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Blazing It With The Mafia Boys
Blazing It With The Mafia Boys

Contains: Yuri stoned out of his mind, Mafia AU, desperate and failed attempts to be funny

Otabek and Yuri get high together, but Yuri had gone on a long af tolerance break and this is his first time smoking again in a long while. Ft. lots of existential questions and giggles. 

A/N: Since it’s 4/20 and I remembered a headcanon @kawaiilo-ren told me about how sometimes the boys get high together I had to make this. The wisdom teeth audio was super popular, and I figured this is a way to have another high Yuri audio while it all makes sense. xD Credit to @kawaiilo-ren and @dizzytea for creating such an awesome AU! Thank you for listening!