunger games, low key obsessed with the gossip girl books and always will be they’re a+++, i have a terrible soft spot for the hollow kingdom trilogy even though it is Unbelievably Problematic and Fucked Up but creepiness and nostalgia are powerful forces, um, what even else I can’t remember right now. there are a lot though. books are my life.


BOLD any which apply to your muse ! remember to REPOST ! feel free to add to the list !

red. orange. yellow. green. blue. purple. pink. fire. ice. water. air. earth. claws. fangs. wings.  gold. diamonds. grass. leaves. trees.  roses.  metal. iron.  rust. rain. snow. lace.  leather.  silk. velvet. denim.  cotton.  sun. moon.  stars.  blood. dirt.  mud. silver.  steel.  sugar.  salt. lavender.  glass.wood. paper. wool.  fur.  smoke.  ash.  candy. bubbles.  ocean. cityscape. bruises. scar. wind.spices. light. dark. paint. lingerie. charcoal. wine.  phone. hard liquor. sweat. tears. dust.  lips. bare feet. canine.  feline. coffee.  tea. books. scratches.  petals. thorns.  hay. glitter.  heat. cold. steam.frost. dewdrops. candle.  sword.  dagger. arrow.  hammer.  shield.  spikes.  sand.  rocks.  roots.  feathers.  pearls. rubies. sapphires.  emeralds.  amethyst. herbs.  waves. lightning.sunlight. moonlight.  money. clay. stone.  brick. lions.  wolves.  black.  white.  birds.  eyes. hands.  flowers. 20s.  40s. 50s. 60s.  70s.  80s.  90s.  00s.

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"The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword."

“So does that mean that those whom have been slain deserve a chance for revenge? Does it mean that those who have been a victim of said sentence get to decry their slayer before he swings? There are always different sides to what the man claims; to believe one wouldst only perpetuate the crime further.” 


Noodles are a staple in the diets of many peoples in the east though they have migrated west via trade. Made of unleavened dough noodles can be made in a variety of ways and served with a variety of other foods. Common round noodles served warm in a bowl reminds me of mass of slithering worms…I quite enjoy that.

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we fight we break up we kiss we make up you're hot then you're cold you're yes then you're no you're in then you're out you're up then you're down you're wrong when it's right it's black and it's white we fight we break up we kiss we make up (you) you don't really want to stay no (you) but you don't really want to go-o you're hot then you're cold you're yes then you're no you're in then you're out you're up then you're down down

!Your Muse

italicize WHAT THEY LIKE.

fire.  ice.  water.  air.  claws.  fangs.  wings.  gold.  diamonds.  grass.  leaves.  bright  blue  skies.  trees.  roses.  metal.  iron.  rust.  rain. the  color  green.  snow.  hurricanes.  lace.  silk.  cotton.   sun.  moon.  stars.  blood.  dirt.  mud.  silver.  steel.  sugar.  salt.  lavender.  glass.  wood.  paper.  coinage.  wool.  fur.  smoke.  ash.  ocean.  bruise.  scar.  wind.  spices.  light.  dark.  paint.  charcoal.  wine.  hard  liqueur.  sweat.  dust.  fresh. fish.  bare  feet.  canine.  feline.  coffee.  torrents.  tea.  books.  scratches.  petals.  seashells.  thorns.  hay.  glitter.  heat.  cold.  steam.  frost.  candle.  sword.  dagger.  arrow.  hammer .gun.  shield.  spikes.  sand.  rocks.  roots.  tornadoes. eyes. lips. tongue. feathers.  pearls.  rubies.  sleep. seagulls.  sapphires.  emeralds.  herbs.  waves.  lightening.  sunlight.  moonlight.  clay.  stone.  brick.  axe.  ale.  grit.  cigarettes.  dawn.  dusk.  bone.  flesh. hair.  glow.  black.  white.  cufflinks.  rolex.  spit.  tears.  wolves.  lions.  ravens.  eagles.  scales.  boats.  marble.  fruit.  meat.  poison.  medicine.  snake.  bird.  clock.  leather.  chain.  ribbon.  tie.  hat.  heart.  spade.  map.  boot.  love.  loss.  healer.  killer.  liar. brown.  hands. hurt. guitar strings. headphones.  noise. quiet.  force. gravity. weight. time.

