ice yoga

When is Alex going to make Maggie eat/do something she likes? (You know, share it with her like Maggie’s vegan ice cream and yoga)

Alex takes Maggie sky diving. 

Alex never did it before. It isnt something she actually does and wanted to share. Its just, she almost felt asleep 3 times doing yoga (she actually thinks she was asleep for a little bit) and wanted to have a little fun with Maggie.. 

Maggie loves it and wanna do it again

Alex says she wanted to try yoga again


New video is up! Total #ballet body #workout pt. 2 ! Hope you guys like it!

I wasn’t tagged by anyone but I wanted to do this sooooo

5 things you’ll find in my bag: 
• journal
• protein bar 
• planner
• Gum

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
• all my artwork from treatment
• stuffed animals
• candles
• blankets
• clothes

5 things I want to do in my life:
• go to grad school 
• travel out of the country 
• fall in love!
• publish a book 
• be a therapist

5 things I’m into right now: 
• Ice cream
• Athleta leggings
• yoga
• coffee
• bulldogs

5 things you might not know about me:
• I am an extremely fast typist 
• I have a really good memory
• I love shopping a LOT it’s a problem
• I want to become a yoga instructor
• I want a tattoo on my left wrist

I tag everyone!!

Another email to Emily- help being accountable

(Feeling anxious about relying on emailing Emily too much, but right now I just need to and she keeps saying it’s okay.)

Email: Sending this to hold myself accountable/get help being accountable to not cut/act out and to cope positively since I’m having a really hard time being even more overwhelmed, anxious, having panic attacks.

using ice instead of cutting, yoga, hot showers, running Thurs am before therapy. also, find at least three things to delegate at work and take some pressure off.

Thank you for talking to me tonight. It helps to have something specific in my head to say to T. I think (marriage therapist) is great, but sometimes he sucks at ending sessions.

sports for the zodiac signs

aries: track, you have a lot of pent up energy that you need to let loose

taurus: volleyball, you need something with stability and order to reach your fullest potential

gemini: badminton, you’re not super competitive in sports so something easy going to play with friends would be best

cancer: skiing, you work best with one partner for the emotional connection or you won’t enjoy the sport

leo: equestrian, you like sports that make you stand out

virgo: gymnastics, you love getting over the mental blocks that this sport gives you as well as the variety of apparatus

libra: ice skating, you love the beauty and grace incorporated in sports

scorpio: yoga, you aren’t fond of super intense training but you like being toned

sagittarius: basketball, you like showing off your skills with objects

capricorn: soccer, you enjoy highly competitive sports

aquarius: pilates, you need a soothing sport and a soothing environment 

pisces: swimming, you like how weightless you feel in the water


Ice Skater!Loki, Yoga!Loki, BDSM!Loki, PACIFIC RIM!Loki, BIKER!Loki, HISPER!Loki, POLICE!Loki, JUNKIE!Loki, HOOKER!Loki, JEDI!Loki or BARISTA!Loki and so on - these ideas are for all of us fans, by all of us.
No fan has copyright of an idea about a fictional character they don’t own/that is created by another artist. You make fanart, fan fictions, RPGs and cosplays and comics about characters you don’t own, and that is a wonderful thing. We bring the fandom alive. We keep it going. We bring new things to the table.
If you are a fan and you create fanwork, and somebody else picks up your idea and creates something new with it, be glad and enjoy it. 

If you are directly inspired, give credit where credit is due, but if you are just inspired by something everybody does, just go ahead and do it. If you want to use somebody’s idea, that you never saw used by anyone else, you can always use common sense and ask them if you may use it, or give credit to their idea when you did. But if it’s a widely used idea, by many people in different medium and on different platforms, just go ahead.

If you come up with a new fandom theme/idea/setting, people will most likely use it further, bring more to the table and build their own stories with it. In that case it’s important to be aware of that and let it happen. Being a fan already means to use the ideas of others, copyrighted characters that were made by publishers and their artists. We don’t have the copyright to them, whatsoever. So we all should learn to share and be happy.

This goes for all fandoms and all themes fans come up with.

(I personally get inspired when I see things on tumblr and AO3 like, Pacific Rim!Loki and Thor, it was done by several artists/writers, so I just started to run with the idea for fanfics and RPGs, and if it’s done by a larger group of people who maybe don’t even know each other, that’s a wonderful thing and you can just join and post in the AU-Tag and share it with others. Don’t hold back and start creating! <3 )