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Sentence meme (Torture my character version)

Make them cry

  • “I never loved you.”
  • “You’re the reason they’re dead!”
  • “It’s all your fault!”
  • “Who could ever love you…?”
  • “You’re so stupid. So weak.”
  • “Just go away. I don’t want you here.”

Blackmail them

  • “Who would’ve thought a sweet thing like you would have such a secret?”
  • “I’ll tell everyone. Scream so loud the country will hear.”
  • “I have a friend with a radio station, you know. Broadcast it all over the city.”
  • “If you want this back, you’ll do whatever I say!”
  • “Be a good little slave, you don’t want your secret out, do you?”
  • “I know everything. I can ruin you.”
  • “Beg me, and I might consider keeping my mouth shut.”

Interrogate them

  • “Sing, birdie.”
  • “I know exactly how to make you talk.”
  • “You know some fascinating things, don’t you?”
  • “I’ll use your greatest weaknesses against you, and you know I know them all.”
  • “I have means of extracting information from you.”
  • “I might play with you a little longer after you’ve talked. You’re too cute.”
  • “You’re tough. But I’ll break you.”

Yell at them

  • “You idiot! You dumbass! You- you fucking moron!”
  • “You’re absolutely useless, aren’t you?!”
  • “What the fuck have you done this time!”
  • “You don’t care about anyone but yourself!”
  • “You’re not human! You’re a monster!”
  • “You’re a disgusting little rat!”
  • “You’ve fucked up for the last time!”

Physically hurt them

  • “What, can’t take a punch?”
  • “I’ll kill you!”
  • “It’s only a scratch, asshole!”
  • “Don’t move, or I’ll shoot you!”
  • “I’ll slit your damn throat!”
  • “Kiss my shoes or I’ll stomp your head in half.”
  • “I didn’t mean to draw blood, but oh well.”
  • “That’s going to bruise.”

Torture them… gently

  • “You want some of this cake? C’moooon, beg for it!”
  • “Tickle-tickle-tickle! Kitchy kitchy koo!”
  • “Whaaaat? Is this yours? You can’t have it back, it’s mine now!”
  • “I’ll stop singing when hell freezes over!”
  • “Get in the locker, shorty!”
  • “Annoying? Me? Annoying?”
Let’s play a little Game

This fanfic is based on this prompt I got a while ago:

19.“Let’s play a little game.” - Otayuri

A/N: Since this is under 2000 words I decided to not use the “read more” -thingy because I think it’s short enought to just post it like this. I am sorry if Otabek seems a bit OCC I tried my best. Hope you’ll like it :D

Summary: Yuri is in the middle of one of his infamous rants when Otabek comes to the conclusion that there had to be a way to keep his lover from swearing so much. Otabek takes measures in his own hands to change that.
Warning. This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling

Word count: 1277


“Shitty Katsudon is posting again some of these stupid chick pics! They’re not even married yet but posting tons of stupid lovey dovey pictures, seriously get a life idiots-”

Otabek raised an eyebrow while listening to one of his lovers rants where the blond threw colorful insults around himself, sometimes even in Russian and Otabeks eyebrow raised even higer because wooow those insults weren’t pretty. He actually didn’t mind Yuri swearing much, it was just a part of his character but sometimes the Kazakh wished that his boyfriend wouldn’t let everything go under his skin so easily and relax a bit more. A smiling and happy Yuri was still his favorite after all.

But maybe there was a way to change his lovers bad attitude a bit, thought Otabek and a plan started to take form in his head.

“Yura.” said the dark haired man and pulled Yuri out in the middle of his little rant.

“Ah, yes?” asked the blond, completely thrown out of his speech by suddenly hearing Otabek using his nickname, his green-blue eyes now directed at the man next to him, a questioning gleam in them.

“Come here.” Otabek patted at the place between his legs, signalizing the teen to come over and sit by him.

Yuri raised his eyebrows in surprise but then stood up and walked over to his waiting partner before dropping down in front of him. Arms instantly circled his waist and pressed him softly against a warm chest.

Yuri relaxed quickly in his lovers warm embrace and when Otabek lifted a hand and started softly scratching at his scalp he could swear that he turned into a fricking puddle. Otabek in the meantime smiled at how the young man he loves so much had changed from being in half rage into a nearly purring kitten in his arms in a matter of seconds. God, could his lover become any cuter?



“Let’s play a little game.”

“What kind of game?” asked the blond who opened his eyes which has closed a few moments before due to the relaxing position he was in.

“You aren’t allowed to swear for five minutes.” answered Otabek simply and took his hand back down to hug Yuri from behind.

“Why would I swear Beka? I don’t know what you me-AHA FUCK NO!”

“Well that was quickly.”, chuckled the Kazakh and tilted his head a bit to the side when the squirming teen in his arm throw his head back against his chest, nearly headbutting his chin with the back of his head.

“BEKA STOAHAHAP!” Yuri jumped and cackled instantly when the hands of his lover had suddenly started kneading his sides, completely catching him unguarded. The small blond couldn’t even try holding back because of the surprise attack from Otabek and now he was squirming and trashing heavily in Bekas hold while the bigger teen tickled up and down his sides, making him scream in laughter.

“Oh I forget to tell you, with every swearword you might drop I add one minute of tickling.” stated Otabek calmly as he tightened one arm around Yuris chest, the other spider-tickling over his stomach, fingers fluttering over the thin fabric of his shirt which was only a little protection against the teasing touch that send a madly tingling sensation all over his skin.

“Thahahat rule suhuucks, ahahaha nohohooo!”

“And that’s another minute of tickling for you.” Otabek grinned in amusement when Yuri tried to go for his hands and push them away but the Kazakh was way stronger and his hands stayed attached to the blonds body. He placed his hands on Yuris sides and kneaded, his thumbs digging in the Russians lower back from which he knew was pretty ticklish, making circling movements here while the rest of his fingers kneaded into his sides, making the teen double over in laughter.

“Fuhuhuck I gehehet you bahaahck for thihis Bekahaha. AHAHA OHOHNOOOO STOPSTOPSTOOOP SHIHIIIT!”

Yuri squealed, a really embarrassing high-pitched squeal that let the blood rush into his face, coloring it in an even deeper shade of red since it already had being pink from laughing so much and he arched his back when Otabek dug his fingers into his hipbones, one of his biggest weak spots.

Otabek chuckled while tickle-assaulting his boyfriend a bit more, enjoining the cute sounds and hilarious reactions the boy between his legs made when being tickled and honestly he couldn’t think of anything else which he would love to do more at the moment than tickling his cute little kitten to pieces.

“Three minutes are over but you have still six to go.”

