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capmeme: eight quotes [2/8]

↳ "Is this a test?" 
List of RWBY Ship Song ( i guess?)
  • <p> <b>White Rose:</b> (?)<p/><b>Bumblebee:</b> bmblb<p/><b>Arkos:</b> Shine & Dream Come True<p/><b>Renora:</b> Boop<p/><b>Black Sun:</b> Like Morning Follow<p/><b></b> Night<p/><b></b> Feel free to add more here!<p/></p>

Baddies and heroes all together! Overall I really liked this little mini series, looking forward to Season 2 of this. If there will be. But’ll be all Volume 4 of RWBY hype.

*looks at all the other things I should be focusing on* nah *throws blanket over them*

Here have RWBY on Ice!!! My RWBY figure skating AU. Ruby Blake Weiss and Yang are all senior singles skaters and JNPR take the partner categories (cause they have to be mixed and i couldn't throw away the chance of Ren literally throwing Nora on knife shoes)

Jaune and Pyrrha are an Ice Dancing team (less dangerous, closer to ballroom dancing) and I’ll be basing their style of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue cause they are the cutest in the world and Canadian and have great chemistry.(please look them up they are perfect) 

Nora and Ren are the Pairs team (more dangers, Nora gets thrown in the air alot like seriously look up some routines, they are insane, people can and have gotten severely injured) they are also based off a Canadian Skating team cause I wanted to find one with a similar height difference case the females are a lot smaller than their partners.

im sorry some of the hands came out mangled *cough cough* Yang *cough cough*

i’ll post this Au sporadically but feel free to request characters, both ones seen above or ones who are not there (i wanna get SSSN up there eventually). 

i may even post some fics for it. who knows. not me.

Which flavor of ice cream would each RWBY character get?
  • Ruby: Cookie Dough
  • Weiss: Vanilla
  • Blake: Cookies and Cream or Chocolate
  • Yang: Rockie Road?
  • Nora: Cotton Candy or Birthday Cake
  • Ren: Green Tea?
  • Pyrrha: Coffee or something
  • Juane: Would have trouble choosing, would eventually just choose whatever Pyrrha was having.
  • Sun: Chunky Monkey :P
  • Neptune: Blue Rasberry, or Blue Cotton Candy or anything else blue
  • Velvet: Dark Chocolate
  • Co Co: Mocha Cappuccino
  • Cinder: Something with raisins
  • Neo: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry
  • Roman: Nothing. He'd only be there because Neo dragged him along(possibly literally).
  • Ozpin: Coffee.
RWBY chapter 7 in a nut shell
  • Weiss: NEPTUNE WHY
  • Blake: sun your a dork
  • Neptune: I CANT DANCE
  • Scarlett Velvet and Sage: ERROR 404 CHARACTERS NOT FOUND
  • Skulduggery: It's funny what bad liars detectives are. I guess they're not used to concealing themselves under questioning.
  • Valkyrie: I'm a detective and I lie to you all the time, you never catch it.
  • Skulduggery: I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but you're translucent, my dear. I always know when you're lying. Sometimes I let you think you've fooled me just so you don't feel bad.
  • Valkyrie: Name one time.
  • Skulduggery: Last bank holiday weekend you said you were going back to your parent's house, but I knew you actually planned to have three days at Gordon's alone to watch old movies and eat ice cream.
  • Valkyrie: Okay, so that's one time.


Walking through the base with two agents they were simply talking, laughing and enjoying a bit of calm before any new mission. It was relaxing honestly. But soon the conversation led to Blackwatch, more directly to Reyes. Nothing serious and soon enough she did something she hadn’t expected herself to.

“Gabriel is a lot…hmm…“ She snickered slightly before intentionally tensing her stance ever so slightly as she let her voice go into what was almost growling “No I don’t care about my pretty boy Morrison, he is frustrating and keeps distracting me with his fine ass.“ Far from accurate but there was some seeds of truth in it “Look at my great thighs, I could crush a melon with them.“

The two agents ended up chuckling slightly, though she couldn’t tell if it was pity about how bad she was at imitating or if they actually found it funny. It pretty quickly stopped though and she guess that they wanted to get back to a more casual conversation.

@themxerte​ [x]

     -♜The cover of the sketchbook was that nice black leather, and the texture of the paper was even feeling quite rich. It was clear that art was really the only thing Gabe spends his money on as he never really buys himself anything expect new sketchbooks from time to time.

This one was left behind, forgotten, as he was called by Jack for a talk. As Mercy took her into her hands the pages contained a lot of different things. Sometimes it was sketches of people that seemed quite familiar, sometimes it was just the sketches mostly of the male anatomy. Some pages were scribbled all over with some notes on the bottom saying: “wrong wrong wrong”.

Some were quite dark, the lines shaky and scribbled messily. Almost as if Gabe took the sketchbook the first thing after the mission went wrong and put his emotions in it.

But on a lot, a lot of pages there were amazing sketches of clothing. The detailing and the whole concept was original, interesting and just beautiful. The clothes were mostly in Gabe’s style - dark and screaming edgy, but a lot were clothes that could easily be sold in the most famous cloth shops in the world.

While she was staring through the sketches, Gabe loomed over her and said just next to her ear.

“Iᴛ’s ɴᴏᴛ ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴛᴏ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ sᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ’s ᴛʜɪɴɢs, Aɴɢᴇʟᴀ…”

Seeing Gabriel leave the room was not a big shocker but he did something he usually didn’t, he left his notebook behind. Seeing as no one else was in the room it wouldn’t hurt to take a little peak into it? It wasn’t like anyone would find out. Walking over to it quickly she first stared at it, glancing over at the door a few time to make sure he wouldn’t realise his mistake and go back for it. When almost half a minute passed she felt more confident in that he wasn’t coming back any time soon.
Jack could speak for hours at times, so with a bit of luck it was one of those occasions. She quietly opened the book, being meet with quite a few sketches of people. Mostly males it seemed, though that could be because she skipped through most of the pages.

It was surprisingly as well very pleasant on the eyes, as she continued to go through the pages she couldn’t help but note that it looked like clothing out of one of those fancy magazines. Though her fingers stopped flipping through the page when she heard his voice. She tensed slightly and realised she had probably taken a bit too long while looking inside it.
Looking over at him she smiled slightly, obviously a bit awkward about being caught in the act “I was…uh oh…n…on my way to return it.” It almost felt like she was still a fresh recruit near Gabriel at times and it didn’t help how he had been able to sneak up on her like that. She probably should’ve moved out of the room at the very least to avoid him discovering her.

@unseuldeces [x]

“By all means, doctor, I will respect your wishes,” there was the barest of antagonizing smiles on her lips. “But that wound does not look very good, and it appears that you yourself are in need of medical attention. I do not see any of your team around to assist you… do you really hate me enough to die, Angela?” Despite the lightness of her tone, there was a hint of her bitterness underlying her words.

Looking down at her wound she then she looked back at the killer in front of herself “I…” She took a quiet moment to think it over but just ended up nodding “I would rather die then let you close to me again.” Amélie was no longer a woman she trusted. After what she had done she had proven she no longer was the same person anymore.
“If you want to assist me just leave, don’t come back. I won’t do the same mistake he did.“ She honestly want to jump at the opportunity to give her former friend a second chance but couldn’t bring herself to do so, even if that meant she’d have to die.