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Best pickup line? - Zip001 - A Song of Ice and Fire & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


Sandor is a hockey player, and Sansa is a figure skater. Will their story be like the movie “Cutting Edge”? (Answer: no, there will be almost no edge, just pure fluff).

Warning: fluff ahead (sugary sweet).

anonymous asked:

Would it be possible for someone to be fire/ice proof? Like, it wouldn't them at all if they were burned or frozen?

I don’t think so, not unless they had something like Gaara’s ultimate defense or Naruto’s chakra cloak. Even then, it would be pretty iffy.


A Dance with Dragons (pgs 872-959)


I was a religious studies major, so I continue to be fascinated by the religions of Westeros. I mentioned in my last post that I was trying to figure out the afterlife from the point of view of followers of R’hllor. I got a big hint in this chapter. When Jon is begging Queen Selyse for support to rescue Hardhome, she tells him they can’t do anything for them, and it’s “better that they be reborn into the light.”

So even as nonbelievers, they are “reborn into the light.” I can think of two meanings for that. The first is literal rebirth: maybe they believe in reincarnation, and another life would give them a chance to be convert to “the light”. Or perhaps “the light” is the same afterlife for everyone. Zoroastianism, one of the dualistic religions that Martin got his inspiration from, doesn’t believe in a permanent hell but sort of imagines all the evil in a person being burned off. For the good, this is no fear. For the evil, there may be little of them left. Perhaps R’hllor’s followers believe the same thing: everyone is eventually saved, but it is a painful process for the wicked. Either view might make you think death is better for an unbeliever.

This is the chapter with the so-called pink letter, delivered from Ramsay Bolton to Jon. In it he claims that:

  • Stannis Baratheon is dead along with the rest of his army after a seven-day battle
  • He has Stannis’ sword
  • He has Mance Rayder caged and left to die, and has murdered the women who were with him
  • He knows Jon has Jeyne and Reek (or will soon)

He demands that Jon return him Jeyne, along with Selyse, Shireen, Melisandre, Val, Mance’s son, and Reek. All of this prompts Jon to decide to break his vows, abdicate as Lord Commander, and go south.

But there are some problems with this letter. Mostly it’s that Stannis hasn’t even attacked Winterfell yet. The chapters are never out of chronological order by much, and one of the preview chapters for the next book still has Stannis preparing, with Asha and Theon. Even Jon is skeptical of this part of the story.

So if Ramsay wrote this letter, he lied about that. Why? Why would he want Jon to potentially march south and deliver him all of Stannis’ allies? It’s possible that he’s in a fury and not thinking straight…but he also didn’t put his seal on it, unlike all his other letters. It just has a smear of pink wax.

But if someone else wrote it, then who? Some have raised the issues with whether anyone would know enough about the Wall to be able to write this, but a lot of this could have been gotten out of Mance or his women by torture, including some of the inaccuracies (like that the baby at the Wall is Mance’s, rather than Gilly’s). Of course, Ramsay would have had to ask about Val and Mance’s son, which he would have no way of knowing about.

I like the theory that it’s Wyman Manderly. The man’s shown every indication of having a plan to betray the Boltons at some point. If he was in the castle, he would know that Mance was captured and his people killed. He might assume that Jeyne (who he thinks is Arya) and Theon would have gone straight to the Wall. Most importantly, he would know from Davos about little details like Lightbringer, Mance, and Stannis’ plans with Mance’s sister and son. He’d have a very strong motivation, seeing the odds stacked against Stannis, to want Jon to send reinforcements, and having Ramsay send an immediate death threat to Jon isn’t a bad plan.

That said, Jon is an idiot. You don’t gather all your men together, including the ones who already believe you’ve betrayed the Watch by helping wildlings, tell them you now are betraying the Watch by breaking your vows, get all the wildlings to cheer for you, then not expect something bad to happen. He handled this terribly.

Then again, they may have already been planning to betray him, since Ghost is upset around Mully and Flea. While it’s not clear who all was involved in the mass stabbing beyond Wick and Marsh, there were at least two others, and given how Gray Wind reacted to Robb’s eventual betrayers, it seems possible that Mully and Flea were involved somehow.

As Jon dies his last thoughts are of Arya (“Stick them with the pointy end”) and of Ghost. Which is a very strong hint that he may be about to start his “second life.” Given Martin’s recent penchant for switching up the names of POV characters, might the next book begin with a chapter called “The Ghost”?