“Nohohohoo thahat’s stuhuhpihid!” yelled Yuri but then widened his eyes when he realized that he made a pretty stupid mistake right now and he would have given himself a big facepalm if he wouldn’t lay half on top of his lover and being nearly tickled to death at the moment.

He and Otabek had slid from a sitting into a half laying position due to his heavy struggling and when a hand slipped under his shirt and clawed at his stomach Yuri screeched and rolled completely down from the couch. With a small “Uff” he fell down onto the carpet which had softened his fall but before he could take a break the air got knocked out of him when suddenly a great weight fell down on him.

In the next second the hands were back on his body, exploring every ticklish bit of skin they found (which was a lot since the young ice skater was practically ticklish all over) and Yuri found himself soon hysterically laughing and trashing, pinned under his grinning boyfriend.

“Bekahahaha stahahahap pleaahahasee!”

“Hmm, you still have two minutes to go…” said Otabek, a fake-thoughtful expression on his face as if he would really think about showing mercy while his fingers dances up and down Yuris sides and the sides of his toned stomach before he reached behind and scribbled them skillfully over the blonds inner tight, leaving the small teen in a hicuppy giggle fit.

Yuri gasped for breath between his giggles. He could feel his body growing tired with every new second and he weakly pushed with his hands against Otabeks chest, a big smile plastered on his face and tears of mirth in the corner of his eyes, threatening to spill and roll over his rosy cheeks.

“Mehehercy plehehase Bekahaha.” pressed the teen weakly out between his giggles and a sigh of relive washed over him when the hands stopped with the tickling and started gently rubbing the tingly feeling of off his skin.

Yuri closed his eyes, catching his breath, his heart still beating like crazy in his chest.

Otabek smiled down on his lover before bending down and placing a small kiss on the top of Yuris cute nose.

Yuri opened his eyes at the kiss, looking into Otabkes soft expression and the kind smile he showed him before letting himself be pulled up into a tight embrace.

“You’re a dork.” huffed the green-blue eyed teen and squeaked when he earned himself a warning tweak in the side but then got only pulled even closer against Otabeks chest, latter ruffling Yuris hair lovingly before laying his chin on the teens shoulder.

“And you swear too much.” he chuckled before pulling back a bit so they could press their lips together in a chaste and sweet kiss, both of them smiling after pulling apart. Seriously, Otabek didn’t know what he would love to do more at the moment than to stay like this with Yuri forever.

Let me give you the world (SFW)

Originally posted by abcadz123

A/N: Hello! So i’ve been hella inactive, so i wrote this thingy with OtaYuri to celebrate a very late Valentine’s day. It’s heeeelllaaaaa long, but I hope you guys enjoy it. It was fun to write ♥ I think Yuri is like 18 here or something?? I don’t know, maybe??

There’s no proofreading at the end because I’m way too lazy guys, help

Words: 3,541 (I am so so sorry omg, under the cut for obvious reasons)

Otabek opened his eyes at the first ring of his alarm, (Yuri hates him so much because he’s the kind of person that gets up when it’s time), he poked a hand out of the blankets to turn it off, not wanting to wake up Yuri just yet.

Once the alarm was off he turned around to leave a kiss on Yuri’s forehead like every morning, however, he was surprised to find out that Yuri wasn’t laying right beside him, instead, a pink note was laying on his partner’s pillow. Otabek frowned, rubbing the sleepiness off his eyes and taking the folded note in his fingers. His name written in Yuri’s elegant calligraphy.

Otabek, I prepared like the cheesiest shit for Valentine’s day. You can’t laugh. Go to the kitchen.


Otabek felt his cheeks getting warm as a big smile started to pull at the corners of his mouth. He got up with a jump, walking (more like running) towards the kitchen. Yuri Plisetsky preparing something for Valentine’s day? The the Yuri Plisetsky who gets all flustered when Otabek brushes his har with his fingers? That’s definitely something forward to see.

He stopped by the entrence of the kitchen when a delicious smell filled his nostrils. He peeked into the room and his mouth watered when he saw his favorite breakfast waiting for him in the counter, a tablet and another pink note laying beside it.

Press play, dork


Otabek turned on the tablet and pressed play to the vide where he saw Yuri leaning against the counter.

“Yo, Otabek”, he brushed his blonde hair back with his hand. “Ah, I think I should say something… sweeter…”, he cleared his throat, looking away as his hand traveled down to scratch at the back of his neck, Otabek noticed how his cheeks started to turn pink. “Good morning, Altin. I made your favorite breakfast and also the smoothie you like, that one is in the frige”, he pointed to the fridge in the video and Otabek turned just to see another pink note.

“I can’t be there with you because I have more things prepared for you”, a happy smile broke into Yuri’s face. “But enjoy this breakfast because I woke up very early to make it! A-ah… and I made it with love”, Otabek laughed and at the same time Yuri did in the video. “Enjoy your breakfast and keep following the notes!”, he waved and the video ended.

Otabek was tempted to replay the video, but he remebered the note in the fridge, so with long steps he made his way to it, opening it up as soon as he took it.

Your smoothie is inside! After breakfast you’ll have to go to /men’s shop/ and said to the first employee you see that you came for “My best present ever”, like that, if you don’t say it they’ll not give it to you


Otabek rolled his eyes, reading the note over and over again. He could hear Yuri’s voice inside his head and his heart was jumping excitedly at Yuri’s next surprise. So far, Otabek didn’t know what to expect, turning back at his breakfast his stomach growled, desperate to dig in that glorious-looking plate, though, Otabek started to lead to the bathroom before anything else. His bladder about to explode.

He found another pink note in the bathroom’s mirror.

You look stunning today.

-Yuri ❤”

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The (ticklish) Ice Fairy of Russia

@smolgay-bean asked: 17. “You’re not getting rid of me that easy” with OtaYuri pleeeease (Lee!Yuri)??

This is so late, I’m sorry!! I’m trash and haven’t been writing as much

Originally posted by ackermanss

word count: 746

Yuri sighed as he leaned against the back of the coach in Otabek’s living room, scrolling through his Instagram feed as he waited for his friend to return. 

Otabek re-entered the room, holding two mugs in both his hands. Yuri looked up from his phone and stopped himself from smiling. Otabek was always so thoughtful whenever he came over.

“I made tea” 

“I see that. Spasibo” Yuri said as he took the mug into his hands. He hummed as he drank it, Otabek always made the best tea.

“I like when you speak Russian. It sounds nice when you say it” 

Yuri grinned, his chest swelling with pride, glad that his friend liked his native language. Yuri tried to ignore his stupid heartbeat getting faster whenever Otabek spoke to him, his cheeks becoming a light pink.

Otabek leaned forward, pushing Yuri’s hair behind his ear so he could see his face better. Yuri squeaked when Otabek’s fingers brushed his sensitive ears.

