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The life of a fan girl on New Year's Eve
  • Normal person: Hey, what are your plans for New Year's Eve?
  • Me: Oh you know, Stay up late, hang out with some friends maybe eat some things I shouldn't and party all night long. You know the umm usual stuff.
  • What I meant: I'll be staying up late binge watching all my favorite shows while crying my eyes out. While crying my eyes out watching my favorite shows I'll also be crying with all my internet friends crying about all our favorite ships. Let's not forget stuffing my face with junk food in between my sobs and having a party by my self scrolling through Tumblr. You know my every day life.

Star Trek Beyond but instead of Beastie Boys it’s History Maker


Figure Skating/Yuri on Ice AU Kirk, from @onedamnminuteadmiral’s brilliant fic, Fire and Ice.

She mentioned this AU and then I gave her a totally different prompt, thinking she’d have no time to write this and I started drawing this because I knew that it needed some sort of something dedicated to it… and then she wrote it anyway! So, serendipity.

@onedamnminuteadmiral It’s actually fitting that you said you wrote the second chapter instead of cleaning the house, as that’s exactly what I did with this as well. I now still have a messy bedroom but I got to try out a new brush set and I’ve never been happier with something I’ve drawn. Priorities.

I had to reference a picture of Shoma Uno so so carefully for this. The pose was waaaay more difficult than I originally thought and in the end I used a grid to get everything right orz. 


Poor Komack needs a stressball.

Poor Spock just needs a boyfriend some love and attention.

I am a giant nerd

So today I was talking to someone I don’t know that well and I asked her what kind of fandom stuff she likes. She said not much and asked me if I was in any fandoms. I said “D&P, Hannibal, Sherlock, YOI, AOT and if I’m really bored I look at Star Trek or Star Wars fanart”
So she thinks I’m insane! Yay!

I MAY have started new Yuri on Ice AU for myself. This is what happens when I watch too much Star Trek Voyager!