Barristan (The Kingbreaker, The Queen’s Hand) and Quentyn (The Dragontamer), or the Rest of the Meereen Chapters

For once I actually like the chapter titles, as “Kingbreaker” nicely parallels another title given to another Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Barristan is betraying his “king” under only the slightest of pretexts, that he’s only sworn to Daenerys and there’s a chance Hizdahr probably tried to have her poisoned. The king never actually says he wasn’t behind that. He also never actually denies being the Harpy. And he’s already given Daenerys up for dead and has a bedslave with him, who he calls a bedslave, later claiming she’s a free woman. Is she a gift from Yunkai for disposing of Daenerys?

Well, Barristan disposes of him, killing his guard in a pretty epically-written fight scene, and then imprisoning Hizdahr and assembling a council of allies to rule in Daenerys’ name until she returns. His plan, though, gets interrupted by news.

So: Quentyn decides to try to capture a dragon and learn to ride it and take it back to Westeros. It goes poorly. He’s terrified, one of his men shoots one of the dragons, and Quentyn is roasted alive. The dragons escape, and everything goes to shit.

Wow, wasn’t that all totally necessary to the plot? Yes, the dragons needed to escape, because that’s what breaks the peace. But surely someone else could have accomplished the same thing, someone we already know.

Even if Quentyn was necessary, did he need to be a point of view character? His foolish death is retold by his men later. Usually I’d be all for showing versus telling, but when the showing involved introducing so many irrelevant characters and being so dull, I’d take an engaging telling. Or perhaps Barristan could have heard word of Quentyn’s actions in time to make it down to see him trying to tame the dragon, beg him to stop, and then watch the prince go up in flames.

It’s just all so pointless. Quentyn is such a waste of time.

Well, perhaps not entirely. It takes him three days to die of his burns. Somehow Loras has been dying of his for at least a month. More evidence that something else is going on there, I suppose.

Once free, the dragons start attacking the pyramids, seemingly targeting Daenerys’s enemies, as if they know somehow that this is what she’d want. It’s not clear how intelligent her dragons are, but they do seem to have an uncanny connection to their “mother.” The Yunkish fear them, and Barristan is trying to maintain the peace through bribes (for the Yunkish to pay their sellswords; Missandei’s idea) and if that fails, he’s sending Quentyn’s former friends in to free the hostages before they attack the Yunkish.

Daario is one of the hostages, and Barristan’s opinion of Daario is basically the same as mine: this is a terrible idea, and he doesn’t really know what she sees in him, other than he’s handsome and she’s still young. Rulers can’t marry for love. Aegon the Unlikely did only because he was the fourth son of a fourth son, but he was foolish to let his children do the same after he took the throne, blowing all possibility of working out alliances to support his radical pro-smallfolk reforms. “Treason and turmoil follows, as night follows day, ending at Summerhall in sorcery, fire, and grief.”

Summerhall again: I don’t know what happened, other than Egg trying to resurrect dragons and failing terribly in the process, but my theory is the maesters may have played a part it in.


The show has Daenerys being essentially fireproof, but not only is that not a thing in the books, she’s actually burned the first time she rides Drogon. Her hair catches fire, and her hands are scalded from his burning blood.

In spite of those injuries, she’s becoming a good flier fast, though Drogon doesn’t always listen to her steering him, going where he wants. But he doesn’t hurt her, either, and in fact lets her share what he hunts. When she leaves “Dragonstone” hill to try to make it back to Meereen, he follows her.

Then she contracts dysentary from the river water (assuming it hadn’t gotten into her system before, when she was Meereen), and she’s in bad shape, hallucinating her brother and Ser Jorah. Viserys she imagines angry at her for not getting him the crown he wanted. Her rejoinder is that he didn’t understand Dothraki culture…a reminder that she does. She accuses her vision of Jorah of betraying her for gold (her second betrayal) but he says no, it was “For home,” denying him a place in her prophecy. She is angry at him for his interest in her, he reminds her he was always her best counselor. She admits she stayed in Meereen partly because she was scared and tired and wanted some normalcy. “Remember who you are, what you were made to be,” he replies, “remember your words,” echoing what Quaithe said to her in a dream earlier: “Remember who you are […] The dragons know. Do you?”

Daenerys remembers another part of the prophecy: to go north, you go south, to go east, you go west, and to forward you must go back. When she sees a Dothraki khalasar, she goes to approach them, realizing that maybe this means she has to retrace her steps.