“What was that?” Otabek asked, his voice stoic but his eyes shining with mischief.

“You startled me, ty krasivyy idiot” Yuri snapped, his cheeks getting red. Yuri started to get nervous, he did not want Otabek to know how embarrassingly ticklish he was.

“Are you sure? You don’t jump as much when you get startled”

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Never Have I Ever (Victuuri)

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri) -  1. “I want to hate you. I should hate you.” - Oops I kind of got too creative with this one, and it’s so looong and fluffy and teaaasy. Big special thanks to @ticklygiggles for helping but that’s nothing new on this blog! Lots of love! ♡  

Summary: Yuuri and Victor are out drinking with friends, and eventually get dragged into a game of Never Have I Ever with Phichit (and Chris). During the game Yuuri is caught off guard and oops, did he just admit openly he likes to be tickled? 

I used to play this with my friends and I would like to say it wasn’t always sex-related but too bad we were naughty little shits.

Word Count: 3065

Kampaaai!” Victor chirped the Japanese word in his funny accent, and he took a few sips before sighing in relief.

“That is nice. I needed that,” he said, sounding very refreshed and relieved. Yuuri chuckled at his tipsy older boyfriend and shook his head.

“It’s already your 5th, Vitya. Are you sure you needed that?” Victor was close to passing the line from overly tipsy to drunk, while he was taking it easy with just his cheeks getting a rosy color.

“Yes, Yuuri! I needed that!” Victor poked him and Yuuri giggled playfully, but then looked at the skaters who sat across from them, snickering at their behavior.

Vitya hm?” Phichit said, sharp as always, and Yuuri blushed. He had to judge the younger male as probably the only one who was still sober. Next to him sat Chris - what was he even doing here - and he was probably the most drunk of all, well, all who remained. 

The others had gone home already, leaving Yuuri alone with his tipsy self, drunk Victor, super drunk Chris and sober Phichit.

“I know, I know! Let’s play a game of never have I ever!” Phichit suggested, and Yuuri blushed. Not that

“Hehe it’s alright, Phichit-kun. These guys are too drunk to play,” he tried, but it was already too late. Victor raised his glass and blurted out:

“Nonono I can play! Never have I ever wanted Yuuri to call me Victor-kun!” He downed the glass by himself, and Yuuri watched him with a blush.

“T-that’s not how it works, V-Victor..kun?” Hearing this, Victor made a squeaky hiccup sound, and Yuuri blushed when he got pulled into a tight alcohol smelling- hug. 

“I love you Yuuuri-kuuun!” he whined. Chris was up next, with his eyes closed, a goofy smile on his face and a burp to introduce his line:

“Never have I ever jacked off on the ice ri-” Phichit slapped him playfully, causing him to spill his beer.

“Yep Chris, that’s yours only, drink. Let’s play this without Chris,” the Thai figure skater suggested happily, and Yuuri giggled. They played a couple of rounds, doing their very best to ignore Chris’ drunk and horny remarks in between, but they had fun and laughed a lot.

At one point Victor even yelled: “What have you done Phichittit?” because no matter what silly things they tried, they only got him to drink rarely, and they all laughed because of drunk Victor’s inability to pronounce his name right.

Eventually both Phichit and Victor ended up teasing Yuuri by saying things only he had done in his life, just to let him drink more. Even saying things such as:

“Never have I ever been coached by Victor Nikiforov. Never have I ever had a family that owns an onsen! Never have I ever been born a Japanese!” So unfaaair. Yuuri felt his cheeks burn a little as he took another sip. He shouldn’t drink too much, at least one of them should be healthy to get both of them back to their hotel room safely.

“Never have I ever enjoyed being tickled!” Ah, that was him too, and Yuuri drank again. He drank… He draaank! He choked on his beer and coughed, turning to watch Phichit’s mischievous smirk and Victor’s amazed sparkly eyes.

“P-Phichit-kun!” Yuuri cried out. He was so offended. He had been very wrong and stupid to trust his good old friend to keep that stupid little fact a secret. That was some veeery confidential information and oh nooo Victor wasn’t supposed to know?!

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“Speed up or I’ll eat all your ice cream!”
“Don’t tickle me!”
“Would you look at that— It’s cuddle huddle ‘o’ clock!”
“Isn’t the sunset beautiful?”
“I just adore stars, don’t you?”
“Oh my gosh! Look look look, a butterfly landed on me!”
“I bet I can run to the aquarium faster than you!”
“Mm, this is delicious! You made it yourself?”
“Shhhh, don’t spoil the movie for me!”
“Do you ever just… Really wanna pet a cat?”
“Can I please have a hug?”

[ text ]: Don’t forget to bring me tacos
[ text ]: i just ate a whole bag of sour skittles at once and I am filled with regret
[ text ]: what do you do if a bird fuCKING POOPS ON YOUR SHOE
[ text ]: One of my earbuds stopped working is this what hell is like
[ text ]: What’s your favorite kind of flower? And food?

hi im gross. based on this pic from this video 

im pretty sure yuri and otabek are doing a pair skate in the vid but i wrote this as if yuri’s skating solo


“Do you want to go on a drive today?” Otabek asks, draping his jacket over his arm as they walk through the streets. It’s still early in the day, and the sun is blinding as it casts warmth over the city. Yuri’s sunglasses twinkle when he glances over at Otabek.

“Sorry, can’t. I’m working on my choreography today for my grand prix final reveal,” He says, taking a sip of his smoothie. “Lilia’s letting me take the reins a bit, and I got Georgi to help me out, too.”

“Georgi?” Otabek asks, raising an eyebrow. “His style is a little…. “

“Dramatic?” Yuri snorts. “Fuck yeah, it is. I’ve been kinda digging it. It’ll look way cooler when I do it, though.”

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Revenge leads to revenge

What… do you mean this wasn’t a prompt? I’M SO SORRY! I couldn’t help myself, this was too cute. 

Summary: There’s a Katsudon, a Kitten and Victor still doesn’t know Yuuri’s dog was called Vicchan. 

Words: 1,121 (I didn’t want to use the read moooore)

Yuuri felt slightly embarrassed about his loud laughter echoing through Victor’s apartment, but Yuri kept pinching this horribly ticklish spot right at his fourth ribs from bottom to top and he couldn’t exactly hold his reactions back.

Ah! Is this little piggy sensitive on his ribs~?, Yuuri felt his cheeks burning as his hysterical laughter only became louder and more desperate, his head thrown back against the carpeted floor and his body arching up away from it but into Yuri’s fingers, only helping him to dig more accurately into each individual rib.

