when fire meets ice ep 9 [final]

thank you all for the amazing support on when fire meets ice serie  
 i will be back doing more when season 8 arrives , i will try to post some fun
got things for you guys, you can also send me fun ask questions for the characters or me , love you all♥

  • Jorah: I'll go... let me serve you
  • *dany nods*
  • Jon: I'll go too
  • Dany: *triggered af* EXCUSE ME??? Did I say you could leave??? Honey it's dangerous out there and my babies like you now so stay with me!
  • Jon: Daenerys the white walkers-

My Bakugo AU fantasy post got so many likes! I’m still in shock… How did it happen? XD I’m glad you loved my art like never before.

This one took longer. It was hard but I liked to draw ice. Sparkles!!!

Also can’t wait for this episode to come out! :D Finally they will fight villains!