Now, in the show she is taken forcibly back to the dosh khaleen, the widows of khals who have to stay on Vaes Dothrak. There are three problems with this from a book perspective. First, unlike in the show, Drogon is there right with when the Dothraki find her. She flies over them and scares their horses, and is unlikely to be forced into anything. Second, the show seems to have forgotten that the dosh khaleen are the rulers of the Dothraki, which means if she does go back there, she may actually have some power. Last, though, here’s a map of the Dothraki sea:

Meereen is in yellow, Vaes Dothrak is in blue, and Dany’s rough position is in red. She’s almost a thousand miles away from Vaes Dothrak, which is more than a thousand miles from Meereen. There’s no way she’s going to bamf around as fast as she did last season. So unless the entire next book is her journeying around the Sea, her route may be different. And who knows? Maybe that will be her arc next book, becoming leader of all the Dothraki and returning to Meereen where Barristan and Tyrion are trying to hold down the fort and maybe making some progress with her mission.

Kevan Lannister (Epilogue)

Griff’s arc intersects with the King’s Landing plot as Ronnet “Jaime hates my guts” Connington offers to go bring back his uncle’s head. Turns out nobody there likes him much more than Jaime did, or the men he brought with him, who used to work for Gregor Clegane. Randyll Tarly and Mace Tyrell, now Hand of the King, want them all sent to the Wall.

Kevan Lannister, now regent, understands why his niece hated the Tyrells, who clearly want to rule themselves, but unlike her he’s not an idiot and doesn’t antagonize them. He thinks Mace Tyrell is a fool, and doesn’t trust either Tyrell or Tarly since both of them supported Aerys up to the very end and might well support Daenerys or “Aegon” as his forces arrive. Which are, it’s mentioned, landing at Tarth as well. Will Brienne’s father be making an appearance in future books?

Mance is also not really mourning Loras at all. Kevan says that he “had been grievously wounded storming the castle,” but calls him Mance’s “favorite son” rather than his “dying son.” He doesn’t seem to be anticipating Loras’s death either, as he instead has plans to refill positions by setting aside some of the worst members. Maybe he was given a different, more believable, description of Loras’ injuries? Or maybe this theory is wrong. We’ll see.

Kevan has set Cersei out of power, but he still means to see her live, and hated her shaming, though he believes Tywin would have done the same. Cersei is spending as much time as she can with her son, but has taken to bathing four or five times a day to try to make herself feel clean. He visits her, glad to see she can still make jokes, and promises to bring Taena back to her. She asks if there’s word of Jaime, and when he tells her no, and she should prepare for the worst:

“If he were dead, I would know it. We came into this world together, Uncle. He would not go without me.”

Yeah, he thought that once too. Now if that happens, it’ll be because he dies killing you.

Cersei’s doing a good job acting the role of the submissive humbled woman, but there are cracks, like where she insults Kevan’s wife, or asks if Tyrion has shown up dead. Kevan knows that her trial defender probably can’t be killed, and he’s placing all his hopes of Cersei’s survival on it. Also, her trial is in five days, so if it happens that will be very early in the next book.

Kevan won’t get to see it, though, nor will Maester Pyclle. Because Varys simply can’t have him running the country smoothly and fixing the mistakes made by his brother and niece. Kevan’s death, moreover, will turn everyone against everyone else, letting Aegon take the throne. And why want Aegon on the throne rather than Tommen?

“Tommen has been taught that kingship is his right. Aegon knows that kingship is his duty, that a king must put his people first, and live and rule for them.”

This has nothing to do with him being a Targeryen to Varys, it’s that he arranged to have Aegon molded from his birth be a good king, and raised him among the common people to be sympathetic to them. Even if Aegon is a total fake, Varys would support him. He’s the kind of ruler Varys wants.

Well, or so he thinks. Because Aegon’s recklessness and arrogance shine through at times, and I’m not sure he’s fit for rule either.

So here we are. The end of the book, a bunch of plots left unresolved, and no sign of a sequel almost six years later. It was overly long, with POVs that could have been cut, and everything really interesting – Jon’s fate, Daenerys’s return to the Dothraki, the battle of Meereen, Cersei’s trial, Jaime meeting Lady Stoneheart – pushed to the next book. Boo. It’s not bad, there are parts of it I love, but no way is this a better book that A Feast for Crows.