Yurio!“, Yuuri finally gasped, his hands trapped under Yuri’s knees and his legs kicking behind him. ”Ahahaha! Yurio, please!“

“You Katsudon” Yuri rolled his eyes, not easing up his assault, not even a bit. “Calling me ‘Yurio’ is the reason why you’re here laughing your head off!”, a snort followed by a shriek burnt Yuuri’s nostrils.

“I’m sorry! I’m sohohorry!”, Yuri didn’t stop, though, and when his hands started to travel down towards Yuuri’s hips, Yuuri let out a loud shriek. “Not there! Not thehere! V-Victor! Vic-ack!”, Victor, who was laying down in the sofa enjoying himself watching the Yuris playing around, noticed, out of experience of course, how Yuuri was reaching his limits.

He couldn’t help a tiny smile pulling at the corners of his lips, though, when he saw Yuuri trembling with silent laughter. That was the signal.

“Alright, kitten”, Yuri hummed, looking up at Victor and flinching when he was right beside him in seconds.

“Victor!”, Yuri squeaked, his hands still managing to keep Yuuri in the edge of madness, now squeezing the fleshy parts on his inner thghs. “I think Yuuri had enough, Yurio”, a pinch in the side was enough to send Yuri flying off of Yuuri, the latter curled up into a tiny, giggly and trembling ball.

“Don’t you think?”, Yuri shook his head.0

“I do n-ah! D-dohohon’t!”, Yuri tried to push Victor’s hands away as soon as his fingertips made contact with the clothed skin of his belly. Yuri giggled like a child and a soft pink hue started to cover up his cheeks and the bridge of his scrunched up nose.

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The Tickle Monster’s Quest for Yuuri’s Smile

word count: 2,339

Yuuri shouted in frustration as he failed to land his quad flip. He had been practicing this jump all day and he couldn’t seem to manage it.

“Yuuri! You’re going to hurt yourself, it’s time to come home” Victor called, clearly concerned with his fiance’s behavior.

“Just a few more attempts?” Yuuri asked, his face covered in a thin layer of sweat and his cheeks red.

“No. You’ve done enough today” Victor said, using a firm tone of voice to make sure Yuuri knew there was no room for negotiation. 

Yuuri sighed and skated towards the exit, his legs screaming with pain as he wobbled off the ice. If he couldn’t land a quad flip consistently, he would never win gold.

“Are you okay?” Victor asked, in a hushed tone. Yuuri had been sulking all day and now it looked like he hurt himself on the ice.

“I’m fine” Yuuri said, his speech rushed and rehearsed, “I’m just tired”

Victor held Yuuri’s hand and looked into his eyes. Yuuri was upset, Victor could see right through his attempt to hide his true feelings.

Yuuri bowed his head as he walked past Victor, still holding his hand as he sat down to untie his skates. Victor quickly stopped him and smiled comfortingly.

“I’ll get your skates off, Yuuri” He said and Yuuri forced a smile on his face.

“Thanks, Vitya”

Victor unlaced the skates quickly and pulled them off, noticing that Yuuri’s feet looked pretty beat up as he took off his socks.

“Yuuri” Victor said, his voice heavy with sadness. Yuuri looked away and frowned.

“It looks worse than it is,” Yuuri said, putting his shoes on, “I’m fine”

Victor frowned and looked up at Yuuri from his place on the floor, holding his fiance’s hand. Victor could see the storm inside Yuuri, tearing him apart from the inside behind the facade of “I’m fine”. 

“Are you hungry? You haven’t eaten all day” Victor says, knowing Yuuri got excited when food was involved. 

Yuuri shook his head, and Victor saw as he bit his bottom lip.

“I’m not, really. Kinda just want to go home” Yuuri said and forced another fake smile onto his face.

“You haven’t eaten anything substantial all day, Yuuri. We’re going to get food” Victor said authoritatively, knowing that would make Yuuri listen.

“Okay” Yuuri shivered and nodded, looking down as he loaded up his skating bag. Victor couldn’t stand to see Yuuri like this, but how could he cheer him up?

Yuuri reached forward and held Victor hand as they walked out, and Victor’s heart flipped in his chest. He was unsure he would ever not feel giddy whenever Yuuri showed these small signs of affection.

Victor lead the smaller man down the street as they approached a restaurant. Yuuri’s grip tightened as they entered the crowded area, the crowds of people making nervous.

Victor requested a private table away from the crowds, which the owner’s graciously gave them. Victor grinned as Yuuri’s hand relaxed in this own.

After they ordered their food, Victor turned his attention away from the menu and onto his fiance.

“You want to talk about what’s been bothering you all day?” Victor asked and Yuuri’s cheeks became pink. Yuuri squirmed in his seat a little and sighed.

“I’m just awful, that’s all” Yuuri sighed, leaning his cheek on his hand. Victor was shocked and tilted his head to the side.

“Awful?” Victor chuckled, “Yuuri, you’re the most amazing person I know”

“You have to say that,” Yuuri sighed and shrugged. “You’re engaged to me”

Yuuri frowned and looked as if he was going to start crying if Victor didn’t make him smile soon. He was being so hard on himself lately.

“I can’t seem to do anything right, and my skating is on the decline. What is wrong with me?

Victor reached forward and took Yuuri’s glasses off his face, causing the smaller man to gasp.

“Hey! What was that for? Give them back!”

“I think you need a new prescription, Yuuri. You clearly can’t see how great you are” Victor said and put the glasses on himself.

Yuuri bit back a smile and reached forward to take the glasses back. Victor always got him to smile at the stupidest things.

“S-Shut up” Yuuri stuttered as he adjusted his glasses and looked back up at Victor, who was grinning.

“You are the most talented pork cutlet bowl on the ice, my love”

“It’s not funny, babe. You’re a skating god, and I can’t even consistently land a quad flip. I’ll never be as good as you” Yuuri sighed, putting his head down.

“You are an amazing skater, Yuuri” Victor said, softly, kissing Yuuri’s ring, hiding his slight blush at Yuuri’s calling him ‘babe’.

Yuuri blushed and shook his head, a small smile slowly taking over Yuuri’s features.

“You are lovely” Victor assured and gently tickled the palm of Yuuri’s hand. Yuuri giggled and pulled his hand back towards him, rubbing his palm to soothe the ticklish feeling.

That’s it, Victor thought. He knew exactly how to make Yuuri smile now.

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Phichit Commands!

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri) - 24. “I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” - I got creative with this one. Recently I’ve started to like involving Phichit in fics. Enjoy XDD

Summary: [Pre-relationship] Victor finds Yuuri skyping with Phichit and decides to eavesdrop for a little. As he does, he learns some veeery interesting things about Yuuri. Like… how ticklish he is?

Word Count: 2363

“Fanclub? Phichit-kun, I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” A smile grazed Victor’s lips and he had to pick up the cold damp towel from his bare shoulders to press it against his lips as he stood outside Yuuri’s room, peeking inside and listening in. 

