ice tok

    Removing himself from the bed was always a feat, arm tucked under the smaller’s neck, over wrapped around waist, attempting not to disturb the other from the very light amount of sleep he did get. Truly, it was a predicament of the ages, pillows replacing elbows, shifting in bed to leave a nest of warmth behind.

    Sunlight woke Whizzer up, it was as simple as that. Cascading light filling the room that faced away from the sunrise, well after the event actually took place, was a natural indicator to rise. He was one of the few that felt the pull of such a thing, all smiles and passion himself, it was no surprise.

    Though romantic love may be absent, his decided other half, stayed with the moon into the late night. Astrology, that kind of thing, never particularly compelled him, but the comparison felt due in time. After all, they were practically opposites.

    Leaving the small bedroom to the kitchen, electric kettle is put on to boil over, mug brought down the night before to reduce early morning noise. Such things took what felt like no time at all, tea brewing, energy beginning to rise things began to lock into place, as they tended to.

    Class schedules empty, he had every intention of letting Mendel sleep for as long as possible, which was fine. Popping in ear buds, with half an eye on the bedroom door, he climbed up on the kitchen counter to wait for any of their friend group to start sending suggestions for how to spend the day, or for his roommate to finally awaken.

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