The action was a good one that turned his laugh into a soft muffled chuckle, which did not give him away just yet. It had been a couple of minutes since he came back from his shower to find Yuuri engaged in a fascinating conversation with his buddy Phichit. 

He knew very well about their friendship but was just curious about their relationship since Yuuri was often talking about the Thai figure skater, but Victor had never really seen them interact. So finding Yuuri in his room, skyping with the younger male was enough to have him stand behind the door to eavesdrop. It gave him a lot of interesting and especially hilarious information:

Phichit shipped the two of them so bad, even jokingly calling them his OTP! Genius. Victor couldn’t help but blush and giggle at this. Sure he noticed their chemistry and Yuuri even boldy invited him to be his coach. But despite all that he still seemed pretty shy, which was why he just decided to take things easy.

So hearing how Yuuri’s best friend approved of them (well, even shipped them), of course that made him very happy.

“We both know you’ve been crushing on him ever since you were little.” Also that. Yuuri idolizing him, he knew, because hell those posters and pictures and what-not in his room weren’t hidden properly. 

But Phichit’s words were all the extra confirmation Victor needed to verify they were not just coach and student, not just colleagues and not just friends. They were developing a romantic bond and everyone around them probably noticed except for Yuuri himself because he probably didn’t want to believe it? 

“Phichit-kun stop it! You’re being silly!” Yuuri was still flustered and scolding Mr. shipper for joking about making a fanclub solely for shipping ‘Victuuri’ as he called it, and Victor was still barely over that and the crushing- comment when the directness of Phichit’s words took a next level.

“I’m not being silly, you are. Can’t believe you’re still not dating. You even sleep and bathe together!” Phichit joked, and Victor let out another muffled laugh.

“W-we don’t sleep together!” Yuuri protested with a squeaky voice. 

“Yeah yeah. I bet he hasn’t found about that either then,” Phichit said with enough sass and mischief to replace Victor’s urge to laugh with a lot of curiosity. ‘That’? 

“You don’t mean that that right?” Yuuri replied. What were they talking about? That that? Phichit chuckled mischievously in response.

“Oh Phichit-kun don’t you even dare ever telling him!” Yuuri argued, sounding very nervous and embarrassed, and even though Victor couldn’t see his face, he was sure he was blushing now. More curiosity. 

“Of course I am. It’s attractive, you should let him do it to you.” Do it to him!? Victor was close to having a nosebleed, or so he felt. His face was getting hot and he had no idea what these boys were talking about.

“Definitely not! It’s embarrassing!” Yuuri protested, even raising his voice. 

“No it isn’t! All he has to do is touch you in the right way and–” 

“PFFtt!” Victor wasn’t sure if it was his own flustered reaction, the hilarity of it all or both, but he suddenly couldn’t hold back his snorty laugh. Well now that he did that, he’d better make his entrance right away, and still laughing with his hand covering his mouth he wobbled into the room to where Yuuri was sitting.

“Victor!? How long have you–” Yuuri squeaked, but Victor patted his head and leaned over him to pay some good attention to the little ball of energy that apparently consisted of a lot of Yuuri-secrets.

“Hello Victor. How are you doing?” Phichit asked casually, and while ignoring Yuuri’s squeaky remarks about him being half naked and his questions of how much he’d heard, Victor responded merrily.

“Doing good! And very curious to your secret language. What is this attractive thing I have yet to find out?” he asked with a smirk, and Phichit giggled.

“What, he really doesn’t know yet?” Phichit reacted to Yuuri first, who jumped in surprise and shook his head, his hands waving as a silly reaction to some secret that was probably about to be spilled. Just when Victor tried to butt in again, Phichit already released him from his curiosity. 

“Yuuri, why don’t you tell him how ticklish you are!” 

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Yuuri On Ice: Perfection in a Gaze

“He’s quite stunning, isn’t he?”

Yuuri looked over at the small blonde Russian standing next to him outside the rink, “Who? Otabek?”

Yurio nodded, “Of course, pig. Who else is on the ice?”

The Japanese skater didn’t take the insults to heart anymore, but now his mind was buzzing with curiosity. Stunning? Such a pronounced word to use for someone’s skating. Yes, Otabek looked skilled and refined on the ice. Intense. Stunning seemed to mean more. 

“Forget you. Shouldn’t you be heading out anyway?” Yurio asked, casually leaning on the rink barrier and he blew some blonde hair out of his face.

Yuuri glanced between Yurio and Otabek out on the ice and a blush graced his cheeks, “Y-Yes! See you tomorrow, Yurio. Proshchay,” he smiled softly, practicing his Russian. 

Yurio nodded and turned back to Otabek gliding through the ice. When he heard the door close behind Yuuri, he took a breath and removed the guards from his skates before skipping out onto the ice. 

Otabek was still concentrated on the routine he was practicing.

“Oi! Beka!” 

Otabek turned his head and slowed his skating, “Yuri,” he smiled softly, “Did you want to practice together?”

“No, I just wanted to skate with you.”

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anonymous asked:

ok so victor is totally the type to ask "why are you laughing" while he's tickling yuuri at home and like obviously yuuri gets really embarrassed but like victor is the master of teasing so he keeps doing it and starts telling yuuri awful jokes and yuuri laughing hysterically bc his ribs are being ATTACKED with tickles but victor is like "aw you think I'm funny thanks babe" and yuuri is helpless but he's just squealing and shrieking things like "ur not funny vitya" and ahhh this two make me WEAK


and hes like “wow!! u never though my jokes were funny before!!” and yuuri is giggling and squirming and shaking his head back and forth all “your jokes AREN’T F-FUNNY!” and victor claws at his stomach and yuuri shrieks and victor is like “why are you laughing so hard then?? its because im hilarious right?”

and yuuri is gettin all blushy and he shoves his face in victor’s neck just “n-NO!” but he cant stop laughin and victor is mean and i love it


A/N: Oh boy, I am so sorry for the waaait. I’m literally dying from homework and school shit! My teachers thought it would be fun to give me all the work of the semester for my spring break (which it’s just one week), and i’m having a mental break down

But whatever! This is some OtaYuri just in time to celebrate the NEW CLIP BECAUSE IT’S GOLD HELP. (It’s not related to the clip, tho. Sorry!)

I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you for being patient ♥ I love you all!

Words: 2,052 (fufu under the cut u,u)

Summary: Jealousy leads to something else. Otabek wasn’t expecting anything like this.

Yuri still felt his cheeks burning up, even if he was already halfway towards his home from practice. He growled and tried to hide his face with his scarf.

Victor and Yuuri had been all lovely dovey again during practice. Kissing and hugging and nuzzling and messing around. Sharing soft whispers and cute words and loving glances that made Yuri almost want to throw up. Almost.

He was angry because they messed up a lot of times and kept distracting him from his rutine, but… he also kept feeling this strange tug at the pit of his stomach. It was a pretty weird sensation and quite uncomfortable that made his insides twist this way and that, making feel nauseous.

He knew the name of this sensation, but he also was reluctant to admit it out loud, because he wasn’t. He wasn’t at all.

Yuri Plisetsky was absolutely not jealous.

Why would he? He doesn’t specially enjoy public demonstrations of affection. He rather have all of those moments back in the comfort of his house, but, yet again, he doesn’t get that kind of affection at home, either.

“I’m not jealous”, Yuri repeated to himself, his feet stomping into the slight wet pavement with his combat boots. He dipped his ice cube hands into his pockets and scrunched up his shoulders to nuzzle dipper into his scarf.

Maybe he was a little jealous. Maybe he was a little jealous because, different from Yuuri or Victor, Otabek and him barely seemed like a couple. They do hold hands out while walking together, of course… well, once in a while. And they also kiss out in public… mostly when there’s nobody around to see. And they hug, too… for like three seconds before Yuri pulls apart with a blush on his face.

Yuri whined. This whole jealously situation was stupid, but, regardless, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was it his fault? Was it Otabek’s fault? Was it their fault?

Maybe they weren’t comfortable enough around each other, just yet. Even though they’ve been dating for almost five months now. Maybe Otabek was too shy. Maybe Yuri was too shy. Maybe they both are too shy. Maybe…

“Ah, Yura!”, Yuri flinched and turned his head to see Otabek climbing up the stairs towards him and suddenly, he found himself standing in front of the apartment. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice he was back. 

“You came back earlier than I thought”, Otabek said running to Yuri’s side with a paper bag close to his chest. “I went to buy some things for dinner”.

“Oh, I see”, was Yuri’s answer and he looked up at Otabek straight in the eye, waiting.

He waited and waited and waited and waited…

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This one with lee Yuuri?^^

A/N: alrighty first one of these things, here I go! [send me a screenshot and I’ll insert a tickle scene>:)!]

“Yuuri, tell me everything about you.” Yuuri’s heart skipped a beat when Victor stepped closer, leaning down until he was at his eye level on the floor.

“What kind of rink do you skate at?” Victor’s hand was now gently tilting up his chin, and Yuuri’s insides started to panic. 

“What’s in this city? Do you have someone you like?” Something warm was suddenly holding onto his hand- aaahh Victor’s hand, he was holding his hand!

“Let’s build some trust in our relationship.” Yuuri wasn’t sure if he was mistaking his new coach for being intimate and flirty on their first day, but he barely had the chance to overthink before Victor tugged at the hand he was holding and Yuuri toppled forward. His cheek ended up right against Victor’s warm, bare chest, and as his eyes widened, Yuuri sputtered and squirmend.

“W-wa-whaaa,” he wasn’t even sure what he was trying to say, but he jolted when he suddenly felt Victor feel him up, a gentle hand grabbing his side and squeezing the squishy flesh.

“Also how did you gain these sweet piggy-pounds Yuuri? Last time I saw you-” Victor stopped his coachy lecture about Yuuri’s body and looked down at Yuuri who was sadly making snorty squeaking sounds. He then shook when the first giggles slipped out- nooo Victor couldn’t find out already!

“What’s so funny?” Victor stopped the squeezing of his side, and Yuuri puffed out a huge amount of air in relief. Victor then suddenly grabbed both sides, and Yuuri jerked heavily and barked out a laugh.

“Tickles! Ahah! V-Vict- no!” he laughed, kicking his legs and squirming against him. 

“Ah, ticklish? Now that’s a good start of building some trust in our relationship. Where else are you sensitive Yuuri?” Yuuri tensed up when Victor walked his fingers up his side towards his ribs, squeezing firmly and grazing the sensitive flesh through his shirt.

“EEhehe don’t do thahat!” he protested, feeling both the embarrassment and forced giggles cause this major blush on his face. 

“But what about here?” Victor was going too far in this trust-building thing when he wiggled his hand under his shirt, tickling his bare squishy tummy, and Yuuri lost it with hysterical laughter and uncharming thrashing movements.

“NAahhaa!” Kicking himself free and rolling out of Victor’s clutches, he created some good space in between them as he backed against the wall, far away from him.

“What? Why are you running away?” Victor asked casually. Why? Why?! Because he was tickling him a-and…. Yuuri blushed like crazy, breathing heavily and pulling his shirt down to cover up his tingling body.

“N-no reason..” he mumbled, not feeling like provoking him in tickling him anymore, and he nervously huddled against the wall, pulling his knees up to his chest and pouting. 

It’s that he had these embarrassing body reactions when being tickled, but Victor holding him close and making him laugh and giggle like that… wasn’t so bad actually. Well then, building a good relationship with his coach… Going great so far.


A/N: This fanfic is for @quickwitted-kiwi​ who send me the prompt you see above. Hope you like it sweetie <3

Summary: Yuri is seeking revenge for Otabeks merciless tickle-attacks on him and he won’t let up until he’s satisfied with the result
Warning: This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling


Yuri glanced now for the fifth time in the last ten minutes at Otabek. He still carried the same pissed expression from earlier on his face when he was left sweaty and breathless on the ground after being attacked by the older teen. Seriously Otabek had been merciless when it came to tickle-attack him and Yuri didn’t mind the tickling that much. He liked it when Otabek was so close and his hands all over his body and it was actually pretty fun but he would never admit that. Way too embarrassing and he is too cool for something like that. But he had the suspicion that his lover knew it anyway…

But that isn’t the real problem right now!

What really pissed the blond of was the fact that whenever the Kazakh decided to tickle him he. Was. Fricking. Merciless! Yuri didn’t stand a chance whenever Otabek has him in his clutches, pinning him down and tickle the shit out of him and most of the time Yuri was also pretty much deserving it by provoking the other man but this time he wasn’t at fault! Okay maybe he shouldn’t have thrown that stupid teddy bear against his boyfriends head to get his attention but damn it was just too tempting okay? Anyway Yuri was pissed of. And he sought for revenge.

And that’s why Yuri Plisetsky was sitting crosslegded, with an adorable pout in his face on a chair in a hotel room, waiting for the perfect chance to strike. He watched how the taller man picked the pillows up that had fallen down from the bed earlier when Yuri had trashed around like crazy and hit the other teen with them. Then, when Otabek finally stood directly with his back to him and bent down to grab the last pillow Yuri saw his chance and dashed forward. He quickly hopped down from the chair and run over to his boyfriend before bracing his legs and jumped. Yuri leaped at his lover and jumped on his back. Otabek yelled in surprise and Yuri laughed before putting his arms around the others neck and pressed is legs tightly around the Kazakhs waist. He was practically back-hugging the dark haired man like a baby koala. But the hug didn’t last long because the impact had been way too strong and with a yell on both sides the pair fell down onto the bed. Otabeks face was pressed into the mattress and Yuri was still on his back, hugging him.

Yuri groaned before pushing himself up, snorting as he saw how Otabeks face was planted into the bed. He was now practically sitting on the other’s behind and Yuri only needed two seconds before realizing that he had now the perfect chance to get his revenge.

Otabek who had just propped himself up on his elbows, looking around a bit confused from being jumped, let out a short chortled laugh when hands shoved themselves under his arms from behind and he face-planted a second time that day into the mattress.

Yuri in the meantime had a big evil grin plastered on his face and his green-blue eyes sparkled with excitement. He wasted no time to start and his fingers promptly dug into every unprotected spot on the Kazakhs upper body. And there were a lot of these. He first fluttered his fingers up and down his boyfriends sides, humming happily at the little snorts that escaped his lover but that soon started to get boring. The small Russians hands wandered upwards and scratched with accuracy at Otabeks ribs and just under his armpits. He lingered there because it was the place where Otabeks chuckles changed into wheezing deep belly laughter and honestly it was the first time in Yuris life where he ever though that laugh could actually be sexy. Because Otabeks definitely were and he could feel himself blush while listening. Good thing that the other couldn’t see his face.

When Otabek bucked particularly hard under him, nearly throwing the teen of off him Yuri clawed at his ribs in instinct to held himself up. His green-blue eyes rose in surprise when his lover started roaring in booming laughter. Yuri had known that Otabek was ticklish and he wasn’t as sensitive as Yuri but it was still pretty amusing to watch the older man squirming and laughing under him.

“How is it Altin? Do you like my revenge? How is it to be tickled like this huh?” teased the blond and drilled his thumbs in Otabeks armpits.

“Ahah-I’m sohaharry. Yuhurehehe ahaha so sohorryy”.

“Hmm? Doesn’t sound very convincing to me.”

And then Yuri did something he never thought he would because, well he thought it was pretty childish and he never done it before but he took a deep breath and bent down.



Yuri had blown a huuuge raspberry on the side of his lovers super ticklish and sensitive neck and the reaction was much more than Yuri had ever hoped for and absolutely priceless. The man under him screamed in laughter and scrunched his shoulders up to hide his neck from more of these evil tickling lips. Yuri who hadn’t expected such a strong reaction to this method of tickling grinned in delight at the new discovery. Without wasting more time the blond bent down again and soon a lot more hilarious farting noises filled the room, followed by heavy deep laughter together with many “STAHAHAP”s and “YUHRAHAHA PLEAHAHASE!”s.

Otabek kicked his legs out and snorted as his hands fisted into the bed sheets. He pressed his face into the bed to muffle his screams but when a sneaky hand found its way under him and fingers dug into his stomach the Kazakh couldn’t help to arch his back and lift his face from the bed. In the next second his deep voice filled the room and Yuri laughed when Otabek under him arched his back, making him bounce up and down while sitting on him.

“Not so funny to be at the receiving and huh? Although, it seems that you’re having a lot of fun since you’re laughing so much am I right?” asked Yuri teasingly before pressing his lips right under Otabeks ear and placing another loud raspberry. Oh god when this was over Otabek would definitely kill him. “But it’s worth it.” thought the blond when he listened more to the deep chuckles when he let his fingers scribble over Otabeks unprotected neck and between his shoulder blades which seemed to be another weak spot.

Otabek who was wheezing by now and needed air stretched his arm out, trying to find anything to make Yuri stop. And he managed to do so.

Yuri who was totally absorbed in drawing little circles under his lovers shoulder blades squealed in surprise when a hand grabbed his knee and squeezed. The teen tried grabbing the hand but that was a big mistake. The hand simply let go of his knee and simply grabbed his wrist instead. With a squeak Yuri was pulled down from the Kazakh and in the next moment he found himself pinned down on the bed, a hard panting Otabek Altin hovering over him.

“Ehm… let’s talk about it?” tried Yuri it with a small smile.

Otabek huffed a laugh and smiled back but it wasn’t a kind smile. It was an evil smile that promised Yuri that he would regret his action.

“Oh I don’t think talking will help here.”

“A-and what could maybe help?” asked Yuri with a small voice, anticipation and the gleam in Otabek making him shiver.


Needless to say that Otabeks revenge was merciless.

Just chillin’ (Tyler x Reader) fluffy short

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): this is great tho

Request:  Could you do a Tylerxreader where teamiplier is doing an icebath challenge, and when it’s readers turn something goes wrong with the camera and they need to take a timeout to fix it, but reader is already in the bath like oh well and has no self preservation. So team goes to fix it while she chills (ha) in the bath, and it takes longer than they thought. So when they come back, reader isn’t near death, but definitely has hypothermia, and everyone’s like oh shit get out. Cue Tyler being the hero!

Warnings: none? swearing? fluffy heck?


“Guess who’s turn it is~!”


“I already went-” Mark laughed.


(Y/n) flickered her eyes around the faces closest to her, also letting them pierce the camera’s lens.

“I have balls of steel!” she declared, pulling a funny face. She flexed her arms and channeled a low voice “I will fight this challenge.”

“Please don’t.” commented her knight, offering (Y/n) a kind stare.

The girl threw at him a dopey smile, blowing the tall male a kiss. Tyler ony rolled his blue eyes, and hushed himself from smiling. Instead, he narrowed his gaze at his girlfriend.

“And here we see a front line nurse leaving her husband to serve in World War Two. Nineteen forty- colourized.” joked Ethan, hauling up the camera to meet (Y/n)’s face which looked absolutely devastated. The girl walked slowly backward- away from Tyler and to the tub.

“Remember mE-!” (Y/n) shrieked, dropping a bit of her foot below the water’s surface.

The boys laughed, almost masking (Y/n)’s comment of how the temperature didn’t actually bother her much. Hastily, she submerged herself- propping up her arms lazily on the edges of the bath with her legs crossed.

“I fully expected her to scream.” admitted Mark. Tyler giggled before Ethan spoke up in shamefully confusion.

“Mark, the camera keeps glitching… still. Do you want to switch it to the one in the studio?”

Mark double glanced at the blue haired male and nodded “Yeah. Before we start reading off the questions; that’d be smart”

As the trio pooled around the door, Ethan didn’t forget to ask (Y/n) if she was okay with them leaving for ‘like three seconds’. She said:

“Yeah, I’m totally okay with that- this shit is relaxing.”

The group thought of her as being sarcastic and offering up a joke- they promised the girl they’d be quick and pushed themselves out of the bathroom.

(Y/n) chuckled thickly, looking back ahead of her. The painted wall sent her blank stares.

Alone, she sighed, dipping lower into the liquid. (Y/n) gently shut her eyelids, absorbing the cool caress of the water from around her. She knew she wasn’t joking- this was extremely relaxing. Having idle ice cubes tickle past her clothed and not clothed skin.

The soft noises of a grandfather clock hummed about, showing endless support. Time skipped past her mind in a rush.

They were taking a while.

With blocked vision, (Y/n) couldn’t see how pale her skin was getting. Or how it was beginning to cascade quaint blue on all ends.

They were taking a while.

Looks like she couldn’t feel it.

“Okay- okay, we have the better camera.” finally called Ethan, re entering the restroom; his friends following.

“Wait, (Y/n)- (Y/n)!”

Mellowdramatic whines charmed the walls, conveying certain concern for the girl in the ceramic tub. She opening her eyes to their words.

“Que?” she jokes, lifting her head briefly.

“Get out of the fucking water-!” the shorter brunette demanded dumbly, on the stand of laughing.

“But we have the shit to–” (Y/n) came to her own defence.

Futile, though, her words were. They were physically cut short by a literal chest.

Tyler had wasted little to no time with words- knowing it only to be an effort that would have gone unrecognized. He had, in a more literal sense, swept (Y/n) off her ass.

Plucking her from the cold fluids, all at once she rested easy; cradled in Tyler’s arms. The course of action was quick, and sweet.

“Ty?” (Y/n) inquired, allowing herself to be held. The boy walked, with the girl as his cargo, over away from the bath. They watched when Ethan and Mark spilled giggles, making quick work of setting up the camera.

The broken camera laid somewhere upon the counters.

“Yeah?” responded Tyler, gripping his arms tighter.

“Can’t you give me like a blanket or something? If it’s really this bad.”

“I think this is fine.” Tyler stated.

“I can warm you on my own.”

That phrase did a jolly good job at silencing (Y/n).

“So stop being stupid and let me~” the male laughed. Funnily, he buried his warm face in the bend of (Y/n)’s stomach. At least he knew he was blushing- the sudden heat residing in his cheeks was harnessed to his advantage.

She couldn’t see it, similar to her own colour, but Tyler and herself were contrasting. Blue to red.

The sound of a snapshot rang clear. It was pointed in the couple’s general direction.

“This camera maybe can’t record, but it can take wicked photos!” Ethan cheered.

The girl of blue and man clad with red positioned in the photo bleed playful joy. Perfect hero for a dumb would be travesty.


(A/n): wow look I wrote something

anonymous asked:

Can we please get some birthday edition Otayuri headcanons in celebration of Yuri's birthday today? :)

A/N: What?! It’s Yuri’s birthday and no one told me??!!! Well.. instead of headcanons I accidentally wrote a liiitle drabble with some morning tickles… I hope you like it ;)

Words: 665 (no under the cut, lol)

Yuri woke up by the fluttering feeling inside his chest. He was smiling even before opening his eyes. His heart started to pound hard when the first thing he saw was Otabek’s face, he was still sleeping, his mouth was slightly open, snores coming out softly, his cheeks pink for the warmth under the covers. He could stare at his boyfriend all day long, however, today wasn’t that day.

“Hey, hey, Otabek”, he whispered, poking a hand from under the covers to poke Otabek’s nose, he didn’t stir. “Altin!”, Yuri said a bit louder, this time pinching Otabek’s nose and making him grumble. “Wake up! Today, you have to do everything I say beca- ack!”, Yuri squeaked as Otabek covered them both with the blanket,wrapping his arm around Yuri’s thin frame and nuzzling his neck. Yuri started to giggle nervously, his body tingling with anticipation as Otabek waited for the right time to attack.

“O-Otahabek, don’t”, Yuri warned, pushing Otabek’s shoulders softly, but then crumbling down as soon as Otabek closed his mouth right at the pulse on his neck, bitting and nibbling softly but letal, enough to make Yuri giggle like a child; his shoulders scrunched up and hands uselessly pulling at Otabek’s hair.

“Why do you always do thihihis?!”, he asks, kicking and squirming underneth Otabek and then arching and shrieking when Otabek dared to worm his hand under one of Yuri’s arms, wiggling and digging into the hollows.

Yuri loves his birthdays. His granpa always made sure to make Yuri enjoy his birthday to the max, however, he loves them even more now that he gets to spend it with his lover. Otabek was always all over him on his birthday, indeed, doing eveything Yuri tells him to do, making him breakfast and lunch and dinner and taking him to walks and fun places down town, in other words, Otabek was a sunshine, but that’s not something Yuri would say out loud.

“Dammit stahahap!”, Yuri gasped, arching his back off the bed as Otabek keeps tickling under his arm and on the side of his neck, driving him up the wall. Maybe Otabek was a sunshine most of the time, but then he had this really playful and merciless side that he keeps deep inside him and that only, God save Yuri, comes out on Yuri’s birthday mornings.

With a loud and gross kiss on Yuri’s cheek, Otabek stopped his assoult and nuzzled his nose on Yuri’s right pinkish cheek. Yuri smiled wider, wrapping his arms around Otabek’s neck.

“You’re such a dork”, he said, smacking the back of Otabek’s head very softly just to hide his embarrasment.

“Oh, by the way, your grandpa sent some Pirozhki”, Yuri’s eyes beamed, his mouth watering instantely. “He said they have Katsudon inside”

“Katsudon!”, Yuri sat up, ready to jump out the bed, but Otabek wrapped his arms around Yuri’s waist and brought him back until his back was pressed against Otabek’s chest. Yuri whined. “Otabek, Piroooozhkiiiiii!”

“Not yet”, he answered, nuzzling the back of Yuri’s neck, breathing in the smell of soap and… Yuri. Yuri blushed, goosebumps rising on his skin feeling Otabek’s sniffs on his nape, he bit down a chuckled, but squeaked into a fit of giggles when he felt Otabek’s hands creeping under his shirt, wiggling his fingers softly over the smooth skin of his tummy.

“Nohot again, Otahahabek!”, Otabek does it again, anyways, clawing his fingers right around Yuri’s navel, making him giggle cutely and kick his legs just a little. Otabek feels how Yuri keeps relaxing and snuggling closer to his chest.

“I’ll let you tickle me later as long as you please, but it’s my turn now”, he says on Yuri’s ear, making him squeak and blush and giggle harder as Otabek started to blow on his ear aswell. “Happy birthday, Yuri. I love you”, the tips of Yuri’s ears became a dark shade of red and Otabek chuckled, nibbling on them softly.

“I lohohove you too, Ahahaltin!”.